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Prepare for a major dose of early morning glamour! Photographer Jenny Mcavoy recently got in touch to ask if I could share some inspirational images with you that she and her team have been working really hard on as part of their new 'Hollywood Vogue' photography service.  Inspired by the stars and studios of yesteryear, Jenny and Keith McAvoy have launched their new glamorous post-wedding service that revives that Hollywood atmosphere for even the most modern of brides and grooms, using authentic lighting, styling and a photography technique to make you and your leading lady or man the stars of your very own picture show…

“The Golden Age of Hollywood: glamour, elegance and those iconic images. With Hollywood Vogue, we have revived this atmosphere in a supremely decadent post-wedding photo shoot service.

Hollywood in its Golden Age: sophistication, glamour and mystery in equal measure. A time when movie stars far eclipsed today’s actors, when they were icons, icons that shine as bright today as in those halcyon days. When the leading man oozed charm and power on and off screen. And when the leading lady smouldered behind a cool, flawless facade. 

Those Hollywood pin ups were captured forever on the silver screen and in the studio portraits that helped create their fame and their signature look. The sexy blonde bombshell, the ice-cold princess, the tempestuous rebel – roles and characters both created and promoted in those iconic shots…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Jenny Mcavoy


"Hollywood liked its vixens dark-haired and dark-spirited – the original vamp, ready to pounce on their heart’s desire, be that a man, money or respect. And the good girl was always blonde. Enter Jean Harlow, sexy, funny and one of the brightest stars shining on the silver screen. She would change everything…"


"Harlow’s first starring role was in Hell’s Angels, where she delighted audiences if often not critics with her astounding presence. By the time she joined MGM in 1932, she had perfected her trade: George Hurrell, the MGM chief photographer, said, “Harlow was not frightened of the camera; she reacted to it, and in some strange way, I was the third party – THEY were the conspirators.”


Jean-18 Jean-18


Jean-65 Jean-11

"Harlow became a superstar with pictures like Red-Headed Woman and Red Dust, and her comic abilities were legendary, as was her sense of humour. As her star rose so did her fame– her platinum locks were copied by women around the globe. Her beauty inspired the Harlow session, with Jenny and Keith recalling her kittenish sex appeal….."


The McAvoys recreated Rita’s trademark titian locks and pin up looks for the Hayworth shoot…

"Hayworth gained a reputation as the ultimate femme fatale in pictures such as Gilda and Blood and Sand. Former president and fellow actor, Ronald Reagan, commented on the screen siren, “Glamorous and talented, she gave us many wonderful moments on stage and screen."


Rita-25 Rita-16 

Beautifully lit, immaculately made up and styled to perfection, Hollywood’s most sensational stars appeared in some of the most glamorous costumes ever seen, the ladies with every voluptuous curve draped and highlighted, the men immaculately suited and groomed. But despite the art of the costumier, it is the beauty and magnetism of the stars in those images that endures..."


"One of the biggest box office draws of the 1940s, Rita Hayworth defied her ‘love goddess’ nickname, remaining demure and true to her strict Spanish upbringing in her movies. Though her status as a sex symbol never waned, her talent as a dancer and performances that combined strength and sensitivity made her popular with male and female audiences alike. Her adopted red hair became her trademark – The Lady from Shanghai is said to have flopped, despite her acclaimed performance, because her director (and her husband) Orson Welles had her hair dyed blonde…"





For further information, please visit the Moments By McAvoy website, Twitter page or email [email protected].

Would any of my readers be up for doing a photoshoot like this? And which screen icon would you look to for inspiration?

Much love all,

Annabel xXx


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