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Hey ladies and gents 🙂 I'd like to introduce you this lunch time to a service focussed at helping you secure your dream honeymoon.  Please welcome Shelley and Andrew Green of 'Buy Our Honeymoon'.

Buy Our Honeymoon was created by Shelley and Andrew for their own wedding in 2005, and was met with such an enthusiastic response from their guests that they were convinced to launch the site nationwide. Their dream honeymoon roadtrip around the Deep South of the USA is one of the example honeymoon lists provided here.

Over to you guys!

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What do you do for your wedding gift list if you don’t need more stuff for your home? Perhaps you’ve been with your partner for a while, and you’ve already stocked out your kitchen with all the dishes and appliances you need?  Or perhaps your wedding means you’re combining two independent households, and each of you have saucepans and cutlery already?

Perhaps you’d prefer to swap traditional household gifts for the honeymoon of your dreams — but the thought of simply asking for cash donations seems impersonal and rude?

A honeymoon gift list works in a very similar way to a department store gift registry, but instead of glassware or bed linen, you put together a list of experiences, activities and contributions to make your honeymoon the trip of a lifetime…

Imagine champagne chilling in your upgraded hotel suite, a gourmet meal in the flickering candle light as the ocean laps nearby.  It’s all so much more inviting than a steam iron — and so much more engaging for your family and friends, who’ll feel that they’ve given you a real gift instead of merely chipping in to an anonymous pot of cash.

Buy Our Honeymoon is the UK’s top wedding list service for your dream honeymoon. You can select from a variety of web addresses for your guests to visit, such as or, and personalise your pages with your own photos and a description of your honeymoon itinerary {examples of which you see on this page}…

You can make your list as detailed or simple as you wish, and book your honeymoon travel whenever, and with whomever you want. The site is completely independent, and totally flexible. Add absolutely anything you wish to your online list — contributions to your air fare, accommodation, meals out, spa treatments, show tickets. You can even mix gifts for your honeymoon with gifts for your home.

Buy Our Honeymoon offers a free 7-day trial, and takes no commission out of the gifts you receive. You can receive payment for any gifts reserved from your list in whatever way suits you best — in cash on your wedding day, by cheque through the post, as a bank transfer, or online using a credit or debit card into your own PayPal account…


Buy Our Honeymoon helps coordinate and manage your gift money, but doesn’t collect your gifts on your behalf. This means your gifts are completely safe, and yours from the moment they’re given.

There’s a wide range of sample wedding lists showcasing the beautiful design themes and different approaches to putting together your list. And if you get stuck, Buy Our Honeymoon offers a unique Helping Hand service to track down and copy over the best ideas from the site’s thousands of successful lists, to yours.


For more information on how to make the most of your honeymoon gift list, visit Buy Our Honeymoon or call 0845 224 0189.

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Many thanks Shelley and Andrew!

So what do you think guys? Have any of you used this service already or planning on using it?  I'd love to hear back from you and especially from anyone who has used this service already 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Recommended Honeymoon Gift List ~ ‘Buy Our Honeymoon’…

  1. We used Buy Our Honeymoon as our wedding gift list for our wedding back in December and it was amazing. So easy to set up and personalise and our guests found it really useful.
    We were recommended it by a friend and we are really glad that we chose them over our travel agents as we were able to specify activities rather than just asking for money which we felt more comfortable with.
    It was also really easy to then keep a track of what people had given us in order to write our thank you cards!
    During the set-up process, I made an error with the password and sent Shelley a quick email to try to get her to help me. Despite it being late on a Sunday she responded so quickly and rectified the problem immediately which I thought was great.
    I highly recommend Buy Our Honeymoon to all my clients and friends!

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