An East London Engagement Shoot…


"With us, everything starts with a story. This part of East London was the beginning of our story; Every corner, ever shop every cobble had a memory of our dating life, and to capture that as we enter into marriage is special…"

Oh Lord, every once in a while, an engagement shoot comes along, and I fall in love.  I simply adore these images of bride to be Kat and her soon to be husband Kone, who wrote the words above and below. 

Makes my heart melt…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Nadia Meli

Kat&Kone-5 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-21 Kopie.jpg

"Our photographer, Nadia didn't just take photo's, she brought a sliver of our tale into full colour. We narrated it and she listened with her camera as we walked those familiar streets, reminding ourselves of the time 'when we did this? and that?…

…then realising how much we've grown together within that environment.

It's probably why we were laughing so much, because we are just the typical London story; two normal young kids in love trying to navigate a huge city and life… and all the while making the mistakes only humans do. So these photos shout out ' Hey, we're still here, and still loving it! Let's see what tomorrow brings '… and we're excited to see where this story is going to next…"

Kat&Kone-2-3 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-17 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-22 Kopie.jpg

These photographs brings back memories of a bitter sweet day when I spent a smashing couple of hours with the adorable Ashton Jean-Pierre investigating the cobbled stones and quaint cafes of Columbia Road

Kat&Kone-1-145 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-84 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-3-16 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-140 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-151 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-125 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-65 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-32 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-39 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-6 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-74 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-76 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-96 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-2 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-2-10 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-3-13 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-4-4 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-119 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-127 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-101 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-132 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-137 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-70 Kopie.jpg

Kat&Kone-1-136 Kopie.jpg

Have you ever seen such fun, relaxed, smiley engagement shoot images? Simply wonderful, a beautiful story of one lovely afternoon in photographs.

Kat, Kone, I send you massive amounts of love for the most wonderful wedding day ever. Thank you so much for so kindly allowing me to share these images with my readers.

Thanks also to photographer Nadia Meli – whose work I'll be keeping a bit of an eye on from here on!

Big love all,



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