DIY For The Weekend ~ How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box…

Happy wonderful Friday my loves! Here's one for you to have fun with over the weekend, from Erin Hung, founder and illustrator of BerinMade Illustrator Paper Goods, an Etsy shop based out of London.  BerinMade specialise in designing wedding stationery, pretty paper things and custom craft supplies for weddings and beyond.  We hope you enjoy the idea of crafting a beautiful vintage book wedding ring box. Have fun everyone!

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Do you love fairy-tale stories? This functional DIY ring box is a great starting point for all those who love vintage books and story-telling and can be used as a unique display after the wedding!

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How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box

I loved making this as it brings such a personal touch to the celebration.

How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box

What you’ll need…

  Your old book with a beautiful cover
  Coloured paper
♥  Stanley Knife
  Pencil Stick
  Hole punch (not shown)
  Thin double-sided tape (not shown)
  Name Stamp (Optional)


Step 1: Prepping the book…

Measure out your coloured paper so that it wraps snugly around the pages of the book.  Make two clean folds around the edges of the paper…

How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box

Still wrapping the paper around the book, using a pencil and ruler, and mark out the indent
area with one big rectangle and a smaller one within…

How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box

Cut out the smaller rectangle with a stanley knife, then make insertions from the outer corners of the small rectangle to the inner corners of the big rectangle to make flaps. Crease along the edges of the big rectangle, fold out, and mark the corners of the large rectangle area onto the first page of the book.

The flaps will provide a clean edge of the indent later on when you fold them back in.

Step 2: Making the Indent…
Remove the coloured paper wrap and start cutting with you stanley knife. Use the ruler to keep the edges straight. The paper will come off 2 or 3 pages at a time depending on the thickness of the pages. Cut until you’ve reached a good depth for the ring…

How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box

Using some coloured card (I used a contrasting colour), punch two holes with a regular whole punch and thread your ribbon through them, leaving the two ends coming out from the same side. The ribbon should be long enough to tie a bow afterwards.

How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box

Position and stick this card onto the back page of the book, and thread the ribbons through the “box”. Wrap your card around the pages of the book, and secure the flaps onto the side of the indent with thin double-sided tape.  Your box now has a functional bottom!

How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box

Step 3: Decorate!

Now decorate with a fun photograph of yourselves, or with this name stamp and gold embossing glitter– anything that represents your story together…

How To Create A Vintage Book Wedding Ring Box



Click here to down load the PDF guide with the full 'how-to create a vintage wedding book ring box' guide.

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