Bridal Inspiration Boards #47 ~ Pom Poms, Pin Wheels and Paper Garlands

Morning! 😉 It's been a little while since I feautured a beautiful set of inspiration boards on a Friday morning to kick start that weekend feeling.  The last set of boards I blogged was prepared by one of my new regular contributors lovely Charlotte (who's wedding I featured here).  Charlotte has prepared another set of boards for you today that are looking perfectly pom pom, pinwheel and paper garland pretty from where I'm sat.  Watch out for more from Charlotte over the coming weeks – she's got a bit of a talent for pulling together pretty and inspiring images. And she has lotts and lots of creative ideas…

I have been so inspired by Love My Dress these past few weeks; Annabel’s book sounds amazing, I for one can’t wait to have a read, and the weddings featured recently on Love My Dress have all been so stunning and individual. I have loved how the details in each one gives such an insight into each of the couples personalities you can’t help but smile and enjoy happiness that radiates from each and every one of the photos.

For this weeks boards I have concentrated on décor ideas that can make the day feel more ‘you’. I have gathered some of my favourite Pom Poms, Pin wheels and Paper Garlands, that will of course look fabulous incorporated into your wedding day, but would also give any hen party, anniversary or birthday celebration that special touch too.

The worst piece of advice I was given when planning my wedding was “don’t worry about the details, no-one notices” I couldn’t have disagreed more, I am a firm believer that investing time, love and effort to the little details takes anything ordinary to extraordinary…


1. Via Pintrest  2. BHLDN  3. Pom Pom Factory 4. Angel Lifestyle 5. 100 Layer Cake 6. A Wedding Cake Blog

Poms Poms are so much fun and the combinations are endless. I love how they have been used to create a central chandelier in a canopy of strung lights but equally they are fabulous piled high on top of the old dresser creating a slightly surreal scale. You can have them hung individually around your venue, like this  wedding, creating a really fun look.

**** Hello it's Annabel here, I'm interrupting this
blog feature to highly recommended
Paper Poms.
I worked with them on my book and they are absolutely fabulous! ***

If you are short on space group different sizes and colours together
over a desert or gift table to make a real impact.  Try playing around
with size too, tiny pom poms look so cute on top of this cake, but don’t
stop there add a few extra to the centre of tables, attach to name
cards or even table plans to take the theme right through your day.

If the thought of making a hundred pom poms fills you with dread, there are so many places to buy, try the Pom Pom Factory for an endless colour range, or Etsy to buy from crafty individuals. If like me you love to get creative make them yourself, my friends and I use this tutorial and we’re always delighted with the results.1


1.  Ruffled Blog 2. HipHostess 3. 100LayerCake 4.  Bumpsmitten 5. Via Pintrest 6. Wedding Chicks

Pin wheels can come in many forms; large fan styles look amazing en masse as a back drop in a mix of different prints or tonal shades.  I love how they have been added to the backs of chairs, just a few here and there is enough to keep the décor interesting without overwhelming a venue.  Smaller more traditional pin wheels look great gathered on tables, they have such a nostalgic feel to them so would be ideal if you are going for vintage styling.

The beauty of these is you can really go all out with the paper you use to create something unique, use this fab DIY as your starting point and then let your imagination lead you to create something really unique.


1.  Party Ideas by a Pro  2. Confetti System  3. Nice Party  4  Ruffled Blog  5. Via Flickr  6. Confetti System

Simple steamers require minimal effort and look great when hung together in a group, Pearl and Earl have a really extensive selection of colour and styles. For something more detailed what about origami swans, I think they look stunning lined up. A simple string of circles would be really easy to make, use a large circle punch and either stick or sew onto a string or for something more eclectic use a mix of items, you could include a few photos or objects that have a special meaning to you, creating a really original banner.

If you are thinking of using paper tassels or fringing, make sure you take a look at Confetti System they take paper to a whole new level! It would be my dream to spend a day in their studio, inspired by them I have a tassel garland DIY on my blog, which is really easy to do and would look great in any colourway you choose. I can’t go without leaving you all with two more sites that are an absolute must visit; Oh Happy Day! and A Subtle Revelry are my personal favourites, they are brimming with the most incredible ideas that make any celebration unforgettable.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you, the beauty is that you don’t have to use them just for a wedding, I fully intend to make a few pieces to put around the house! Thanks as always to Annabel and Franky for having me, it’s always pleasure and I hope to be back soon with some more ideas for you.




Charlotte is a regular contributor to Love My Dress, click here to visit Charlotte's own blog, 'Lotts & Lots'...


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