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One of the biggest pleasures for me as a full time blogger is being able to support exciting new up and coming designers, using Love My Dress as a platform to showcase their work.  It is one of the reasons I chose clay accessories designer Sofia of Lila Designs to work with me on Style Me Vintage: Weddings (where Sofia’s exquisite and entirely hand-crafted designs grace the pages in the 1970’s chapter).  By the way, watch out for a special new section to Love My Dress very soon, which I’ll be dedicating to all those brilliantly talented photographers and suppliers who kindly contributed towards my book.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there is something quintessentially bridal and beautifully feminine about ‘flowers in her hair’, which is why it brings me such pleasure today to introduce you to Lila Designs

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2013, Katy Lunsford, for Lila



Lila Designs are based in London and ship all around the world. Sofia’s elegant and intricately hand-crafted creations are like nothing I have ever seen before – a beautiful heirloom piece that has all the bloom and burst of a fresh flowers floral crown, but that lasts the test of time and can handed down from generation to generation.

But wait.  Did I hear you say, ‘clay?’. Indeed you did. Clay pieces made with exceptional craftsmanship and a luxurious yet fresh and elegant feel.   Sofia, who has a heart of gold, is one of those original artisan crafts people that truly fascinate me, in an attention to detail’ and commitment to perfection kind of way… 

 “We design and create handcrafted wedding accessories. We are best known for our handcrafted flowers. Our flowers are made from clay, a type that becomes lighter and slightly soft when it dries, which makes it perfect for headpieces. We don’t use cutters, stencils and other such tools, it’s all done exclusively by hand and we create our own colours too, so each little bud is totally unique and we can match any colour scheme and style.”



Isn’t that a little big magical?

“We welcome brides to our studio in London where they can try a large selection of original designs that we can recreate for them. If a totally new design is being developed, we would discuss and confirm every micro detail, and, when possible, apply the size, shape, fit, colours or materials of existing designs that the bride has tried and tested to the new one, ensuring the final piece suits perfectly.

Along with our flowers, we also make intricate and indulgent crystal and pearl headpieces, jewellery, and much more!



“I strongly believe in a personal and individual approach to customer service, and are at our best when asked to create bespoke
items. We can discuss and develop ideas face to face in the studio, but we will look after our customers just as well if they prefer to contact us via phone, email or skype.



“I do what I do, because of my brides. Call me romantic, but I do think there is something very touching and sincere about this public declaration of love and dedication to one another. I find it humbling and inspiring that people I don’t even know invite me to be part of something so special to them. 

On a more practical level, sometimes ideas hover in my mind for months, until there comes a moment when it all clicks and becomes a tangible design. Other times, I come across a piece of fabric, or ribbon that asks for a particular design because of the way if falls, or the feel it conveys. I’m that kind of person who sleeps with a notebook by my pillow, and sometimes inspiration comes abrupt and fiercely, for no particular reason. You just have to give in, even at 3am!”


“When it comes to headpieces, floral is incredibly popular at the moment. And the great thing about flowers, real or handcrafted, is that they are really versatile and can suit any style. When brides approach me to work on a design, I encourage them to keep a scrapbook, electronic or physical, with all kinds of things that might help us interpret your vision; magazine clippings, old photographs, fabric swatches, even perfume paper strips and anything else that reflects your personality.

I also encourage brides to contact us as soon as you can to allow enough time to develop ideas and designs together – your hair, headpiece and accessories are just as important as your dress. These are the things that will frame your face and compliment your features. And remember, your accessories will play a key role and set the feel on all those photos that really matter, the close ups!”

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“Our headpieces start from about £38 and go up to around £260 or more depending on the design. However, we would always try and work to a customer’s budget. There are different ways to achieve the same result, so be open about what you plan to spend and more often than not, we’ll make it happen. It’s all about a creative and flexible approach to the brief.

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Sofia’s nimble fingers making art of her beautiful headpiece creations below…



Sofia doesn’t sell her designs via her website, she only showcases some of her previous designs there, and this is because each and every piece is handcrafted to order and mostly bespoke.  To find out more, please visit the Lila Designs website, email Sofia directly, or visit Lila Designs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course within my upcoming book, Style Me Vintage: Weddings (pre-order from Amazon today).

And don’t forget you qualify for a generous 15% reduction in your bill if you order from Love My Dress before 28th February – just quote ‘LMD2113’.

I’d love to know which of my readers are loving the flowers in her hair look as much as I am?




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