Two Years In ~ Some Thoughts On Our Second Wedding Anniversary

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Last month marked two years since Carl and I said 'I do'. It’s not like me to be without the right words, but it's taken me until the middle of February to find a way to honour our second wedding anniversary on the pages of Love My Dress.

You see, I’m not sure what we’ve learnt over the last 24 months and I can’t articulate exactly what marriage means to me. I don’t have endless advice to offer and I think I may have written everything I’ll ever write about the day itself.

So, you’ll just have to make do with a few fleeting observations. I haven’t given them much thought, but as I sit at my laptop, listening to our son play with his Lego nearby, these are the things I think as I contemplate our marriage…

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Franky and Carl

1. When I don’t wear my wedding ring, my left hand feels all wrong, like it’s naked and not quite there.

2. I still haven’t grown accustom to my newly acquired surname, but I do love hearing my husband refer to me as his wife.

3. I cry whenever I remember that my Dad wasn’t at our wedding.

4. I haven’t washed my wedding dress yet. I’m kind of attached to the dirt.

5. My Jimmy Choos remain my greatest shoe purchase to date.

6. I cannot believe I felt fat in the run up to our wedding. Have a word with yourself past Franky.

7. I really, really fancy my husband.

8. The thing I miss most about wedding planning is spending time with the women I love most. The shopping trips, the makeup trials, my hen party. Such fond memories.

9. If I was going to change anything about our wedding, I’d have more flowers and a different dress to dance in.

10. I am rarely happier than when I’m curled up on the sofa, watching a movie with my husband. I don’t mind if we do it every Saturday until I die.

11. I have never felt more connected to anyone than when Carl said his vows.

12. Talking about money remains our biggest weakness as a couple.

13. I would still recommend every single one of our wedding suppliers, especially Katy, Emma, Eliza and Joanne.

14. The biggest lesson I learned in the run up to our wedding day, and the one I always pass on to engaged friends, is that you simply cannot please everyone.

15. So far, marriage for me has been about feeling loved, every minute of every day

Do any other 'old marrieds' or brand new newlyweds have any of their own observations to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments below… 

Love Franky


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5 thoughts on “Two Years In ~ Some Thoughts On Our Second Wedding Anniversary

  1. We are coming up to three years married and I totally agree with finding it hard to explain how much marriage means to me.
    I love being pert of a team.
    I love hearing him at laugh at me and seeing him happy.
    I love hearing people saying our wedding day was full of ‘joy.’
    I love that our pictures bring back so many great memories and led us to where we are now.
    I love that I don’t have to face anything alone because he won’t let me.
    I love spending time doing anything with him, even cleaning!
    I love that we want to work on our marriage and make it stronger!
    Marriage is a journey, one of which I am also enjoying very much.

  2. A lovely post Franky
    I’ve been married 20 years this year (does that make us old marrieds :-)) and I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found someone who actually gets me and loves me completely!
    A belated Happy Anniversary to you and Carl!
    Val x

  3. I do love this post Franky, every bit of it resonates with me, but especially so 12 and 15 – and no doubt no. 7 too. More so than when I met him or at any other point in our relationship in fact.

  4. I am celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year, we are very happy & so in love with each other still – romance is alive & kicking !!
    We never take each other for granted, still hold hands & laugh & tell each other every day “love you”
    We are renewing our wedding vowels in June
    Happy days

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