2015 Wedding Trends

As creative event designers we’ve always got an ear to the ground to see what’s hot across the design world and so much of our work at Pocketful of Dreams is influenced by trends from interior decor, fashion and graphic design. As is now customary on Love My Dress, we’re sharing our thoughts about the top wedding trends to look out for and be inspired by in 2015.

This year we’ve split it into two parts, the first is the Design Focus where we share our predictions for conceptual design ideas. The second part is the Details Focus where we talk about how to bring that design to life with cool and quirky details that will create a wow-factor experience for your guests – we’ll be blogging about this second part next Friday (19th) on Love My Dress®.

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Of course – even though we love a good trend – we offer our ‘trends’ advice with a huge dose of salt. We truly believe there is no greater trend than being yourself, so we’re not saying go out there and make your wedding the trendiest it can be. Hell no, we’re saying take what you can from the trends around – they influence everything from fabrics to homewares – and if, like us, you like to scour the shops for unique finds to make your wedding special and unique, then this is what you’re likely to find in abundance all around you in the coming months.

Without doubt the biggest request we get is for a wedding that is personal to the couple but also original and stand-out. Our couples want their guests to feel spoilt and to have the time of their lives and that comes down to carefully considered details – “The details are not the details, they make the design” Charles Eames.

So we have a few key design strands to showcase today: Inspired by Nature, Elegant Opulence, Modernistic and Global Nomad…….

Inspired by Nature

What better influence can there be than the natural world and here we have a few elements to consider from flora and fauna to creatures of the sea.

The botanicals influence remains as strong as ever, evocative of the natural world taking over with foliage in abundance. Perfect for creating a magical and romantic mood, think soft focus and painterly style patterns across fabrics and stationery as well as lots of natural greenery and wildflowers. In 2015 particularly we’re seeing more of the Arts and Crafts influence, think William Morris-esque prints with deep olive green and mustard shades, whilst the odd hint of peachy red adds richness.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Rose by William Morris 2. Style Me Pretty

Tropical styling is fun and will be everywhere in the interiors world in 2015, with palm-leaf prints, parrots and mini pineapples making an appearance. Take inspiration from this style and choose exotic flowers mixed with lush foliage and leaves, perhaps contrasted against an industrial or gritty space – your very own urban jungle.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Georgeous Occasions 2. Green Wedding Shoes

Whilst the underwater world offers a rich source of inspiration from the tactile textures of corals and sea urchins to the fabulous colour spectrum of dusty muted shades right through to bright coral and deep inky blues.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Brides of Adelaide 2. Anthropologie Elegant Opulence

There has certainly been a return to elegance recently with many of our couples wanting a refined day that feels luxurious without being ostentatious. The key to achieving this is by using contrasts; having some rustic detailing against otherwise opulent details prevents the look becoming too in-your-face and offers a lovely juxtaposition. We talked in last year’s post about mixed textures, this rule still applies and perhaps even more-so in 2015.

The Spring Pantone palette offers an incredibly luxe selection of soft focus en plein air colours.  These are subtle and minimalistic like toasted almond, titanium and sandstone: shades that work harmoniously with others in the palette such as Marsala, Pantone’s colour of the year, a soft muddy-red.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Suzannah 2. Want That Wedding

For those who prefer a little more of a punch with their colour The Golden Age offers exactly that. Inspired by the Dutch Masters and this rich historic period, this style is traditional with a twist, bursting with decadence.  We have mixed metals in bronze, brass, gold, pewter and even copper working with deep saturated colours of fig, claret, burnt umber and burgundy – these look fabulous when mixed with the softer shades mentioned above. I’d even throw in a deep inky blue as well. The style is all about decadent indulgence so think long banquet-style tables, overflowing with fruits and foliage: a true feast.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Intimate Weddings 2. Chic Vintage Brides


This style is the opposite end of the spectrum, for all those cool cats out there inspired by pared-back and minimalist designs.

The New Pastels look offers a new take on an old trend, gone are the sickly sweet pastels of old and in their place are dusty shades of blush, anthracite grey and iced lavender. They are fabulous paired with 2015’s hot metal: Copper. There’s plenty of texture to be found too with pleated, origami like pottery in these dusty shades, the perfect vessels for minimalist, nordic inspired blooms. Geometric shapes are still going strong too, but they’re a little more grown up nowadays.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Anna Gillar 2. Decor Dots

ModMono is 2015’s answer to monochrome minimalism, but this time around things have become much softer. No more hard lines and bold patterns, it’s about soft painterly styles like marbling, and circular shapes. When mixed with pale blush and glacier grey it offers a much more subdued modernistic style – almost like a whisper.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Vogue 2. Rebloggy

Global Nomad

Finally we have our world travellers, those who have travelled the world and picked up influences from afar to bring back to their everyday lives. We’re seeing a range of influences here….

The first being our Desert Dreamers: they long to sink their toes into hot sand and are inspired by African, Indian and Moroccan styling. Warm and dusty colours abound with long-forgotten crafts such as weaving and Kelim patterned rugs forming the basis of this design.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Swallows Nest Farm 2. Bellacor

And with Folkloric we see inspiration from the regional folk art of Eastern Europe and Russia coming into play. A beautifully rich and tactile history where bold colours abound and are mixed with a laid-back bohemian nature.

weddings inspired by nature

Image Credits: 1. Wedding Chicks 2. Thriving Appraisal

So a multitude of wedding design trends to set those inspiration juices flowing, are there any ideas here that you’re inspired by or are planning to include into your day? Do pop back for part two next Friday, where we share those all important details trends.

Don’t forget we offer a design & planning service to couples across the UK and Europe and love to work with creative couples on the hunt for that ‘something different’. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Michelle & Vicki xx


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