Crowning Glory – How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Headpiece By Jon Richard

There are so many things I love about being a part of Team Love My Dress. Working with Annabel and the rest of the gang is an undoubted highlight but I also love that we’re able to help, advise and hopefully steer you through the myriad of decisions that you need to make about your wedding with a smile on your face so that come the big day, your wedding is a wonderful reflection of you both.

We totally understand that there’s a huge choice out there and we know how overwhelming it can be to have to start selecting the venues, suppliers and products and we’d love to help. Today, one of our sponsors, jewellery brand Jon Richard, is here to pass on some great tips to make sure that when it comes to choosing your wedding headpiece, you’re ahead of the game.

jon richard bridal headpiece

Firstly, the team at Jon Richard suggests that you choose your wedding dress before you even start to look for your headpiece:

“Without having chosen your wedding dress, it’s impossible to choose the right headpiece. Why? Well, the statement sparkling crown you’ve got your eye on may not suit the lavish, heavily detailed gown you’ve chosen. Your aim is to end up with a stunning coordinated look from head to toe and that means matching your headpiece and accessories to your dress… and not the other way around!”

jon richard bridal headpiece

So, as an example, if your dress is more traditional and you prefer the classic look, then a design such as the Jon Richard Diamante Crystal & Facet Bead Tiara (£40) would be perfect. It’s an elegant design that’s ideal for the stylish modern bride. Alternatively, the Jon Richard Made With Swarovski Elements Tiara (£60) will add sparkle and glamour to your overall look and Katie, Buying Director at Jon Richard suggests that this style is best suited to a plain, strapless dress or a sweetheart neckline so those Swarovski crystals can really shine.

jon richard bridal headpieceAlso, don’t forget to consider your face shape and your wedding day hairstyle when you’re selecting your headpiece:

“We suggest choosing a tiara with a high peak if your face is round, little or no peak if you face is long and avoid peaked tiaras if your face is oval and instead look for a headpiece with most of the volume at one side.”

A bridal comb, whilst maybe being seen as one of the more simple headpieces, are fabulously flexible and can be worn with almost any hairstyle on the big day so can be a perfect option if your bridesmaids have differing lengths of hair. Some combs are worn like tiaras whilst others sit neatly on the side or the head or at the back, depending on your style. They also give you options to change your look during the wedding day itself:

“A comb is a perfect option if you’d like to change your style from ceremony to reception. It can simply be positioned differently in the hair to be more visible or more discreet depending on your preference. For a super chic look, we suggest the Jon Richard Navette Pearl Flower Comb (£20) but if you’re not a girl who loves pearls and prefers vintage, then the Jon Richard Vintage Leaf Comb (£65) is a fabulous option, both charming and classic.”

jon richard bridal headpieceAnother thing to keep in mind is the fact that your headpiece and wedding dress should complement each other and that means making sure that you’re colour coordinated! Jon Richard suggests silver toned accessories for white dresses (such as the Jon Richard Crystal pieces), the gold-toned accessories of the Jon Richard Orchid Vintage Collection for ivory dresses and Alan Hannah Devoted For Jon Richard Blossom Freshwater Pearl Collection for brilliant white gowns.

jon richard bridal headpiece

Thank you so much to the team at Jon Richard for sharing their knowledge with us and whatever your style, Jon Richard has the accessories to make you look and feel fantastic. Their delightful collections range from the classic and traditional to vintage, old school glamour. You’ll also be spoiled for choice with headpieces and matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

For more information on the Jon Richard bridal collections, visit their online Bridal Boutique or connect with them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for regular doses of bridal pretty.

Love Tamryn x


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