The Most Curious Wedding Fair, 17th-19th March 2017 – What You Need To Know!

So, you’re getting married. This year?! Or you literally just got engaged? Both reasons to feel totally excited but also a little daunted. Call us biased but a wedding show can really help to galvanize all those ideas you have swimming around your head; to see how a thought you’ve had could be a reality, how concepts work visually together, show others what your waffly, abstract descriptions really mean, gather inspiration if you don’t know where to start and sometimes most importantly see what you don’t want, in order to focus on what you are after.

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Now you are rather spoiled these days, as the stale old idea of a wedding show in a hotel conference room with terrible carpets and needy exhibitors peddling chair covers has been replaced with exciting, good looking events but today, we’d like to give you the low down on Most Curious as the biggest, indie, style-focused show in the UK, with it’s roots in a passion for good design, fashion, the lifestyle trends you love and hardly feels like a wedding show at all!

More of a coming together of great ideas, innovation in the industry, with slick design, hipster leanings but plenty of heart and magic, and just a big ol’ loved up shin digs where you are bound to find ‘the one’.

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Take a note book

Yeah, it’s a bit geeky but you won’t regret it. You will feel like you’ll never forget the name or business when you are talking to the person but once you are home it can become a bit of a blur! So note things down, and let’s face it who doesn’t like a list? In fact, if you plump for a VIP ticket you’ll get your very own special Oh Squirrel note book.

Take snaps on your phone as reference points as well, take a business card and even write on the back of that too. You’ll get a bag from us as well to put all your treasures too, so pick up flyers and cards galore. We always hand out a floor plan of the show, telling you the 160 exhibitors’ names and placement. So, between us we’ll have it covered, ok!

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If you want to geek out completely you can even have a little nose before the show at the vendors. If you follow us on social media, we will be doing regular spotlights on our merry band of exhibitors, their vibe and any special offers their running over the weekend, as well as our online directory on the website. So do your homework and have a think about who you want to make a beeline for.

But keep an open mind, the best and most satisfying finds might be the unexpected and feels-like-fate connections you may make on the day.

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Look out for event styling inspo

The way we see it, a wedding is something of a production and the styling of your day can be subtle or statement but always deserves a slick sort of plan that runs through it, and we take great joy in the visual aspect of the show we put on, almost as if it is a wedding in itself.

Of course our exhibitors do INCREDIBLE things with their stands so inspiration will greet you at every step, honestly, it will blow you away, we have been known to shed a happy tear on set up day, seeing it all unfold! But from a bigger picture point of view, we have a show styling theme too and are collaborating with some amazing names this year.

The Truman Brewery is a huge industrial white walled box, and we relish the opportunity to take over the venue with plenty of decor ideas for you to feast your peepers on.

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These year the theme is, wait for it….Pinktopia and Electric Dreams 🙂 The show will be awash with blush, peach ice cream-y pinks, with pops of neon. Don’t worry we haven’t gone all princess ‘my special day’ girly on you, think more sleazy pink, inspired by a heady, crazy kind of love sickness ala Audrey in Twin Peaks, Heathers and True Romance. 80s and 90s vibes and well as pretty applique blooms on top of block colour, velvets and shocks of irredescent and palms too. Feelin’ it?

The main styled areas will be the catwalk, our selfie wall, and the entrance space but look out for our ideas to carry on a theme over a whole venue throughout the show.

To make this dreamy look happen, we’re working with incredible florists Frog Flowers for the blousiest, blushiest bloom creations you ever did see, Pop Pop Papier on balloon heaven, colour crazy stylist extraordinaire Clare Nicolson, who’s teaming up with plant queen Geo Fleur, and Pom Pom Blossom who specialise in hand dyed fabrics for weddings. Behold… our mood board!

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Hear it from the experts

If you are interested in coming to MOST CURIOUS, chances are you’ve got a finger on the pulse of fashion and design and general hipsterness anyway, so what you are looking for is not necessarily something that fits neatly into the wedding box, but more brings together a rather beautiful, emphasised, distilled and turned-up-to-ten version of what you’re life together looks like anyway.

We feel ya. And guess what, this is how our exhibitors feel too! Many of our creative champs heading up their wedding businesses have turned their hand to the world of bridal after jobs in fashion buying, fashion or interior styling and design, PR, so they are savvy to what is cool, what is now and what’s ahead of the game, regardless of the W word.

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And they will help you bring that to your big day. Not only that, we have got the top bridal press in attendance! These guys are front line, seeing the coolest real life weddings, the trends unfold and are trend makers themselves.  Your lovely blogging host Annabel of Love My Dress, You and Your Wedding, Festival Brides and Rock n Roll Bride will all be at the show, either as exhibitors or visitors, and will be ready to talk to you about your ideas and offer advice on how to make them happen. Why not go straight to the top guys?

Have a chat, throw some reference points out there, and see if they land!

So following on from the above point, one of the main reasons wedding fairs are such a great idea is that you get to have a real life face to face chat with someone about what they offer and what you are after. And why MOST CURIOUS is so great in particular, is that we of course have the loveliest exhibitors!

One major piece of feedback about our shows is that the vibe is open, chatty and creative and vendors are a million miles away from giving it the hard sell. It’s more an exchange of ideas and inspiration and if you want it, a way they can help you make it happen.

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Bring a few images, even on your phone that illustrate what you mean, ask questions, that’s why we’re all here after all! But do not be afraid of launching into a fun convo too, about what you’re channeling. Mention how your bridal spirit animal is 11 from Stranger Things perhaps? Casually drop in your main point of reference for venue styling is that 80s episode of Black Mirror?

These guys will get it, we guarantee it. And if they don’t keep on walking. Someone else at the show will 🙂 It’s all about getting the right feeling from people, and don’t settle for anything less.

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Have fun!

Try things on, do a little shopping, eat and drink the free things, watch the fashion show, take pics of you and your bezzies, or your mam or your man in front of fun stuff, listen to the bands. Honestly, if this is the one wedding show you go to while you’re engaged we want it to give you the warm and fuzzies!

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That’s why we make it relaxed, cool, glittery but understated, lighthearted, playful, with the music you love on the speakers and, you know, a bar! Enjoy the day, all the bigger nitty gritty questions can wait to be taken to an email afterwards with the lovely creatives you connect with at the show. The main point is to get a feel for people, to see their beautiful wares, talk through your ideas, enjoy being the one getting married for the day.

It is not uncommon to see both exhibitors and visitors skipping around the show in a rather giddy manner – Good vibes all the way with MOST CURIOUS baby!

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MOST CURIOUS, the event for style savvy couples, will be taking place from 17-19 March at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London.

Advance tickets can be purchased online for £8.50, or £20 for VIP tickets. We are also holding an event at St Andrews Hall in Norwich on 9th April – tickets £2.50 in advance online, and as a special treat for all you lovely Love My Dress readers, Most Curious are offering a 15% discount on VIP tickets until Monday 16 January  – just enter the code LOVEMYCURIOUS on the ticket page.  Can’t wait to see you there!

You can stay in touch with all the goings on through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Becky x


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