Introducing Real Bride Kayleigh Patterson: A 27 Year Old Wedding Enthusiast

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Hello! I am Kayleigh, a 27 year old wedding enthusiast with big dreams and even bigger hair. I am an avid reader, lover of all things ‘extra’ and a massive ABBA fan.

I got engaged in 2017 and have been slowly planning my wedding ever since. I am currently settled with my 28 year old partner, Sam, in Manchester.

I’m a manager of a casework team at a Regulator, Sam also works at the same organisation. It’s not the most exciting sounding job but it comes with the added bonus of a few extra days holiday entitlement when you get married.


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How did you meet?

Although we have some mutual friends, we started talking properly after matching on a Tinder. This seems to be the case for a lot of our friends and some family (Sam’s brother married his tinder sweetheart three years ago).

How did the proposal happen?

To propose, Sam took me to my favourite spot in Manchester (Werneth Low which is part of the Pennines and has a view over the entire city) just as the sun was setting. After he popped the question, we headed home where a group of some of our closest friends had planned a surprise engagement party (it’s a good job I said yes!).

He chose (after several hints) a moonstone and diamond ring. I adore moonstones as they are said to bring good look, feelings of love and affection and new beginnings.


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What is your vision for your wedding and has this vision changed in light of COVID19 – if it has changed, how (fewer guests perhaps? change of venue or decor/style?)

I had always been drawn to the more industrial style venues – I think living in Manchester over the past 8 years influenced that – and we knew a ‘traditional’ venue wasn’t for us. This really shaped our vision for the day from the start, particularly the decor and even the wedding date. We want a fun, modern and relaxed day but most importantly, a day that represents us as a couple.

Although Covid hasn’t yet impacted our plans (apart from making us get our butts into gear and book suppliers) it has made us realise that we can have our vision for the day regardless of the number of guests or location. Friends and family are really important to us both and having them there seemed like a non-negotiable part of our day, however, after the events of 2020 it has reminded us that ultimately, our wedding day is OUR wedding day, we’ve got to be there but anyone else is a bonus.

Another change to our vision for our wedding has been to do with the planning. A lot of the typical planning events – dress shopping, supplier meetings, catering consultations etc – have had to be done virtually, especially as Manchester has been under harsher restrictions than other parts of the country.

I’ve also used this as an opportunity to do a few online workshops with wedding planners who have pivoted their businesses during this time. Although this has been an unexpected change, it has had a positive impact on our wedding planning experience and hasn’t made it any less special despite it not meeting our initial expectations for what planning a wedding would be like.


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Have you chosen your dress yet? (and are you happy to share who the designer and boutique/provider/source of purchase is yet or would you rather keep quiet?)

I was planning to start the dress hunt in March but as restrictions are still in place, I booked in some virtual appointments last month to get an idea of what I like and more importantly, the lead times for orders. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed those, the boutiques worked really hard to make the experience as special as possible.

So far I have my eyes on Charlie Brear, Jesus Piero, Halfpenny London or Cecile Bahnsen (which is not strictly bridal but the puff sleeved midi dresses are in my dreams).

I’m 5ft 1 so I’m worried that a typical wedding dress might swamp me (toilet roll dolls are cute but not what I want to look like on my wedding day). Recently I’ve been really influenced by micro-wedding and elopement styles. I love the luxe modern look and I think it’s something I will try to replicate.

I’m lucky that in Manchester there are so many different boutiques to suit most vibes and styles. I’ve had virtual appointments at The White Closet, Rock the Frock and Flamingo Boulevard in Liverpool.

Real Bride Kayleigh Patterson

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sam and I are both avid readers and gig attendees – our love of music is why our entertainment is such an important part of our day.

I have an awful habit of picking up new craft ideas every few months, at the moment I want to learn how to make my own tablecloths and matching napkins – this is very much influenced by the amount of time I’ve spent on ‘tablescape’ pinterest. I also spent a few nights making clay candlesticks for the wedding which was really fun. Sam isn’t always convinced by my grand craft plans but I usually can convince him to get involved (even if he is reluctant!).

What music is on your playlist right now?

Union by Her (the perfect modern song about romance and getting married).

Elton John and ABBA always make an appearance on my playlists.

Last movie you watched?

Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet – it’s one of my favourite films. We nearly booked a venue purely because it gave me R+J vibes – it was a large monastery (now wedding venue) with beautiful red and green glass windows.

Movie you’d recommend our readers next watch and why?

Almost Famous – it’s another one of my favourites and a few of our décor and music choices for the wedding have been influenced by it. It has the best soundtrack and Kate Hudson is a curly haired goddess in it.

Current read?

In 2020 I managed to read 50 books (this is definitely a brag but it’s the only thing that I feel I achieved last year) and this year I’ve already got a stack I want to work through starting with Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Any favourite books?

Ooh this is a tough one, today it’s probably Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton, ask me tomorrow and it’ll be something different.

We are really excited to be documenting our wedding journey with Love My Dress which has been a source of inspiration and comfort throughout our wedding planning so far. We are 9 months out from our December 21 wedding and can’t wait to share how our planning is going!

Kayleigh Patterson

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Kayleigh is a wedding enthusiast with big dreams and even bigger hair. She is an avid reader, lover of all things ‘extra’ and a massive ABBA fan. She got engaged in 2017 and has been slowly planning her wedding ever since. She is currently settled with her partner in Manchester.