A Modern, Contemporary & Elegant Black Tie Wedding in Hamburg, Germany

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Pinar and Fredrik’s beautiful modern and contemporary black tie wedding was held in July 2022 in Hamburg, Germany.

The couple were actually formally married in 2020, but due to the global pandemic, had to postpone their official celebrations until 2022, when they were assisted by Beyond Tales in styling their chic and elegant day.

These beautiful photographs were captured by Germany based destination wedding photographers, Asmus Asmus.

115 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

Bridal Beauty & Accessories

I wore a three meter veil, as this was always a dream for me to do when getting married. I don’t remember the brand as I purchased it along with my dress from Ajou Brautmoden.

My shoes were by Jimmy Choo.

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194 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

The Dress

I had a custom made dress by Ajou Brautmode in Hamburg. Christina, the designer, carries the love of design in her heart and it is with this magic that she creates incredibly gorgeous dresses.

177 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

I would heartily recommend Ajou Brautmode.

I had three little flowers sewn in the inside bottom of my dress, which were originally from my mom’s wedding dress.

We had a ‘first look’ prior to the ceremony.

141 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

The Ceremony

Modern Meets Tradition

My brother accompanied me down the aisle to the sound of ‘Kissing You‘, by Des´ree, sung by our wedding singer, Lou Lettow of Nachklang.

We had a free ceremony and our celebrant was Marie from Literally Love. Marie wrote a personal ceremony that integrated our thoughts, our story and some fun elements too. Our missing parents were present symbolically by way of two white balloons.

We bought our wedding rings at Engelbert in Stockholm. And we choose them because we think they are beautiful and they just felt right to be our wedding rings.

As a Swedish tradition, a shot was served to all of our guests during the ceremony. We all sang a traditional Swedish song together and raised our glasses. Another Swedish tradition I got to know was that when the bride leaves the room, all women come and kiss the groom!

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Our photographers were Asmus Asmus. Because we fell in love with their photography and the way they render weddings in a very special way.

Esther and Roman are just two very special beings and you can feel that in their photography. They just transfer so much love and that was important to us. Not least to mention that the also have a very modern style that we really wanted for our wedding photos.

114 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

How They Met

Fredrik and I met in Summer 2017 in Hamburg, when he was there for a trip with some work colleagues. Fredrik is originally from Stockholm and I am from Hamburg, so it happened that we ended up in a long distance relation ship for three years.

We got engaged in between and that was in 2019, when on one of his visits to Hamburg, he asked, ‘will you marry me?’. I remember that it was on a Friday early afternoon when I had just got back home from work – a little earlier than usual, as I knew he was gonna arrive soon. As he had keys to my apartment, he was waiting there for me to get home. And then it all happened quite fast.

We went out for a very nice lunch after that, at a new Japanese restaurant as we both love Japanese food. So we were engaged for a year before getting married.

116 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

We got married at Am Jachthafen in Hamburg, Germany. We chose this location because of its location to the river Elbe and the view that comes with it. It’s an old villa type of style and has a beautiful outdoor area.

We had our venue styled by Liv and Sarah from BeyondT ales, who did a fantastic job.

67 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany
86 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany


Modern Contemporary

Our flowers were by Grimms Blumerie. I wanted to have a simple arrangement of flowers in nude tones. I was very happy that we could have my favourite flowers which are Café au Lait Dahlias. The whole arrangement with Grimms Blumerie was made in collaboration with our stylist, Beyond Tales.

Our wedding cake and sweet table was made by Zuckermonarchie. I have a long relation to Zuckermonarchie and to me everything they create is pure heaven. Not only their cakes and sweets look amazing, they also taste so! As our whole decoration theme I wanted to have the cake and the sweets in pure and nude tones. Our wedding cake was decorated with a flower arrangement of a Café au Lait Dahlia.

130 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

We had ordered two cakes – luckily, as one cake was accidentally dropped during setting up the decoration by a family member! I did not at notice at first. But when I did I wasn’t mad. I just felt so sorry for my family member who was extremely sorry and for the confectioner who put all the work into creating the cake. Things like this can happen and we were glad we had ordered two cakes in two different sizes!

A Note From The Stylists

Beyond Tales

The design concept for Pinar and Fredrik’s wedding was to be both romantic, airy-light and and elegant in focus, but also very natural and authentic and above all modern and smooth.

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was heartwarming and casual at the same time, and based on the couple’s respective backgrounds, combine the feeling of a Swedish summer day with the Hanseatic flair of the very classic location in Hamburg.

For the colours for the decorative elements such as flowers, table linen, stationery, sweet buffet, etc., we used tinted versions in each case, i.e. no solids, but soft, natural tones such as soft yellow, pale lavender and blush, light green, nude and off-white.

The colour concept was rounded off by golden elements such as golden cutlery and card holders. It was also important to us that the chairs, which always play a major role in our design concepts, also convey a certain lightness and modernity.

We designed a wedding to match the couple’s personalities and love for one another; heartwarming, natural, elegant, modern, casual, authentic, airy-light and very loveable.

58 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

Favourite Moments

My very favourite part of the day was when I saw all our family and friends being there to celebrate our love – when I saw them all together.

When I realised that they actually came to be here with us, that was such a magical moment to me. And also when we entered the dining room, when I saw it decorated and how all the planning with Beyond Tales at the end actually had come to be real and I could not have imagined to have it in any other way. It was simply beautiful and perfect to me.

Evening & First Dance

We chose L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole as our ´first dance´ track. We never had that ´one´ song that’s our song. But we both liked that song very much so we made it to our song and chose it for our first dance 🙂

3 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

Words of Wedded Wisdom

If there is one thing I can advise, it would be to give the responsibility on the day as much as possible to eg. the witnesses or wedding planner. Otherwise, you may be unnecessarily occupied on the day.

If you’re a bit of a control freak, relinquish control on the day! Instead, look forward to spending more time with your family and friends. Enjoy every moment and just have the most amazing day – because it goes by so fast.

Also remember – you can plan as much as you want, but in the end, some things just can’t be planned. It may be that not everything goes as you had imagined or planned – but this isn’t important. What matters is that you celebrate this beautiful day with your loved ones. Take all of it and fill your hearts with love.

One more piece of wisdom is to take the time with your photographers – and don’t rush this. Just make sure your guest are still having a good time while having your couples photographs taken. Also it would be nice to have one person that’s close to you with you while these photographs are being captured. It’s always good to have someone who will make your dress or veil look good in the photos.

64 Modern Wedding Hamburg Germany

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