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Bath wedding photographer Mark Davis

Mark Davis is a Bath wedding photographer whose approach transcends traditional photography. With a portfolio of over 500 weddings, Mark has experienced the full spectrum of wedding day surprises, from late brides and stressed grooms to make-up mishaps, absent DJs, cake calamities, and even a few broken bones. Despite these challenges, he has witnessed each couple happily married, creating unforgettable memories they wouldn’t change for the world.

Bath Wedding Photographer

Mark’s philosophy is to bid farewell to awkward poses and cliché imagery. He brings a playful yet professional attitude to documenting the special day, understanding that his role is much more than just capturing images. Mark also prides himself on providing more than just high-quality equipment; he offers gentle guidance throughout the wedding, ensuring a relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable atmosphere for the couple.

Natural Wedding Photography

His keen eye for candid moments shines in capturing the unscripted, beautiful instances that often occur spontaneously. These fleeting, heartfelt moments are where Mark truly excels, highlighting his genuine care and attention to detail.

Mark’s service packages are straightforward and transparent – get in touch for details.

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