Morning lovelies!  My turn again to turn my hand to an inspiration board, and this week I'm completely indulging myself with the creation of some elegant lace inspired boards

I adore lace. Can't get enough of it.  I was inspired to work on these boards today from having spent so much time over the past couple of weeks researching vintage lace wedding dresses.  The vintage lace dress below there is available from Love Miss Daisy by the way {see the full photoshoot here}.

Lace is a diverse fabric – you can dress lace up as elegant, chic, retro, rock n roll, the choice is yours.  For the purposes of spoiling my own lace fantasies today, I'm going to be focusing on the more elegant of lace iinspiration to inspire your big day styling…

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Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace... (Mood + Inspiration Boards )

Credits, from left clockwise: Top Image Love Miss Daisy, via this blog link, Greenbow Lace Dress on BHLDN, lace trimmings via Pinterest

What is there to not like lace when you get such prettiness as above?  The vintage/boho inspired lace wedding dress above left there is available by one of my favest ever online stores, BHLDN, and costs only $600 US {about £375}.

There are many other ways you can incorporate lace into your wedding day wardrobe.  For the subtlest of nods towards it's loveliness, sneak a lace  garter  under your wedding dress.  For more of a statement, grace your looks with a lace wedding veil.  Lace wedding veils come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  I have a particular fondness for the Juliet cap style as made poopular by Kate Moss of late… 

Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace... (Mood + Inspiration Boards )

Credits, from left clockwise: Lace Garter from Pishposhes on Etsy,  Eyelash lace trim bridal cap by Twigs & Honey, 'Jasmine' fingerless lace bridal gloves by Lucy Marshall,  Pearl Bride Ivory Silk satin & Lace Peek a Boo Knicker panties on Etsy by Lalillouche on Etsy, Little white lace gloves via Green Wedding Shoes, Vintage lace jewellery roll clutch by Sarah Elizabeth Boutique on Folksy, Lace Shrug via BHLDN, Heirloom Lingerie photographed by Elizabeth Messina for Claire Pettibone

Pull of a really demure look with a pair of gorgeous lace gloves – either something incredibly delicate like these lace gloves crafted by brilliant British designer, Lucy Marshall, or a pair of 50's vintage inspired little white gloves.  Ahhh, how I have so much affection for little white wedding gloves.  Please can we go back to a time when ladies looked pretty with dainty accessories like these every day?  Exctend the lace accessories collection by investing in a cute lace clutch for keeping a hanky, your lipstick and any other all important wedding day essentials together.

Follow Princess Catherine's lead by covering your shoulders with lace and wearing full length lace sleeves on your wedding day. 

Don't forget the undergarments ladies etiher!  Make sure you pack a pair of super sexy sheer lace undies.  You will also want to keep an eye on the upcoming Heirloom Lingerie Collection by Claire Pettibone too {pictued above by the gorgeous Elizabeth Messina of Kiss The Groom}…

Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace... (Mood + Inspiration Boards )

Credit:  From left and clockwise:   Vintage lace inspired cookie DIY tutorial, Image via Pinterest, Vintage lace flower tutorial, Lace fabric bookmarks {wedding favour idea} by Vicky Trainor/The Vintage Drawer, Lace Wedding Cake via Style Me Pretty, Lace bouquet, Lace bunting, Lace inspired wedding invitation

So there is huge scope to get creative if you want to incorporate lace into the decor and detailing of your wedding day.  The ideas above just skim on the surface really, but to get you thinking, let's start with the suggestion of using lace trim {top left} – wrap this around recycled glass jam jars and pop a tea light inside. Simple yet so pretty and effective!  Use lace trim around your bouquet too – simply keep in place with a vintage, or vintage inspired brooch.

Ask your cake maker to make some cakes or biscuits with pretty lace inspired icing to reflect any lace based bridal attire. Go one step further and ask your cake maker to embellish your cake with icing piped to reflect embroidered lace, as the one above.

For an opulent look during your wedding breakfast, use lace to cover the table (on top of white linen clothes {usually supplied via the wedding venue} and gather and pin together any surplus fabric with ribbon and sparkly clips as above – so incredibly chic.   A fabulous suggestion of such prettiness to be expected by your guests could be hinted at by sending out letter-pressed invites reflective of real lace patterns.

Get your creative on with this vintage lace flower tutorial and scatter your tables with the fruits of your labour, or adhere them to your Bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. 

Share your love of lace with all our guests by commissioning the wonderful Vicky Trainor, owner of 'The Vintage Drawer' to create a series of gorgeous lace inspired bookmarks.


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Thank you for allowing me my self indulgent moment this morning peeps Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace... (Mood + Inspiration Boards )

Whose 'going lace' on their wedding day.  Pop a comment below and let's share some lace love this morning Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace... (Mood + Inspiration Boards )

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Much Friday morning love all Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace... (Mood + Inspiration Boards )

Annabel xXx

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Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace... (Mood + Inspiration Boards )


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13 thoughts on Bridal Inspiration Board #19 ~ Elegant Lace…

  1. So very different from how our wedding is going to look but so pretty! Love the mix of rustic and glamour on that bunting and as for those peek a boo knickers…ooh la la! ;)

  2. Wowwww these are so beautiful! Exactly what we are going for on our day – is their anything more romantic than lace?! Thanks Annabel. Just noticed the AMAZING lace garter on etsy is limited addition and there is only one left – I’ve already got mine but ladies i’d hurry over there if you like it!

  3. Yes, lace!!! makes me very excited because my early 1960s wedding dress is lace all over, complete with long lace sleeves (bought pre-Kate :)). It looks very similar to the top pic from Love Miss Daisy, but ballerina length. I’m now looking for other ways to incorporate lace into our day, so this post has given me much inspiration. I may have to start with that stunning garter! x

  4. So beautiful! My wedding, in 8 days time (breathe) has become quite dominated by lace! Think I might have given away what the dress looks like to the boy as a result! I have bought Ikea lace curtains which I have chopped in half to provide perfect lace tablecloth overlays, compelete bargain at £2 for each round table. Also, my one tip is before you start gluing lace around tealight holders and jars take your enagagement ring off -its just a complete pain if you don’t!!

  5. I love lace and really want a straight fitted lace dress for my wedding next year. My only problem is that I wanted a corset/lace up back to keep everything in (!!) and all the dresses I have seen have zip up/button backs. Anyone come across anything?

  6. I love these lace gloves, so classic. Lace dresses always look so beautiful and timeless in the photographs. I would definitely urge every bride to try a lace dress on even if they don’t think its their style, they may be surprised!

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