Kate Moss’s Wedding Veil ~ The Juliet Cap & Lace Cap Style…

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I have long had a girl crush on Mossie.  There is just something about the girl.  Every outfit she is seen in is just so chic, with that 'always so effortlessly thrown together' look.  She looks amazing pretty much all of the time – even those occasions when she's sporting bedraggled wind and rain swept scruffy Glasto-hair.  And yesterday, she looked perfect beyond belief (…and quite a traditional wedding too, who knew?!) as she tied the knot with her rather dashing fella Jamie Hince, in an intimate ceremony set in the Cotswolds. 

I'm really keen to know what you thought of Kate's wedding dress and veil choice – leave a comment at the end of this feature if you will 🙂

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Source {next two images}:  The Daily Mail


As I was planning my wedding, one thing I was very sure of was that I certainly did not want a wedding veil.  I had labelled them part of that wedding day fluff that just wasn't necesssary.  That was of course until I found myself standing in front of the bathroom mirror regressing into my 6 year old child-hood self, clutching the sheerest piece of fabric I could find in our house high up behind my head and twisting to try to grab a glance of the fabric as it fell behind my back.  And all of a sudden feeling like a little girl wanting to be princess again.  One trip to a wedding boutique later to try on the longest veil I could find, and I was sold.

I think every girl should consider wearing a veil on their wedding day – be it a chic birdcage veil, or a full length cathedral length veil, a wedding veil makes such a beautiful addition to your wedding day wardrobe.

Today, I would like to dedicate this blog post to the beauty that was Kate Moss's wedding veil…

Kate Moss's Wedding Veil

This particular style of veil is a take on the 'Juliet Cap', which was originally fashioned in the 16th Century.  The name stems from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, when original drawings of Juliet depicted her wearing a cap that fit neatly to the top of her head.

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Source:  BellaSugar

Kate Moss's wedding veil

According to The Knot, the Juliet Cap is "A small, round cap which fits snugly on top of the head, made of open weave fabric and usually decorated with pearls or semi-precious stones. The modern version of a Juliet Cap may be a wide band that secures to the crown of the head."  The style became popular in the 1920's and again in the 1970s when the original bohemian bride look was established, but predominantly, this style of veil is associated with the 1920's and 30's and images of Brides with huge oversized bouquets, and wearing gorgeous silk bias cut wedding dresses.

Lily Allen wore a Juliet cap style wedding veil on her wedding day too – it was a stunning design by French designer Delphine Manivet

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Source:  The Daily Mail

Lily Allen's Wedding Veil

Grace Kelly also wore a Juliet Cap on her wedding day…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Source:  The Hair Accessories Blog

Grace Kelly's Juliet Cap Wedding Veil

You see a theme emerging here? Three iconic women all wearing Juliet/Lace cap wedding veils, two of them very famous style icons of our day.  I'm just a little bit confident that many Brides will be following suit and that we're going to be seeing rather more of this type of wedding veil in real wedding features on Love My Dress over the coming months and year.  

If you love the Juliet Cap and lace cap style wedding veil, then take a look at the following.  Remember, a good veil maker will be able to reproduce any of these designs.  I recommend Ann Guise – she works only using pure silk.

A 1920's vintage silk tulle Juliet Cap veil, $129/£80…

Image Source:  Dressing Vintage

AHAT1080-01a-1920s-wedding-veil AHAT1080-01-1920s-wedding-veil

A Delphine Manivet cap Wedding Veil, as worn by Lily Allen on her wedding day. Delphine Manivet now has a London boutique at 30a Dover Street.  Telephone 020 7491 0234 for information…

Next two images – Image Copyright (c) 2011, Elizabeth Messina

Lily Allen wedding veil by Delphine Manivet

Lily Allen wedding veil by Delphine Manivet

For a modern take on a vintage style, try this French inspired bridal lace cap with veil, from Twigs and Honey, $350 / £218…

Image Source {next 3 images}: Twigs and Honey


Another beautiful vintage inspired lace Bridal cap from Twigs and Honey, $335 / £208…


…and another, this time an eyelash lace trim bridal cap, $325 / £202…


A beautiful 1930's lace cap wedding veil from The Vintage Bride, $165/£103…

Image Source: The Vintage Bride

Juliet Cap Wedding Veil Juliet Cap Wedding Veil

Veil1 Veil4

Gorgeous wedding headpieces and veils by Johanna Johnson – stocked exclusively in the UK at Luellas Boudoir

Image Source:  Johanna Johnson

GingerJewelledScarf VintageVeil

1920s Antique Ivory Lace Flapper Era Wedding Veil from Decotique, $199 / £124…

Image Copyright (c) 2011, Decotique


A vintage 1930s Lilly of the Valley Juliet Cap Wedding Veil Headpiece on Etsy {regretably sold, but what a wonderful design to have replicated…}

Image Source: The Vintage Mistress, Etsy



Lace cap veil by Rosa Clara.  Limited stockists in the UK, visit the Rosa Clara website for all stockists based in England…

Picture 4 Rosa-clara-bridal-mantilla-veils-1

Finally, some useful vintage wedding veil links for you:-

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  Bespoke, made to measure silk wedding veils, by Ann Guise
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  Vintage Wedding Veils by Cherished Bride
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  Custom Bridal Veils and Accessories by C.R.Boggs on Etsy
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And some wonderful visual inspiration, starting with a gorgeous 1920's style Juliet Cap veil below left, and a 1920’s Veil Tulle Cap

Image Source: We Heart Vintage + Bushnell Fashions

4613943270_86673543a2_o.135183028_large Thumb

1930's vintage wedding veil…

Image Source: Petdogonline's Wedding Dresses, Image Coypright (c) 2011, Sarah Yates Photography


Image Source:  The Thirty-Something Bride


Image Source:  Bobby PIn Blog + Queens of Vintage

1920s20s+wedding+veil+hat New-picture4-242x300

So what did you think of Kate's wedding dress and veil, and will any of you Brides to be, be opting for Juliet cap style wedding veil?

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Source: Hello Magazine


You can see more wedding veil related posts here.

Have a sweet Sunday morning 🙂

Much love,

Annabel xXx


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36 thoughts on “Kate Moss’s Wedding Veil ~ The Juliet Cap & Lace Cap Style…

  1. I want to eat up everyting about her dress….too beautiful! The sequin/diamante peacock feather detail sends me into fits of joy!
    I see many more lovely 20s inspired veils in the near future!

  2. LOVED IT! Absolutely loved everything about her wedding day, she looked so beautiful, in contrast to Abbey Clancy! Loved Lily’s dress and veil too.

  3. I have to agree, I loved everything about the whole styling of Kate’s wedding. Her dress is divine and her veil compliments perfectly. Not one thing overshadowed another. Lilly Allen I did feel her veil received more attention than it should have. I didn’t think there was an even balance, not how Kate has attained it.
    Great post as usual A xx

  4. Thanks guys!
    Linda thanks so much for your comment 🙂 I personally loved Lily’s wedding veil! It was a real style statement, and one, I hope, will encourage other Brides to be a little more adventures with their veil and accessories 🙂
    Much love all,
    Annabel xXx

  5. I loved everything about Kate’s dress and veil, it all looked effortless and so beautiful but then we are talking Kate Moss. x

  6. I absolutely love them … I think both Lily Allen and Kate looked stunning and suited the veils perfectly.
    Love this blog post Annabel – the photos are all gorgeous, just wish I could get married all over again so I could have one! Might get one for around the house lol! x

  7. I think Kate’s is lovely, very soft and feminine.
    I wore a Juliet Veil for my First Holy Communion and found it recently, it was very starchy, almost like a Jewish Kippah, but it was clearly fashionable in 1985 because looking at the photo that someone kindly uploaded on facebook of my year group, there are a few of us wearing them. Who knew that we would be trendsetters!!
    Great post, Annabel, so interesting to see all the old wedding photos.

  8. Fab blog post Annabel! I absolutely love it. Everything about Kate’s outfit is so beautiful – the dress is just incredible!
    Wasn’t as keen on Lily’s veil though, i think it was a bit too big and she looked a bit uncomfortable in it.
    Leah xx

  9. I loved the dress and her hair, and she looked far more classic and traditional than I was expecting (and was please – I was worried she’d go very rock chick).
    I didn’t love the veil. I am a huge fan of the veil and really think the veil makes a bride. I never thought about NOT having one. I just don’t like the juliet cap veil though.
    Kate’s is (I admit) much better than Lilly Allen’s starwars inspired earmuffs and it suited her, but I just don’t like them.
    My biggest disappointment was the flowers. I wish her bouquet had been bigger.

  10. I was surprised at the dress, I don’t know what I was expecting, but not what she wore. That said, she looked really beautiful and her veil was perfect – a kind of shabby chic look to it all which is very Kate. Good choice all round I say.

  11. I loved the veil, absolutely perfect. I loved Lily Allen’s too but Kate’s was somehow more ‘wearable’ to me.

  12. absolutely loved her dress but not too keen on the veil, it did suit her (but then she’d look good in a bin bag)but does remind me a bit of School christmas plays with the shepherds with tea towels on their heads?!

  13. I am loving this post, well done sweetie.. These veils are all just incredible beautiful. The detailing and patterns, embellishment and style are all devine, I love them all. Love love love the vintage inspiration celebs are using atm.. Kate Moss really was a stunning bride, her dress is lovely and I wish her and Lilly all the best xx

  14. I love everything about the whole look. Absolutely stunning. The veil is exquisite, and compliments the dress perfectly. The dress is so stunning, with amazing detail. Mrs Hince really looks like the most radiant bride.

  15. Seems like this style is really going to take off soon. My favourite veil at the moment is the “1930s vintage wedding veil” you’ve posted above – it’s a more wearable version for brides who don’t necessarily want to go the whole hog with the cap!
    Kate looked fabulous, it was exactly what I expected from her. I actually preferred Lily’s veil overall, but could have done without the Princess Leia earmuffs!

  16. I wish I had gone for the cap veil for my wedding last year! Kate and Lily both looked gorgeous in theirs…swoon! I have always loved the look of these veils and also of the 1940’s shepherdess veils like the one my grandma wore. So good to see high profile brides wearing them.
    I opted for a sheer silk veil made of the same tulle as my floaty frock (Isola by Augusta Jones) when it was my turn. I wanted to wear it forwards on my head for a more vintage look, similar to a cap veil but arguably more wearable as there is less detail going on. I’d love to see more brides going for this option (as much as I do love a good poofy veil!) x

  17. Peeps! Thanks for your fab comments – although Mabel, that comment about Shepherds did make me giggle 😉
    Seems like the vast majority of you give Kate’s choice of veil a huge big thumbs up. Clearly you are all of superior taste I say! hehehe 🙂
    Big love all,
    Annabel xXx

  18. What a lovely post.
    I thought Kate Moss looked gorgeous. Her dress was stunning and she looked so comfortable which is very important on your wedding day. I love the embroidery on the veil. Quite a few brides are asking for bespoke embroidery, it really make s a veil special. One bride had a replica of her grandmother’s 1940s veil.
    Thankyou Annabel for the mention.

  19. I say YAY! to the Juliet Cap and this particular style of veil. I loved Kate’s entire look and she looked stunning. Her veil was my favorite part of her ensemble.

  20. Kate would look beautiful in pretty much anything, but this really is a beautiful dress, reminding me a little of Jenny Packham’s designs, but the veil gives it an earlier twist.
    Wish she’d design more wedding dresses for Topshop!

  21. Loved the dress – effortless and chic! Didn’t like the veil much or the hair but as long as she did that is all that matters.

  22. No truer a word Sian! We all pass judgement don’t we but at the end of the day, none of it matters as long as she felt amazing on her wedding day 🙂

  23. Sara – it is very much like ‘Papillion’ by Jenny Packham, which is probably why the dress appeals to me so much as Papillion was the very first wedding dress I tried on – and purchased! I sold it in the end for another JP design, but it is an incredibly beautiful dress…

  24. I have just received a bookmark with your website address on it and wanted to say how much I absolutely admire your website/blog. Kate Moss’ veil and all the other photographs of the Juliet cap are stunning. Wow! Now I am going to explore the rest of the site – even though I am far from getting married!! Congratulations Annabel!

  25. Hi,
    This is just a fabulous post. I am making a headpiece for my niece for her wedding and she like the Kate Moss veil. In your opinion, how did the veil over the face work? Was it an attachment or was the back part of the veil swept over the face for the ceremony?

  26. FINALLY… I have been searching everywhere for info on this style of wedding veil! Thank-you, thank-you, and thank-you!!!!

  27. I absolutely love these sort of lace veils, they really emphasise the bride’s radiance and it makes me so happy when I see them at a wedding! I especially like Lilly Allen’s, she looked beautiful!

  28. Finally I found out what this style of veil is called! Thank you! Another good famous example of this style is Padme Amidala’s veil in Star Wars Episode III. I think seeing that version is when I first fell in love with the look. I have got to find a beautiful lacy one for my wedding.

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