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Riots, floods, outbreaks of foot and mouth disease:  for nearly thirteen years I have broken the news from the North of England to millions of National BBC Television viewers.

Copyright (c) 2009, Cat Hepple Photography... Copyright (c) 2009, Cat Hepple Photography...

I was among the first on the scene at the train crash at Great Heck near Selby.  I regularly reported on high-profile court cases:  from Lee Bowyer’s and Jonathan Woodgate’s trial on assault charges to Karen Matthews charged over the kidnapping of her own daughter.  

I gained the ability to talk to anyone in any situation, no matter how stressful, and won people’s trust - and access to their stories.  I was the only journalist, for example, that the family of Ken Bigley, kidnapped and subsequently executed by Iraqi terrorists, chose to talk to in depth.  When Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s butler, was acquitted on charges of theft, his father Grahams TV exclusive was with me.

Now, after a working life-time in the news, "Catherine Marston BBC News" is hanging up her wellies and thermals and is turning a passion for photography into a career.  I have set up in business, specialising in social photography: weddings, special occasions, baby shoots and family portraits.


Copyright (c) 2009, Cat Hepple Photography... 

Working under my married name- Cat Hepple Photography is my new venture. During my time as a Journalist my reputation has been built on my ability to let the pictures tell the story.  It’s that keen visual sense and eye for the unusual, the angle, the light, the setting and bringing the best out of my clients that’s informing my photography now. 

From babies to weddings, family portraits to teens  I am using my skills and my sense of style to create some fantastic images for people to treasure- Photos of their children having fun, a radiant bride at her wedding, a baby's giggle. All priceless moments that pass in a hundredth of a second, but which photography can record forever. I also want the sessions to be fun and stylish. No starchy white or black studio backgrounds for me- every photo shoot is unique and reflects the personality of who I am working with.

Copyright (c) 2009, Cat Hepple Photography... Copyright (c) 2009, Cat Hepple Photography...

The website will be launching soon and in the meantime you can see some of my work on my facebook group, 'Cat Hepple Photography'.  All my contact details are on there. 

I have begun to take commissions for photographic work and am now delighted the order book is filling up.   Yes I might sometimes miss the adrenalin rush of the big story and the satisfaction of reporting to a nation but I won’t miss the flood water seeping over my waders, the round-the-clock shifts and dining on Big Macs in Barrow in Furness at 11.30 at night!

Life on the OTHER side of the lens is just as exciting and rewarding. 


~ Cat, Guest Blogger to Love My Dress



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