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I think I shall always have a penchant for exquisite vintage jewellery and accessories.  I love the timeless design and appeal of something old, which is why I fell head over heels for Royst & Aran as soon as I discovered their absolutely beautiful vintage bridal designs.

Royst & Aran create your Something Old – and Something New! They are vintage specialists who design stunning headpieces and accessories from beautiful original vintage pieces. The Royst & Aran collection includes tiaras, headpieces, combs, garters and jewellery and every individual design is handmade in the UK.  Royst & Aran was one of the first few companies who specialised in designing vintage tiaras and accessories. Vintage has now become very popular amongst designers and so to stay ahead; Royst & Aran have ensured their brand maintains its own unique elegant style and offers brides the more quirky, unusual and distinctive designs within their collections.

I got chatting with Royst & Aran Founder and Designer, Karan…

“When I got married I was very lucky, my fabulous and very generous
parents allowed me free rein to choose whatever I wanted and so was not
limited to a fixed budget (maybe they thought once I was married it
would be the last time I would call upon them as my walking bank!). It
did however highlight just how expensive getting married was, so when I
set up Royst & Aran I wanted to offer the style conscious Brides, who
don’t have the bank busting budgets, gorgeous and affordable
accessories. Therefore my collections at Royst & Aran hopefully
cater for all brides’ budgets, big or small…”

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Fouette Vintage headband

“I do quite a large amount of bespoke designs. I thoroughly love doing these as I work with some amazing people who in turn give me some fantastic ideas! I find that Brides love to have the opportunity to play a part in creating the perfect accessory; they want their piece to be completely unique as well as encompass their own individual chic style.”


I designed an amazing ‘floating tiara’ for bride Rebecca.  Her brief was
simple, an ethereal and delicate floating flower and leaf design to
match her stunning Temperley Dress and Veil. This is my favourite design
to date as it was an exciting challenge and I think the results were

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Bride Rebecca, wearing her Royst and Aran vintage headband...

…the bespoke tiara, ‘Rebecca’…

Bespoke Tiara - Rebecca, by Royst and Aran...

“I spent many years studying at The Royal Ballet School and so my passion
for costume and intricate headdresses started from there.  The pieces in
my collection are named after great dancers and all things ballet!  I
get a lot of my inspiration from ballet and dance headdresses as well as
spending many hours looking at bridal fashions and trends. Plus I
always strive to continually enhance my designs, there is a funny little
phrase which I picked up from my ballet days that sticks in my mind
‘You are only as good as your last performance’ this to me is very

Ballroom Limited Edition, by Royst and Aran...

Bespoke Butterfy, by Royst and Aran...

“The name Royst & Aran was actually devised by my Husband. I had
been struggling with a name for a while, I had thought of many different
things which I won’t tell you as they were dreadful! But, Royston was
my mischievous ginger cat; he would sit playing with all of the sparkly
bits whilst I was creating my designs. My husband said it was the
Royston & Karan show! Sadly Royston passed away before I launched
the business, and it just felt right to use his name as the lead and
part of mine, hence
Royst & Aran. I do have another naughty little
cat now called Soda who equally likes ribbon, feathers and sparkles!”

Bespoke Odile Tiara, by Royst and Aran...

Charleston Limited Editions, by Royst and Aran...

Combs, by Royst and Aran...

Forsythe Vintage Tiara, by Royst and Aran...

Royst & Aran even design garters! I mean, beautiful luxury an extremely gorgeous garters!

“Our garters are also something uniquely different, made from wonderful materials and
embellished with vintage components they offer brides a bit of vintage
chic and glamour like no other!”

Garter, by Royst and Aran...

La Bayadere Vintage headband, by Royst and Aran...

Vintage Necklace, by Royst and Aran...

Vintage Headbands, by Royst and Aran...

Tutu Headband, by Royst and Aran...

Models wearing Royst and Aran...

Models wearing Royst and Aran...

For further information or to enquire about placing an order, please visit the Royst & Aran website at, email [email protected] or telephone 07843 616 195.

Much love,

Annabel xXx


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