Need a Wedding Makeup Artist? Look at ‘Make-up By Katy’…

This morning I’d like to introduce you to Katy Messer, owner of wedding make-up company, ‘Make-up by Katy‘.

Katy recently became a Sponsor of Love My Dress and I’m going to hand right on over to the talented Wedding Makeup Artist to tell you more about what she does and how she could help you look perfect on your wedding day.

Katy is based in Hertfordshire, North London, but here’s a thought – when considering important suppliers such as Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Photographers and the like, think talent & ability, rather than region & locality. The best in the business will travel and it’s often worth paying a few extra pennies to cover their travel expenses for one of the most important days of your life 🙂

Over to Katy…

“My name is Katy Messer and I’m a make-up artist. I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and have been doing working with Brides for about 12 of them.

Up until not so long ago, I always tried to fit weddings in around my full time job, which most recently was the International Make-up Artist and Trainer for a large artistry based cosmetics company. As of February 2010 however, I decided that I was turning down too many brides so I decided it was time, and Make-up by Katy was born!”

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 “I live in Hertfordshire/North London and I travel UK/Europe wide for work. Last summer was the year of overseas weddings and I went all over the South of France and Portugal beautifying (and mattifying!) Brides. If the Bride is willing and able to take me with her, I will travel anywere – UK and worldwide ;)”

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Best Advice for Brides?

“Speaking from personal experience, I tell my brides to let go of all the worry and thoughts of plans and table seating, confetti, in-laws etc and as soon as they get into that dress they visibly relax. Go with it on the day. You have done all you can and anything that does happen on the day will be kept away from you. You’re surrounded by all the ones that you love and they’ll take care of any issues without you even hearing about it! 

A sip of champagne, some deep breaths and a loving word from Dad usually gets them ‘aisle ready’. Oh, and of course, great make-up!”

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Top Pre-Wedding Make-up Tips…

“Be organised in your planning etc. When you meet with your make-up artist, have some realistic images of looks that you’d like to achieve. I find it’s usually easier for brides to show what they want rather than describe. One person’s smoky eye is another’s nightmare!

Also, talk through with either your make-up artist or your beauty therapist a good skincare regime to get yourself into in the run up. If your skin is dry and flaky, we as make-up artists can only do so much to help you achieve that smooth, flawless look. The better your skin is, the better your base will look. Don’t worry about the odd spot or dark circles, they can be covered. Up your water intake to flush out any toxins and hydrate and try and get some sleep the night before!”

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What do you love most about working with Brides?

“Being involved in someone else’s wedding is a wonderful experience, especially in my role. I get the bride in my seat after she’s had her hair done; she’s faffed around sorting out the last minute details. By the time I get her, she’s on the home run to getting in her dress! I can give her that 1 hour of total peace and tranquillity, or relaxation, some last words of advice or comfort.

Having your make-up done is such an intimate thing! So pretty much every bride I work with, I end up having a closer connection than artist to client. SO by the time I see them getting into the dress, I’m usually in tears. Yes, every weekend! Even after all these years…”

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Can you provide a price guide?

“It is quite specific to each bride as it’s very much down to how many people and then there are travel expenses etc but my starting package is £250 + travel which is for the Bride on the day plus one other person…”

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How would you describe your signature style?

“Every look I create for each client is utterly individual. What ties it all together I suppose is the finish? I create a perfected, finished look. I never leave a look incomplete. I do specialise in brows and pride myself in being able to create the perfect frame for the eyes without it looking drawn on or over powering the face.

I think my work reflects the years of experience I have had and my artistic flair. I’m not a ‘schooled’ artist; I’m self taught and use my instinct and creativity to make people look their absolute best on their biggest day.”

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If you weren’t a MUA, what would you be?

“Something not a lot of people know about me is that I used to be very into cars. Specifically Mini’s and Go-Karts. I would have loved to work on old Minis, touching up bodywork and playing with engines. Or maybe even a Midwife? More than likely, I’d have been a Bette Midler Tribute act playing the big stages of Blackpool and Butlins…”

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Thank you so much Katy for taking time to introduce yourself to Love My Dress readers 🙂

Katy was also makeup Artist for Bride Emma who wrote this guest blog post Love You Dress – Wise Words of Advice from a Newlywed

If you need a wedding make-up artist, why not contact Katy for a consultation?  For further information, visit the Make-up by Katy Website, email [email protected] or telephone 07738 462444.  I have to add, Katy has an excellent reputation – I’ve not met one person who has met her who doesn’t rave about how incredibly lovely she is 🙂

Have a good morning everyone. Wedding gorgeousness up this afternoon courtesy of two of my favorite wedding photographers out there today 🙂

Much love,

Annabel 🙂 xXx



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