New York, New York! Love My Dress Goes Stateside, For International Bridal Week…

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Those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will be aware that I've been trying to conceal a secret for these past couple of weeks :)  And those who subscribe to 'The Exclusive' will know a little bit about my secret, as I leaked a big clue in the first edition of the Newsletter that was circulated yesterday morning :)  Today, I am finally able to spill the beans.

Next month, I'm off on an exciting blogging adventure, for I will be taking my trusty Macbook Pro and Moleskine notebook off to New York, for International Bridal Week.

New York?    Brides??    Does it get any better???     *does a merry jig*

Now, for a Blogger who has a minor obsession with all things Carrie Bradshaw and the whole 'Sex and the City' New York shebang, this is beyond exciting!! However, I'm not just atending the shows to report back to my readers on the latest bridal fashions and trends, I am attending New York Bridal Week to exhibit, in my own right as a UK Wedding Blogger.

I'll be exhibiting at The Wedding Channel Couture Show {in partnership with 'The Knot'}, which runs during International Bridal Week, and is the most established premier bridal industry trade show in New York.  Twice yearly, national and international designers, retailers and press attend this event to introduce, buy and announce the latest trends of the bridal world. 

Image Copyright (c) 2011, Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog

Love My Dress is going to New York for International Bridal Fashion Week! :)

This season, Propose PR will be joining the show and adding a touch of British flair, by offering a resource to the exhibitors and visitors who want to learn more about the UK Wedding industry and by representing a number of British Wedding Industry Brands to the American bridal trade market. 

Propose PR invited me to join the British contingent, to offer support from a Bloggers perspective…

"As a PR agency, we have recognised over the past twelve months the importance wedding bloggers have in delivering advice and content to brides-to-be. Not only are brides-to-be getting their inspirations and advice for their big day from wedding magazines and wedding websites but wedding blogs are playing a huge part in their pre-wedding research.

We fully support the work Annabel puts into making the Love My Dress Wedding Blog one of the highest ranking UK Wedding blog in the UK, and we believe Annabel's presence at our showcase will add an invaluable dimension to the event."

I'll actually be there with an exhibition table all of my very own, which I'll be kitting out 'Cool Britannia' style :)  But I'll also be making time to attend the main-stream Bridal Week event at Pier 94 to gather high quality blog content to share with my readers. This isn't just a trip overseas for my own personal benefit – I'll be working, and very hard too, to bring you all the very best in leading bridal fashions and trends – and sharing, through my daily blog posts and twitter updates, all the buzz of the fair 🙂

Love My Dress Wedding Blog, bringing Cool Britannia to New York Bridal Fashion Week...

I feel very proud of Love My Dress right now and I'm not ashamed to say it.  I rarely do the whole self-promotional/blowing my own trumpet thing but this is something to celebrate, right?  I'm so very delighted with the message that my invitation to exhibit in New York will convey to the UK blogging community, about what an important and highly valuable role we play in the industry.  And I am excited that events organisers like those at The Wedding Channel Couture Show and companies like Propose PR are connecting with the Bloggers in this way.  My very first wedding exhibition {where I was an exhibitor!] was at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show last month, and I loved it!

So there you have it! Love My Dress goes international next month, and I am so excited! 🙂

Before I finish, I wanted to mention that I am planning on having time to catch up with some of my American blogging colleagues, who I've already been in touch with, including the lovely Amanda of Ruffled and Anne Chertoff, who represents The B-List. This is something I'm really looking forward to!

Thanks to all who have been able to hold my secret close to now – you are uhhh-mazing 🙂

Much love everyone – have a super-fab Friday 🙂

Excited of Blogland! 🙂




Press Information:  Propose PR and Love My Dress will be situated in the Astor II Ballroom #2 at the Intercontinental Barclay, New York from the 9th – 11th April.  For further information, please contact Nicola Russill-Roy at Propose PR via email, or mobile (+44) 7834 470 117.


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55 thoughts on “New York, New York! Love My Dress Goes Stateside, For International Bridal Week…

  1. Oh Annabel this is just amazing! What an utterly fabulous opportunity and I have no doubt you will be a great showcase for the UK wedding industry out there! Highly envious you get to soak up the NY bridal atmosphere but I will be glued to your reports when you are back. I hope you have the most incredible time xxx

  2. Annabel that is absolutely awesome, you should be so very proud of yourself and Love My Dress!! I absolutely cannot wait to see the resulting reports. New York, New York, here you come!!! x

  3. How fabulous! NYC for business is always a pleasure. You’ll knock ’em dead. If you need any tips on places to eat, visit, etc, just let me know. It’s my second home! 😉 x

  4. Oooh oooh oooh, this is very exciting news and I am but a teensy bit jealous. So proud that you will be flying the flag for UK bloggers at such a prestigious event. Hope you get to visit a certain little Brownstone on the Upper East Side whilst you’re there. Would be rude not to give the step a little kiss. And think of the shopping, Jimmy choo choo choo! x

  5. I am so excited for you! And so jealous, I love NYC so much.
    You’re perfect to fly the flag for British Bloggers, and I can’t wait to read all about your trip.

  6. WOW! Such fabulous news! Hhow exciting for you Annabel, and for us, your devoted readers, who will no doubt be thoroughly inspired by all the posts that emerge from your trip. I cannot wait!!
    You should be VERY proud of LMD, it’s one of my favourite places to be on the internet!
    Loveaudrey xxx

  7. Hooray! You’re going to have such a fabulous time, can’t wait to read about your adventures, and i love love lvoe the gorgeous illustration!
    Leah x

  8. What mixed emotions you must be having! It’s so sad about your grandma, really sorry to hear this news 🙁 But it’s so exciting about your New York trip. And although I know you’ll be working very hard make sure you take some deserved time off to enjoy New York with your husband 😀 x

  9. Lady Love My Dress, you are going places!!! This is like HUUUUGE! You’ll love New York and will have the time of your life! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip, it will be amazing!

  10. I am so excited for you Annabel!! So sorry to hear about your grandma, my thoughts are with you and your family but on a slightly cheerier note, well done you! You are the perfect ambassador to show the Americans a thing or two about British Bloggers.
    Have a wonderful time x

  11. Well done, Annabel. It’s wonderful to see your hard work paying off – I can’t think of a nicer, more genuine person to represent UK wedding bloggers. I hope you have a ball!

  12. That’s fantastic news and as someone whose obsession with Carrie Bradshaw and SATC led to her actually getting married in New York City, I can totally appreciate how excited you must be right now!
    I can’t wait to see the posts from the Big Apple.
    I am sorry to hear about your grandmother.

  13. Annabel you totally rock! You never blow your own trumpet and that’s precisely why everyone loves you. You totally deserve this – go and shout it from the tree tops! xxx

  14. This is AMAZING news!!!
    What a fantastic idea to represent all that the British wedding industry has to offer!
    You deserve to feel proud {us followers of you & LMD are all extremely proud of you!} and you certainly should blow your own trumpet because this is HUGE!
    I can’t wait to read your reports from the big apple!!! Ooooh just think of all those amazing gowns you’ll see…x

  15. Sorry for your loss Annabel and congratulations on such a huge achievement – I’m sure your Grandma would be very proud of you too. Enjoy New York – it is fabulous! x

  16. Annabel
    I have had internet slow down today and have only just been able to see this. What an amazing opportunity…..time to stay up all night with the Blue dress idea!!

  17. Grandma would have been very very proud of you as indeed are all the family. You will both have a wonderful time and I’m sure you will charm the USA with LMD. xx

  18. My goodness! Been driving for 4 hours and come home to all these wonderful comments, thank you all so much.
    It’s been a tough few days but this has really cheered me up 🙂
    Jodie – I will DEF be in touch to find out where we need to go once we’re out there!
    Dana – you are making my beautiful dress loving heart skip beats over here!!!!
    Josie – what a lovely thing,
    And Mum, thank you, thank you, I love you so much 🙂 Our little Grandma is in a better place now, I know she’d have been proud….
    Everyone else, thanks a million for brightening my day and being so supportive.
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  19. Eak!!!!! That sounds amazing, so bloody cool – you lucky duck! It’s gonna be hard work but you are so the right person for the task! Ahhh I LOVE my dress it! XxX

  20. Go you! My fave and the nicest wedding blogger ever. Can’t wait to hear all about your big adventure!

  21. Annabelle this is brilliant what a fantastic opportunity. Can’t wait to read all about it when you get back. Your blog is brilliant! Why not celebrate it! Xx

  22. OMG how a-maz-ing lady!!! Well done you – great idea and I can’t wait to see how doing your thing over there in the fabulously stylish NYC. Eat your heart out SJP…!!! Much love xxx

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