Thought For A Sunday: Whatever happened to the art of handwriting?

Last week, I spent a whole day with professional Scribe, Paul Antonio, during which I gained but the briefest of insights into the world of Calligraphy Master.  It was truly inspiring, and I'll be sharing details of my visit on the blog shortly.

As I watched Paul dip his quill into his little pot of hand-blended ink (using minerals only available in one area of Afghanistan), and carefully apply just enough pressure with his nib to create impressive swirls and flourishes, it occurred to me that I hadn't actually sat down and written anything with a proper pen in ages.  Years possibly? 

Everything is type-written these days, and as a result, my handwriting has deterioriated quite badly in quality.  It feels clunky and awkward to write pen to paper.  In fact, on reflection, I realise that over the past few years, I have avoided the opportunity to hand-write anything as often as possible – always opting to type where I can.  It's quicker and easier and you can easily amend any errors.

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Annabel Beeforth, Calligraphy by Paul Antonio

Calligraphy by Paul Antonio...

Calligraphy by Paul Antonio...

But is it as pleasurable as holding a pen in your hand and committing your thoughts and emotions to paper?

Every now and then, I'll receive a hand-written letter from my dear friend in Australia updating me on what's been happening in her life. And I'll also occasionally receive a hand-written note from a friend, perhaps to remind me to keep my spirits up when times are down or to thank me for blogging something! It always brings me so much pleasure to read through these hand-written notes – knowing that someone cares enough to have taken the time to write to me in the first place.

This week, I have daydreamed often about investing in a lovely new pen.  A fountain pen, with ink that I can dip my own little nib into and write like I used to at School, when I was proud of my handwriting and when I gained so much pleasure just from watching the words I was committing to paper be revealed in all their inky prettiness 🙂

I think it's about time I wrote back to my friends, using my lovely new pen.  And no matter how busy I am right now, I will find time to sit down and do this properly – to write from my heart, to take the time to write neatly and to practice my handwriting skill all over again.

Much love,

Annabel xXx


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