Bridal Inspiration Boards #10 ~ Retro Romance…

It's Friday morning, it's time for a Bridal Inspiration board to get a little bit lost in, and today, it's all about retro romance. Get your sky platform heels and boho-bride looks at the ready! 

This inspiration board was created by new Wedding Planner and Stylist Michelle of Pocketful of Dreams, who is away today co-ordinating her very first planned/styled wedding. I'd like to take this opportunity of wishing Michelle lots of love and luck 🙂

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For one of my recent Bridal Inspiration boards for Love My Dress, I featured a glam interpretation of the seventies with my 'Last Days of Disco' style guide. This time around I still have my head firmly planted in the 70's but I've gone for the more retro-cool vibe of the era…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Image Source Vintage Wedges by Cherry Blossom Girl

1. RETRO ROMANCE Title Slide

Retro Romance is all about laid-back cool with bold graphic prints, comfortable-but-ever-so stylish surroundings and key design pieces to provide that wow factor – like the sunburst clock or funky G-plan  furniture.

The current Orla Kiely prints are also absolutely perfect for this look and will provide gorgeous pops of colour. The perfect palette is full of warm harvest tones – like bronze, olive, tan and gold…

2. Style Vibe

Style Vibe L-R: 1. Florence Welch 2. Olivia Palermo for Stylecaster 3. Seventies editorial 4. Parker Palm Springs 5. Nelson Classic Turbine Clock 6. 70's wallpaper 7. Orla Kiely Wallpaper 8. Seventies Headscarf

Like the disco era the huge platform heels are here to stay but this time they're teamed with floppy hats and floaty fabrics. I've chosen a floaty maxi-dress with bell sleeves for the bridal look and a gorgeous 1970's silk maxi-dress with huge botanical blooms for the bridesmaids, teamed with these too-lovely-for-words necklaces. Oh and don't forget the oversized sunglasses and long loose hair…

3. Look Book

Look Book L-R: 1. Cynthia Vincent 2011 Summer Lookbook 2. PRIESTLEY'S VINTAGE Owl Golden Pendant£120 3. Jaeger Semi-Precious Dangle Necklace £30 4. Maxi-dress available from Priestley's Vintage Deliss Yellow Floral Dress £345 5. Juicy Couture Open Work Straw Hat with Tassel Trim  from ASOS £72.00 6.Platform Shoes 7.  Dune GARFIELD – Strappy Platform Wedge Sandal £60.00 8.  ASOS Oversized '70s Orange Stripe Floppy Straw Hat £25.00

The owl (a symbol of wisdom) definitely made an impact during the seventies and it's motif appeared on almost everything from jewellery to fabrics to homewares. Whilst pottery was bold with graphic swirls and glassware most definitely coloured in greens or browns. Seek out these cool retro finds at flea markets and car boot sales to build a collection of fab 70's retro decor then carry the look through to the small details with the vintage owl making an appearance on your stationery, as well as throughout the decor. They would make totally cute cake-toppers too don't you think?.

I also love the idea of having a display of seventies, retro wall-clocks as your seating plan, with each clock set to the time that represents that table, ie 1 O'Clock is table 1 etc (stopped clocks of course!).  Instead of numbers round the clock you can have the names of the guests seated at that table. What a fun and unique way to show your guests where they're seated and would create a really striking display…

4. Decor & Details

Decor & Details L-R: 1. Tablescape 2. Orla Kiely Collection 3. Wedding Decor 4. Owl invite 5. Seventies lamp 6. Owl cake 7.  Vintage Owl 8. Mixtape wooden box 9.  Vintage Glassware

Retro Romance is definitely about the cool and the quirky so choose a venue that reflects this style. I featured one above that would be perfect for a 70's retro wedding and I know it is because I've actually stayed there. Everything about The Parker just oozes laid-back style, it is totally cool from top to toe. But alas it is in Palm Springs, USA – so unless you're planning a destination wedding I guess it's out of the question. Although if you do decide this is the perfect venue for you then I'm totally available to be your tour guide. 😉

Michelle x

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You can find Michelle via Twitter, Facebook and the Pocketful of Dreams Wedding Blog.

Try exploring the 1970s category for more retro wedding inspiration 🙂 And see all the bridal inspiration boards on Love My Dress here.

Much love all,

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