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"A wedding report is an extra layer of texture to the memories of a wedding day ~ There is no greater love story than two people publicly devoting themselves to each other for the rest of their lives, and I feel privileged to witness that and try to put it into words…"

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I love hearing stories about Brides who have discovered a creative passion through planning their wedding, and who have gone on to do something positive with what it.  It is entirely the reason this very Wedding Blog was born. In the fifteen months I spent planning my wedding, I discovered a passion for all things nuptial; researching for new finds and writing about them, sharing with new friends and contacts online.

A similar journey of discovery and realising what really made her happy happened to my lovely friend and Wedding Day Journalist, Emma Woodhouse too.  Emma is in the process of launching her new business 'The Wedding Reporter' – a brand new bespoke wedding service, that offers discerning brides and grooms the opportunity to have a literary legacy of their wedding as an additional keepsake of their memories. A book, if you will, that documents their wedding day in words, rather than photographs…

"I've been writing stories ever since I could hold a pencil. I love putting words together that best describe an event or capture an emotion, whether that be in short stories, playwriting, or epic fiction. It was only when I got married that I realised a wedding day is an absolute myriad of thoughts, feelings and tiny instances that are just too delicious to be able to truly savour entirely at the time.

I wrote my own wedding report knowing that literature was the only way to capture possibly the most exciting, chaotic, emotional and beautiful event in any couple's lives…"

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The Wedding Reporter, Wedding Day Journlist

 The Wedding Reporter, Wedding Day Journlist

Based in the South West, 'The Wedding Reporter' Emma will scour the country to document even the most intimate of affairs on behalf of brides and grooms. Reports are entirely flexible and can cover just certain elements of the wedding or a fuller more descriptive account of the day…

The Wedding Reporter, Wedding Day Journlist The Wedding Reporter, Wedding Day Journlist

I just love the notion of capturing your wedding day in writing. I did exactly the same for my wedding – sharing my wedding over a series of posts on the You & Your Wedding ForumInfact, it was the thousands of readers and many compliments I received that part prompted me to take up blogging – but that is an aside, the point I want to make is how relieved and grateful I feel I am that I actually took the time to write down my wedding day experience, so that I can share it one day in the future with my children.  Had I known about Emma's brilliant service back in 2009, I'd not have hesitated for a moment in asking her to document my own wedding…

"'The Wedding Reporter' evolved from a combined love of writing and a passion for all things matrimonial. After an unprecedented wave of support from the online wedding community about the initial concept, it appeared that the market was ready for someone to go to the wedding frontline and put pen to paper. 

In a world now saturated with images, a wedding report offers the chance to step back from the aesthetic of your wedding day and focus on the action, the atmosphere and the moments you might otherwise forget in due course…"

The Wedding Reporter, Wedding Day Journlist

A gorgeous example of Emma's work is available via her Blog, where she summarises the wedding of Photographer Emily Quinton, whose wedding took place earlier this month…

"I knew that Emily and Stef were going to have an epic wedding as soon as she mentioned that it was a four day long festival. Little did I realise that they were also planning an absolute dream for a writer with a whole host of details to feast on and enough emotion to leave my heart pounding for days after their wedding!

Since there was so much to take in I was very happy to sit around the campfire with my notebook whilst everyone else was eating and frantically scribble down everything I had seen, heard, felt, smelt and experienced. Also, because it was such a personal wedding with a very Great British attitude of everyone pitching in to help out, I felt like I personally got to know a lot of Emily and Stef's family and friends which in turn helped to build up my overall picture of their wedding, and enhance their report.

My main objective in writing Emily and Stef's colours of the day…"

The Wedding Reporter, Wedding Day Journlist

 How do you fancy having your own wedding report, written and tailored for you especially by Emma, who will attend your wedding and capture all that wonderful detail…

"Through The Wedding Reporter, Emma is offering readers of Love My Dress a special discount on wedding reports for any weddings set to take place between July and September 2011. Any reader who quotes “LMDWR” will receive a 50% discount on the full price of their wedding report, regardless of length. In addition, for any readers with weddings outside this timeframe, they will receive a 20% discount if they book before September 30th 2011…

Whatʼs in it for the clients?… "After an initial consultation, The Wedding Reporter will attend whichever elements of the day that the couple chooses for up to 12 hours of coverage. Having absorbed the day firsthand, The Wedding Reporter will then submit the first draft of the report for approval. Following any amendments, the clients will then have full ownership over the final electronic report. They can choose whether to have the report published in a bespoke booklet professionally created by Golden Apple Designs…"

  The Wedding Reporter, Wedding Day Journlist

Whatʼs in it for The Wedding Reporter?…  "Getting to attend your wedding and document the beauty of your day is of paramount importance. Having established that this is not just a hangover from her own wedding, Emma is passionate about focusing her years of writing experience on chronicling one of the most important days of your life…"

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I truly think that's all totally wonderful offer for my readers and you'd be foolish not to try to stretch the last of your wedding budget on something so romantic, so unique, so beautifully delivered in every way. 

Thank you so much Emma – I'm excited about reading more from Emily's wedding and I wish you lots of love in your exciting new venture.

For more information, please visit the The Wedding Reporter website, email or call Emma Woodhouse on 07595 959 430.  And Emma's witty Tweets can be followed here 🙂

Lots of love all,

Annabel xXx 🙂


Terms & Conditions
1. Only one entry per person.
2. Offer includes up to 12 hours of coverage and upwards of a 1,500 Microsoft Word report in electronic .pdf format.
3. Published reports are not included in the offer.
4. Emma is based in Bristol but will travel to any wedding, as long as travel and accommodation costs are covered by the couple.
5. Weddings must take place before September 30th 2011 to be eligible for a 50% discount. ✼    Weddings after September 30th 2011 must be booked prior to that date to be eligible for a 20% discount.
6. Wedding reports may be used on The Wedding Reporter website, for promotional purposes and may be blogged, in whole or in part, by Love My Dress if appropriate.  


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