The Love My Dress Summer Soiree ~ Part 2, Setting up to Sun-Down

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The big introduction and details about this event on in Part 1. Here is Part 2, where I’m going to feature some images from the earlier part of the evening before guests started to arrive {and make huge shapes on the dance floor} and as the evening started to unfold and gather pace 😉  Part 1 is here and Part 3 is coming up at 11am 😉 Enjoy… 

Photography by Helen Russell & Katy Lunsford


LMDSoiree_-29 LMDSoiree_-197 LMDSoiree_-10IMG_38572011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

LMDSoiree_-193 LMDSoiree_-178 LMDSoiree_-184

IMG_36122011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_39172011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree



IMG_39402011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_38582011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_38012011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

Models Eva, Emma and Zoe greeted guests with sweet treats and Prosecco…

LMDSoiree_-179  LMDSoiree_-194


Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011 Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011

IMG_38952011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35842011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_35892011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree



IMG_39952011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37482011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_38332011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35792011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_43322011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_35782011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37492011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35612011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_35632011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35662011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37292011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36212011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_35532011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37132011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36642011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_35982011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37222011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35752011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

LMDSoiree_-22 LMDSoiree_-26

IMG_35692011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_35572011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37332011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree




IMG_36392011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35822011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011

IMG_35972011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35882011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36302011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35932011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_36882011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35552011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36982011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_36602011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36682011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree-2

IMG_40042011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37812011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37882011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_37652011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

LMDSoiree_-11 LMDSoiree_-12

IMG_36742011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36762011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_38122011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_35362011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_35372011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_38982011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_39002011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_38372011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_38402011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_38442011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_38502011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree IMG_38512011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_38742011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_39772011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree LMDSoiree_-165

IMG_38652011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

LMDSoiree_-200 IMG_36692011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree LMDSoiree_-202


IMG_40522011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


LMDSoiree_-6 LMDSoiree_-5



IMG_40082011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree




IMG_38212011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37082011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_38892011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_40302011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011

Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011

Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011




Cat Hepple, Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011 Love My Dress Summer Soiree 2011


IMG_38532011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36342011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_36442011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree



IMG_39272011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_39862011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree


IMG_40352011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

IMG_37962011.08.04-Love My Dress Soiree

A lot of very beautiful people – I mean inside as well as out, came to my Soiree. I am a very lucky lady and cannot begin to thank everyone for making the effort, for being genuine and generally rather fabulous.  Everyone who was there added a little bit of magic to the evening.

Part 3 coming up (what an EPIC amount of photo’s!!} at 11am 😉

Big Baltic Bombshell love,

Annabel xX


Snaparazzi Photobooth Images are here

Unofficial/Guest photographs can be uploaded and shared via Wedding Tales.
Email Oli Wood
for the password!



Photographers – Helen Russell & Katy Lunsford
Film Makers – Mintyslippers
Venue – The Riverside Terrace Suite, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts
Catering/Canapes/Cocktails – Fresh Element
Overall Concept, Styling & Co-ordination – Me + Kim Groves
Hero Of The Day/All-Round-Handyman – My Husband {Thank GOD for him!}
My Outfit – Once Upon a Time Design + Emmy + BHLDN + Forever Vintage + Kat Swank

Stylists – Severin  Hubert of Hepburn Collection + Lisa Jones
Flowers – Bel’s Flowers + By Appointment Only Design
Calligraphy + Signage – Paul Antonio

Entertainment – It’s A Windup! {Vintage 78 DJ’s} + Fonix Music {jazz trio} + El Bucko {DJ}
Illustrator – Charlotte Thomson-Morley
Burlesque Artist in Feather Boah – Scarlett Daggers
Photobooth – Snaparazzi
Vintage Props – Vintage Style Hire + AVA Event Styling + Event Prop Hire + Chic-Osity
Vintage Style Dessert Feature –  AVA Event Styling
Additional Popcakes – Popcake Kitchen
Flapper Dresses on Models – LeLuxe Clothing, via Vintage Teasets
Models – Emma, Eve and Zoe, c/o Hauterfly Events 
Burlesque Performance Artist –Vicky Butterfly
Sound & Light Expert – JM Pro Audio
Stage Draping & Swagging – Amanda Hearn
Masquerade Masks – Samantha Peach + some of my own paper masks from Cox & Cox
Name Tags – Purple Peacock Stationery + Sugalily
Instax/Polaroid Hire Cameras –  You Snap
The lady with a pen documenting everything – The Wedding Reporter

Lady with the huge beehive – Stacie Stewart 😉

Soiree Write-ups

  1. This is soooooooo funny! Sent in by Photographer Chris Barber, who were the most entertaining guests on the evening.
  2. I adore this review of the evening by Aisling of the Any Other Wedding Blog – thanks so much Aisling! I loved partying on with you into the wee hours, you were a hoot.
  3. Film makers Mintyslippers wrote about their experience documenting the whole evening (and day preparing) on film. By the way, you can see the teeny tiny teaser film here. 
  4. I love this honest and fabulously written account of the evening from Miss Bush Bridalwear owner, Emma Meek.
  5. The gorgeous Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams wrote about the evening. Michelle is a regular contributor to Love My Dress and responsible for most of these pretty bridal inspiration boards.
  6. One of my official photographer’s Katy Lunsford looking simply divine.
  7. Blogger Anna And The Ring tells us who was wearing her favourite dress.
  8. Photographer Neda Larodi-Blake writes about her experience as a guest. 
  9. Photographer Chris Hanley captured these stunning images. 
  10. The Archibald Photographer looked to have had lots of fun with Lindsay Fleming Couture 
  11. The Snaparazzi photobooth images are online for all to see.
  12. My amazing Illustrator Charlotte Thomson-Morley wrote about her road-trip up to Gateshead where she painted a live model, Burlesque dancer Scarlett Daggers, on the evening of the Soiree. Amazing!
  13. Kate Fletcher from Vintage Style Hire whose gorgeous props helped decorate the evening, shares her photobooth images.
  14. Dress designer Linda Davey of Dresses At No. 9 blogged about her time on the very glamorous Quayside that evening.
  15. Charlie from the Fifties Weddings Blog talks about the fun had on the night – thanks Charlie! ;))
  16. Blogger {and gorgeous Bride-to-be} ‘Love Audrey’ blogs about her evening – I am so glad I met this lady, she looked divine.
  17. The gorgeous Elizabeth from wedding blog Bridal Musings shares her experience. Thank you Lizzy! 😉
  18. Madison from The Pastel Pirate Wedding Blog also wrote about her excitement, what a delightful writeup, thanks so much!
  19. And one of my fave Bloggers Anna of Anna & the Ring blogged about THAT dress (no, it wasn’t mine!)
  20. Love My Dress {and hair, and makeup} hehehe! Thank you Joanne Linder at Vintage Twee
  21. A most fabulous glamorous make-over for the evening!
  22. Mr & Mrs Lawson, along with Tobiah Tayo and his beautiful wife looking absolutley beautiful
  23. Blogger ‘Only Gorgeous Weddings’ recounts her Cinderella Night
  24. I adore these photographs, espesh the ones of you Jay – Thank you, people of Blue Sky Photography
  25. Photographer Paul Joseph describes his view of the evening – thanks Paul, I love those booth pics
  26. Accessories Designer Nicola from Silver Sixpence in her shoe wrote of the fun she had, and need to change to ballet flats by the end of the night  (GOD I know that feeling!)
  27. Bride to be Becca, and Miss Pickering Protoge, spills the contents of her goodie bag.
  28. Online wedding giftlist company Zankyou blogged about their visit 
  29. Stationery Elle of Elle is for Love wrote about the process of preparing to attend the Soiree – this is such a fun blog post!
  30. Wedding Designer and Co-ordinator Andri of ‘Always Andri’ wrote about her experience.

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23 thoughts on “The Love My Dress Summer Soiree ~ Part 2, Setting up to Sun-Down

  1. This looks absolutely amazing!!! Gutted that I couldn’t be there. If you come a bit further South for another one, I am there! Or will get my act together to come up North, the venue looks awesome 🙂 xxx

  2. Wow! It looks simply fabulous Annabel, I know you’ve already heard this all already but you really should be super proud, what an amazing achievement. I love how much effort everyone has gone to to dress up exquisitely for your soiree, everyone looks amazing! Maybe I can make the next one! can’t wait to see more 🙂

  3. Such beautiful beautiful photographs… I can’t believe it was over a week ago now, please can we do it all again!? I want to know how does Vicky Butterfly look so fabulous when she eats ice buns!! Once again, thank you Anabel

  4. Wow what an event, did you organise this all yourself, it looks amazing! If you do it again can your readers attend? I’m not getting married until August 13!

  5. Charlene – I’m the lady in the dress you are talking about. Its by the amazing Linda Davey from Dresses at No9. She is incredibly talented. I was so lucky to have her make this for me. I never wanted to take it off.
    Beautiful images of the MOST wonderful evening. An absolute triumph Annabel. We all felt utterly spoiled by you !
    Everyone looks so glam and gorgeous, i get butterflies just looking through the images.
    Here’s to next years…. now WHAT to wear? …

  6. Charlene, just realised you are talking about another photo ! My fault, ignore me. That dress is indeed amazing. Wonder who it is by?
    Oodles of fabulousness indeed

  7. Charlene, the peachy dress? That’s by House of Mooshki ;)) It is a really beautiful dress!
    I have to say however, the dress that stole the evening was Cat’s designed by Linda Davies of Dresses at No. 9 – see Cat’s former response 😉 She seemed to glide through the room in it!! 😉
    Lots of love,
    Annabel xXx

  8. Gorgeous! From the design to the people, just beautiful and positively glamorous. I’m in love with your powder blue dress. Wish I could have been there, but CO to the UK is a long drive 😉

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