A 1950’s Inspired Love Shoot…

Hi everyone :)  Well, apart form this fabulous Mad Men inspired Hen Party, I took a bit of a rest from blogging yesterday to help my lovely little girl celebrate her 1st Birthday.   I almost fell over backwards when I came to download my emails yesterday evening and had, literally, hundreds of notifications of votes for our latest competition! Simply amazing!  You have until midnight to cast your vote by the way 😉 The campaign to give away this full wedding photography package has been such a successful one so far and I'm thrilled for all those entrants who have been shortlisted.

I have some pretty 50's inspired magic to share this morning, sent in by ARJ Photography.  The couple in these photos is Liz and Jon, who actually got married last October. Liz and Jon were keen on doing a post-wedding shoot but they wanted it to be themed, rather than just getting dressed up again and having some more photos taken. And they're quite obsessed with the 50's.  After a bit of storyboarding, the creative team involved in this shoot ame up with the following elements to the shoot…

  First date picnic (using an authentic vintage 50s picnic set)
  One year on (the photos with the red Alfa Romeo)
  Prom and Proposal (in the wheatfield with the pale dress)
  Wedding Day (with the gorgeous MGA)
  Married Couple (with an attempt at Mad Men type styling and lighting)

I love how the photographs progress from the first date picnic through to the more moody Mad Men style images towards the end…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, ARJ Photography

1950s Mad Men inspired love shoot

Adam Johnson from ARJ Photography tells us more about couple Liz and Jon, looking gorgeous in these photos…

"Makeup Artist Melanie Meik and I got our thinking caps on to see how we could fulfil Liz and Jon's vision.  After a bit of brainstorming, some coffees, cakes and biscuits we came up with the '50's love story shoot' idea; we wanted, through photography and styling, to stage a realistic love story from first date through to wedding day – Jon is a poor boy from the next village who lives in a bit of a shack (the green corrugated iron house) and Liz is a rich girl from a big posh house!"

1950s Mad Men inspired love shoot

"After some research and some lucky googling we found the LOVELY Caroline and Alberto who run The Classic Car Hire Company because we'd decided that we needed some very realistic props to give the photos credibility.

Caroline and Alberto hire out the most beautiful classic cars and agreed to let us use one for our shoot – a 1959 MGA Roadster.   I'm not a car fanatic but this car made me drool. It would be such a perfect way for a groom to arrive at his wedding and to drive away with his new bride a la Kate and Wills. Just perfect…"

Red MGM 1950s Mad Men inspired love shoot

1950s inspired picnic

Don't they look cute? I love these photos, totally loving Liz's hair and styling here…

1950s inspired picnic


































Wow, gotta say, I totally love these images and the couple's will to throw themselves into such a fun creative project that turned out totally fabulous if you ask me. I LOVE the progression of this story and the Mad Men style images at the end here.

Such a fun shoot – see what you can do when you get your creative head on and work with people who are passionate about photography and making things look pretty?

If you would like more information about having a similar shoot, drop Adam Johnson at ARJ Photography a line on Adam via email.  You can also follow ARJ Photography and Twitter and Facebook.

Any of you lovely readers planning a pre, or post wedding 'Love Shoot'? I'd love to hear your plans 🙂

See more 1950s inspired gorgeousness here 😉

Much love everyone,

Annabel xXx



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