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** Since posting this blog feature, I have previewed some of the many images I have received here **


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Hi Everyone :)  I'm turning my focus to a little project I've been meaning to get off the ground for months now. Actually, almost a year. 

I'd like to create a gallery on Love My Dress, a place where my readers can look through old wedding photography by decade, be it purely for fun, or to study the fashions of the times or just out of plain old curiosity.  I just LOVE looking through wedding photography from the past, and I love the idea of you, my readers, contributing towards the development of this gallery.  The idea of the people who frequent Love My Dress participating in this project makes it so much more special to me.

Getting Readers Involved…

OK, so I'd like to propose that over the next few weeks and months, my readers submit scans of real wedding photographs from over the past 100 years or so.  It might be an image of your parents on their wedding day, or your Grandparents, or your Great Aunt Hilda!  It might even be of you on your wedding day back in the early 2000's or 1990's or it could be a family photograph of your Great Great Grandparenst that you have been treasuring for years…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – All Image Sources + Credits Beneath Image

Weddings through the decades

Image Credits from to left clockwise: 1. 1970s Bride, 2. 'Nikki & Nigel' – Image supplied by a personal friend from her marriage in 1994, 3.PInterest, 4. From the Nick DeWolf Photo Archive on Flickr, 5. Via LoveDayLemon on Flickr, 6. My Grandparents on their wedding day in 1942, 7. 1966 Wedding via Susan's Lens on Flickr, 8. 1980's wedding by TogetherThroughLife on Flickr

What I'm Looking For…

OK just to clarify a few things…

I am keen to curate a gallery of images that span as many decades as possible – regardless of any culture, sexual preference, age, religion, or location etc etc.  Any reader, from anywhere can particpate in this project.  It does not matter how old, or how recent the photograph was taken.   The photograph/s needn't have been shot by a Professional Photographer either – it is not the quality of the image I'm interested in, it is the content.

The only requirement is that the image/s you submit must have been taken on a wedding day. The image could be of the Bride, or Bride and Groom, but it needn't have to be. It could be an image Bridesmaids or Flowergirls or the Groomsmen. It could be group shot, or of the wedding guests, but it should include a person/people in one way or another.  If you think you have an image to submit, I guarantee you, I'd love to see it 😉 


What will happen with your images?

I will collate all the images and then catalogue them by decade.  Images will be tagged with useful information to anyone wanting to use the gallery as a resource to study wedding fashions and culture, and general wedding photography by decade.  The Gallery will be made available to view from the homepage of Love My Dress, and each decade will be easily accessible via a dropdown menu. Simple!


How To Get Involved…

Simply fill in the form below, uploading the wedding image you would like to be included in the gallery and click send. You can send more than one image in of course, but for each image you send, you will need to submit fresh details via the form below.

There is no deadline for submission. I hope this will be a long term project that my readers can participate in over a period of time.  However, to get the ball rolling, I'd like to invite the first round of images to be submitted to me by the end of November 2011.

E-mail Address: *
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Please upload the image you would like to submit to be included in the Wedding Gallery
Please list any relevant Copyright/Image Credit information
Exact year photograph was taken {if known}
Decade image was taken *
Name of Subjects In Image {if known} *

Brief comments on image – this might be just to mention who the people in the photography are, or why this photograph is important to you, or how it came to be in your posession. It might be to describe how this photograph makes you feel when you look at it. 

This section can be left blank if you prefer *

Location and Country image was taken {if known} *
Your name will be placed next to any image published in the Gallery, ie, Image submitted by Fred Blogs. Please indicate if you would prefer to remain anonymous: I would prefer to remain anonymous

Please note:  In clicking 'Submit', it is assumed you have full permission to share any photography you submit via this form, to be shared with the general public.
* Required. 

Thank you so very much for participating in this special project :)  I really appreciate your help. Let's make this fun and let's make it work 🙂

I'm excited about receiving your photographs! 😉

With much love,

Annabel xXx


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