What Was/Is Your ‘First Dance’ Soundtrack, And Why?

As I embarked on planning my wedding, it never occurred to me the myriad of decisions I'd have to make.  Favours or no favours? What kind of stationery? Colour of the Bridemaids dresses? Type of flowers? Food to serve? What to do for the children?  How many canapes? The list goes on and on and on.  What I was surprised at was how easy it was for me to make these decisions.  I pretty much knew what I wanted from the get-go in every aspect of my wedding.  Call me naturally wedding obsessed 🙂 The decisions came easy, that is, except for one.  The music.

During the wedding planning process, I loved having a good nosy on the wedding forums and reading all about other people's plans.  I especially loved to read about the song choices of other Brides to be, when it came to their first dance.  This is the part where I, or should I say 'we' came a bit unstuck.  I remember googling everything 'first dance ideas', 'first dance track choices', 'ideas for your first dance song', blah blah blah.  The thing was, I kept reading Brides mentioning how they would be dancing to 'our song' – you know, that special track that means something to you and your beloved.  Only problem was, we didn't really have an 'our song' and for a little while, that made me feel a bit like I wasn't member of the the cool club, like I was missing some small but vital little ingredient in my life that should have been there to qualify me as a legitimate Bride to be.

After discussing this with my then Fiance, I soon realised that it didn't matter if we didn't have an 'our song'.  What we did have was a mutual fondness of many musicians, bands, albums and individual tracks alike.  I hadn't stopped to think about this before until now.  Infact, our shared likeness was so vast that the prospect of trying to identify a single 'our song' became quite daunting.

In the end, it must have taken us a week or so of sampling a million tracks on iTunes to find a track we felt would make a good first dance track for us. We tried them all, the soppy romantic ballads, old skool, disco, contemporary, classical.

In the end, for us, we went with a track that lyrically summed up in a very simplistic way how we imagined we would feel on our wedding day.  And for us, that was 'Our Day Will Come' by Jamie Cullum.

It wasn't an earth shattering song.  It didn't massively pull at my heart strings or anything, it was just a fun track whose lyrics represented something a little bit lovely…

Here are the lyrics…

"Our day will come, and we'll have everything
We'll share the joy, falling in love can bring
No one can tell me
that I'm too young to know
Cause I love you so, and you love me, love me

Our day will come, if we just wait a while
No tears for us, think love and wear a smile
And our dreams are meant to be, because we'll always stay
In love this way, our day will come

Our day will come, if we just wait a while
And no tears for us, think love and wear a smile
And our dreams are meant to be, because we'll always stay
In love this way, Our day, our day, oh day, will come…"


And if I'm completely honest, it was less of a first dance, more like a first 'shuffle'.  With a 3 year hold  human being sandwiched firmly in between us…

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First dance First dance

Of course, if you even choose to do a first dance {and you don't have to!} the song choice is a very personal one, but I thought it would make a fun discussion post for me to ask you, 'what was, or is your first dance track, and why?'

And maybe in so doing, we can inspire other readers without an 'our song' too 🙂

Let's get some chit-chat going this morning – I look forward to your responses 🙂

Much Friday morning love all – oh, and you might want to pop back by at 10am. I have THE most stonkingly fabulous wedding to share with you right then! 😉

Annabel xXx

ps – under no circumstances what so ever are you to feel any shame for not having an 'our song'…..!  😉

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