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"Annabel’s blog was the first to steal my heart and both she and her readers continue to inspire me every day.  With the excitement building for the Love My Dress Soiree in August, I knew I needed to get myself on the guest list of the summer. That night started a love affair – an affair with an industry that I’m excited to be part of, but one I hope to change in my own small way.  You see, I want to be a wedding venue with a difference, not just because I think Fetcham Park and Cams Hall are pretty special, but because I want to do business in a different, more transparent and flexible way…"

Laura Caudery, Parallel Venues

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Good morning my friends :)  Now, from here on in Love My Dress land, today is going to be known as 'Fetcham Friday', for I am dedicating today to showcasing all of the wonderfulness that took place in a beautiful corner of Surrey, almost two Sundays ago, when the delectable Laura Caudery of Parallel Venues, threw open the doors to her families 300 year old property Fetcham Park, to celebrate the launch of a beautiful new Surrey wedding venue.

When I say 'new', I mean, to the wedding venue market of course.  Fetcham Park is in fact an exquisite Grade II listed mansion, originally built in 1705, which boasts a glorious Gone With The Wind style sweeping staircase, impeccably maintained landscape gardens complete with ornate fountains and an array of beautiful antique furniture and fittings, including the most sumptuous crystal ceiling chandelier and 18th century French murals.

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Juliet McKee



Now, why might I be showing so much love to a lady with a big fancy place down in Surrey? Well I'll tell you. There are very few occasions in your life where you meet somebody who kind of knocks you sideways for being so genuinely, and exceptionally lovely.  The 'where has she been all my life?' kind of person, who after meeting just once, I guarantee, will leave you secretly hoping you'll end up being best friends.  Someone who is not only super lovely {see thoughtful, kind, caring, considerate}, but absolutely dedicated to providing a first class service.  She works hard to align herself with only the very best providers in the industry to partner with and is passionate about making people happy.

I met Laura through the Love My Dress Summer Soiree – which if I do say so myself, turned out to be one of the most brilliant networking events ever…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Mark Bothwell




I really don't mean to harp on, but Laura Caudery really is one of life's exceptional people, simply for being her and so it was a great pleasure to join, and support her on Sunday 30th October, when Laura became host for an afternoon at an event to mark the opening of her beloved Fetcham Park, one of two properties owned by her family under the guise of 'Parallel Venues'

The day wasn't just about showing the potential of Fetcham as a spectacular wedding venue {a task that needs little effort}, it was an opportunity for Laura to also partner with some of the very best in the wedding industry, from bridal wear specialists, to entertainers, to wedding accessory designers, stationers, planners and event stylists. From the moment guests {that included the likes of Suzanne Neville and Miranda Eason, You & Your Wedding Magazine Editor} received their startlingly beautiful Cutture laser-cut invite to the opening of Fetcham Park, they knew they were in for a treat…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011,  Juliet McKee

Fetcham Park Launch

Fetcham Park is hired as a 'blank canvass' wedding venue, ie, you hire the venue and you can do whatever you want with it.  Laura Caudery worked closely with expert Wedding Planner Penny of Tigerlily Weddings, and Emma Meek of Miss Bush Bridal on organising this event – she also brought in a range of top-knotch suppliers that would allow her guests to see just how spectacular a wedding at Fetcham could be. 

And it worked.  Everyone in attendance was smitten by the end of the afternoon. From the warm welcome on the door by models {who became affectionately referred to as 'The Sirens'} clad in the most beautiful bridal wear supplied by Miss Bush Bridal and styled to the nines by the best in the business including celebrity stylist Leo Bancroft, Mariam Jensen, Carolanne Armstrong, Wonderful Wedding Hair, Rachel Kent and Arianne Jaksch – to the personal escort cards that guided guests to their seat for the catwalk show, hand written by master scribe Paul Antonio who was joined by Kate from Coquette Paper and Press in designed the programme and signage for the day – to the tastiest canapes you ever did taste being served by At Home Catering.

There were sparkles galore on display courtesy of the likes of Debbie Carlisle, Jon DibbenMagpie Vintage and the outstanding Polly Edwards, champagne and delicious cocktails that were being masterfully shaken by the staff on the Shaken & Stirred pop up cocktail bar to the DJ Matt Maurice who so expertly set the atmosphere  – wondering around, I almost felt I was at a real wedding and I wanted to be that Bride again who had the prospect of finding her perfect wedding venue.

Guests travelling from London were afforded a ride on a gorgeous vintage bus courtesy of Yorkshire Heritage

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Mark Bothwell


…and on their arrival, they were greeted by ''The Sirens' {to whom I will be dedicating a whole entirely beautiful blog post later today}.  These beautiful models became the face of 'The Sirens Collection' of bridal wear, supplied by Miss Bush Bridal that was showcased via a spectacular catwalk show {check back later for the full catwalk report}.

"To begin planning my launch event, I approached Emma of Miss Bush Bridal Wear, because when I was planning my own wedding, she was the first person I knew had to be a part of my new business. Despite knowing she wouldn’t make a sale (the small matter of being 6 months pregnant on my wedding day proved tricky!), she wrote me an email that was the most passionate declaration of love for British Bridal Couture. I became an immediate fan. This lady knows her fashion and I want to share her and the Miss Bush Bridal Wear team with the world!"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – PHotograpy Below {x4} Copyright (c) 2011, Eddie Judd

Fetcham_Park_34 Fetcham_Park_34

007-Fetcham_house_sirens_Eddie_Judd_photography_bridal_fashion-9943 043-Fetcham_house_sirens_Eddie_Judd_photography_bridal_fashion-0110

…and the very lucky guests – that's Laura Caudery herself below right {wearing black} with the lovely Catherine Mead – and myself fon the left {light jacket} with Mary Lee Herrington of Forever & Ever Events, Leanne Roberts-Hewitt of Wildabout and Kate Taylor {who with Mary Lee is about to formally launch Reverie Magazine}. You can see more guests over on Photographer Juliet McKee's fabulous blog post and the EFC Photography blog here and here

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011,  Juliet McKee

Mary Lee Herrington, Annabel Beeforth, Laura Cordery, Catherine Mead

"Photographers rubbed shoulders with stationers whilst magazine editors chatted to cake makers. Florists, bridal retailers, and chauffeurs all sank into the extravagances of the afternoon. Gradually the artisans behind the event began appearing, make up artists, hairdressers and documenters tumbled into the celebrations, having witnessed the whole show from the balcony above. Planners and bloggers sank into deep conversations whilst dress and jewellery designers hooted with joy at an unheard joke…"

Words by Emma Woodhouse, The Wedding Reporter


Mariam Jensen with Lester Gethings of No.10 Weddings And Event Management.  And on the right, Louise Beukes of Bijoux Bride with friend Gaby Frescura of Cap Classique.

_JMP4186 _JMP4186

Wedding Planner Penny of Tigerlily Weddings, and Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride 

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, EFC Photography


Cake maker extraordinaire Janet Mohapi Banks with one of The Fetcham Sirens…


Photographer Eddie Judd who photographed the fashion show and Steph Turpin of Fairynuff Flowers


And there was more…. flowers to make your eyes pop by Scarlet and Violet {yes, she who did Kate Moss's wedding flowers} Wildabout and Bloomin'Gayles, The Swinging Little Big Band providing tunes to help slightly nervous guest relax and enjoy themselves.

All this was made possible by one super-star wedding planner called Penny – one of the most well respected and best connected planners in the industry…

Penny's role in the project was the curator of the creative concept for The Sirens Collection fashion show, event design and management and I'll be blogging a separate piece later this afternoon about how she worked her magic…

"Once I had got a few people on board to assist in organising the event, it quickly snowballed and then, well then I met Penny from Tigerlily Weddings, who Annabel connected me with.  Penny is a force of nature, I defy anyone to say ‘no’ to her. It’s simply not possible. She’s charming, capable, savvy and passionate about what she does; the love she has for her clients is totally genuine. She also has one of the best Little Black Books I’ve ever seen!

Penny’s life is weddings. She plans the best, most creative and original weddings you’ll ever see. Except that’s the problem, we never get to see them first hand.  We can see pictures and watch videos but The Sirens Collection was the first time people had lived the Tigerlily dream and boy does her world rock. Her influences are many and at times I wasn’t sure it would come together but trust in the Tiger and you’ll never be disappointed!"

Penny and Laura below…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011,  Juliet McKee

Penelope Cullen & Laura Cordery 

"At Parallel Venues we’re all about our partners. Our launch was intended as a showcase of the combined talents of our collaborators, who we believe to be the best of the best. Despite appearances, The Sirens Collection certainly wasn’t about big budgets; it was about a desire to demonstrate our shared vision, creativity and talent. It wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about the house, it wasn’t about any individual business; it was about what we could achieve together…" 

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Mark Bothwell


"There is one special partner that I do have to insist you work with, for very good reason, and that’s our catering partner, At Home Catering.  I interviewed 12 catering companies for my wedding and have worked with many more than that at our houses. I can honestly say that At Home Catering are the best team I’ve ever worked with and it’s important to me that whatever your budget, you enjoy beautiful food. I was pleased to introduce them at our launch and I think it’s testament to how good they are that nearly every thank you message I’ve received mentions them…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011,  Juliet McKee


"I’m not a wedding planner, I look after the house and our clients but I entrust everything else to our partners. I work with people because I want to; not because they pay me. Any couple that marries at the house pays me a hire fee and then the house becomes their home to use exclusively for the day. And just as if it was your home, you are free to use it how you’d like, whether that’s for a ceremony and wedding breakfast or a just a great party with your friends.

What pleased me most about the launch was that so many people had the opportunity to shine, whether they were established names or relatively unknown.  The Sirens Collection brochure listed each and every business involved and we all had equal billing, which is how I want to do business. Now I just need to do it all over again for couples so that they can experience the magic for themselves…"

The seating ready for the catwalk show. Oh how I want a perspex chair for my little office…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011,  Juliet McKee


Today, I will be hosting a number of blog posts dedicated to showcasing the fabulous wedding venue that is Fetcham Park.  I will also be providing details of an upcoming competition for my readers.  Let's just say, I have a giveaway worth £4,000 for one very, very lucky Love My Dress reader – and I'm going to saving that person a whole lot of headache in finding their wedding venue 🙂

Check back soon on this Fetcham Friday, for more form The sirens and a showcase of some of the most beautiful bridal wear available today…

With much love,

Annabel xXx



Venue – Fetcham Park
Photography (official) – Mark Bothwell, Eddie Judd and EFC Photography + Juliet McKee
Fashion Show Curator + Event Design & Management – Tigerlily Weddings
Bridal Fashion – Miss Bush Bridal
Film (see here) – Two Hearts Films
Beverages – Shaken and Stirred
Flowers: Wildabout (Orchid stair dressing), Bloomingayles (catwalk ‘skull bouquet’) + Scarlet and Violet
Entertainment – DJ Matt Maurice and Band + The Swinging Little Big Band
Lighting – White Light
Chair Hire – Options Hire
Programs and signage – Kate Taylor, Coquette Paper and Press, Tigerlily Weddings, Nicola Catchpole and Paul Antonio.
Sirens Black Laser cut sign and invitations – Cutture
Transport – Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company
Hair – Leo Bancroft + Wonderful Wedding Hai
Makeiup – Mariam Jensen + Carolanne Armstrong + Rachel Kent + Rebecca McMahon makeup + Arianne Jaksch
Accessories & Jewellery – Debbie Carlisle + Jon Dibben + Magpie Vintage
Champagne by Les Caves De Pyrene


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