A Remarkable Bride, An Exceptional Wedding…

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"Live for the moment, and help others do the same…"


I have been blogging for over two years now, and in that time, I have seen many, many thousands of wedding photographs.  All of the images I receive touch me in some way, even if many of them don't make it on to the blog.  None of the images however have moved me in a way quite like the photographs you see on this page today…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, James Melia


Once in a while, something comes in to your life that makes you stop in your tracks and reconsider everything.

On the face of it, Victoria and Fynn look like any other newlywed couple; happy, in love, ecstatic to be surrounded by family and friends on the most celebrated day of their lives.  And all of this is true, in complete and absolute abundance.

But these photographs also conceal another truth, a truth that will certainly be more difficult to bear for some…


Victoria suffers from Adrenal-cortical carcinoma – or 'ACC'.  

ACC is a rare and dangerous form of cancer.  It affects just one in around 1.7 to 2 million people per year.

Victoria's cancer is terminal…


"I wake very early and take both our dog, Toast, and my mum’s dog Lolly out down the track in the fields behind the house. It’s just light, cold and crisp. The dogs run and play as they have many times before but today is not like any day before or after; the essence is nothing other than beautifully peaceful.

Today I am marrying the love of my life…"


"Me: the five year old kid in dungarees halfway up a tree.  Me; the twelve year old girl who wears boots to kick the annoying boys in the playground.  Me; the awkward teenager with black hair and an eating disorder and the girl whose most significant bond by her early twenties has been with a traumatised yellow Labrador dog.  This is who, through happy serendipity, found her soul mate and is going to walk down the aisle today…"



"Who’d have thought?

Life certainly has its intricate ways of changing things and sometimes we can’t see why things happen to us, but I would like to embrace the belief that all the pain and heartache I had to endure in the last year has led me here to this quiet beautiful moment; utterly priceless in its serenity…."



I will admit now, that the task of preparing this feature to share with my readers made me nervous. I was anxious about offending Victoria with my words.  Anxious about not using words that expressed, with enough sensitivity, the admiration and complete respect I have for this remarkable, beautiful and exceptionally brave lady…


I wrote this piece in the presence of my parents and husband – with whom I had a conversation about how cancer has not directly affected me, and yet how I felt deeply, deeply moved by Victoria and Fynn's story. Of course, I felt sadness and pain for this extraordinary lady, and yet reading about Victoria's experiences via her personal blog, Poppies and Epiphanies, and her and Fynn's Imagine It website, I was filled with pride, positivity and an amazing sense of strength.

Today, I would like to ask you to join me in celebrating the wonderful, beautiful and triumphant wedding of Victoria and Fynn, that took place on 12 November at Etton in Cambridgeshire.  Victoria and Fynn's wedding was photographed by the amazing new talent that is James Melia


"Returning home chaos ensues: there is Louise the hairdresser, Jo Bilham, the amazing makeup artist, and then being dressed by my stunning bridesmaids into the beautiful corseted gown made by Linda just for me.

The next five hours fly by and as final touches are being made people start to flood the house, cameras snap like paparazzi. All I can think about is getting to the church and at points feel frustration that my earlier serenity has seemingly vanished…"







I just absolutely adore the chic and elegant simplicity of Victoria's gown – a creation by the wonderful Linda Davey of Dresses at No. 9 Bridal Couture – regional award winner in the 2012 UK Wedding Industry Awards


Linda Davey of No. 9 Bridal Couture told me…

"I asked Vicki for a few ideas of gowns she liked. She sent me four designs/images with a common 'style' running through each. I wanted Vicki's beauty to do all the work and didn't want to 'over fuss' the gown in any way. Keeping with the style ideas Vicki had selected, I chose a soft Duchess satin in ivory. Vicki had one fitting on the Monday and the gown was then completed for Thursday.

As it was to be strapless, Vicki received a text and asked about what she should use as a cover up. Making a small shrug jacket was simple and I cut the front away to enable the detail bow at the bodice top to remain visible while the collar framed her face. I selected a non hoop net petticoat to hold the skirt and that was about it…"



Victoria wore beautiful white roses in her hair…


Victoria wore a sapphire cross necklace – a beautiful family heirloom and sapphire and diamond earrings that were a gift from her Grandparents. She also of course, wore her white gold engagement ring, with 4 diamonds and 3 sapphires alternating in a row.  His wedding ring bore an internal inscription from Victoria, 'always beside you', and Victoria's ring bore the inscription 'unconditional'.

On her right hand, Victoria wore a dark metal ring given to her by Fynn earlier in their relationship, that she never removes. She also wore a silver ring inscribed with 'Live. Love. Laugh: her personal motto.

Finally, Victoria wore a heart-shaped Pandora charm on a silver chain wrapped around her wrist and middle finger…







"Then, at the last minute I am told how I am to get to the church, I hadn’t thought about this part much as its not far and surely the leaving is the more visible and important part? But out in the drive I am in the presence of two stunningly fine black Friesian horses pulling an open carriage and magically I can’t help but find myself in a Jane Austen novel! The picture shows more than I could ever describe…"






Goodness me how I love a barefoot Bride.  And Groom! 

"Shoe shopping was too frustrating given the limited time I had available to plan my wedding. I liked the idea of simplicity, natural and a little bit hippy too! As a last minute surprise, the groom and bestman joined in too!"







Victoria's Bridesmaids wore beautiful long navy blue dresses and pale pink pearl drop earrings…





"I enter the church through the beautiful arch of yellow and white blossom against ancient stone, my arm in my fathers; his pride and emotion palpable just by simple touch and I feel a rise of pure joy. The organ starts and I am only vaguely aware of all the shining faces turned towards me as there at the end of the nave is Fynn. That constant connection is caught aflame and all from now is basked in the glow of the joy of that moment we see each other: perfection. Today I am not a medical file, I am not a NHS number or in the shadow of a disease. I feel like my light is no longer hidden behind a bushel and it is shining true…"





"We make our vows, sing “Amazing Grace” (a hymn that never fails to sooth my soul) and before I know it we are leaving the church in a shower of confetti. I unashamedly admit we are in a bubble of happiness and tears stream down my face as, in a blur, we greet and thank each person that passes. Each and every one of you made this day exactly what it was…"
































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"The reception passes far too quickly; the toasts so touching, especially my Maid of Honour concluding with “Hope” by Emily Dickenson. The cake specially made by a pure-souled friend and the moment when the whole hall is flooded with voices singing “Stand by me” exactly encompassing what we feel…"




"So many incredible people were involved in putting this together I could write an entire novel on the day but we were incredibly fortunate to meet a photographer; James, who not only embraces the Imagine it philosophy to the full but has captured the day to perfection. His photos go live now and you can find them through Imagine it or his webpage to see for yourself what I fall short to capture with these words. We can’t express enough humble gratitude to you all!

With special love to my mum (and her army), family and friends (both old and new) and the kindness of strangers who prove humanity has a beauty to eclipse any shadow…"


Words of Wedded Wisdom…

"It should be what you want it to be but remember this is a party – getting married is what you are actually doing – making a forever commitment…"


I hugely admire Victoria and Fynn, in a way that I cannot really find the right words to describe, for turning their situation in to something positive through their Imagine It website.  Kudos to this amazing couple, so willing to help guide others in the pursuit of acquiring positive memories and living life to the full whilst also trying to contend with their own immense challenges.

Doesn't it make you stop and wonder about all those silly little things that might have been bothering you, and help you realise that they meant absolutely nothing?

If I may, I would like to encourage you to do just two things today – it won't take a moment, I promise.  Please leave a lovely and positive message for Victoria and Fynn below and also take a moment to visit Victoria and Fynn's Imagine It website for a sprinkling of positivity.  You can also follow Imagine It on Facebook and on Twitter and Victoria's personal blog can be found at Poppies and Epiphanies.

Vicoria and Fynn, I salute you for your wonderful, unconditional and infectious positivity. Thank you for inspiring me, for making me stop, think and want to live in the moment.  Thank you for making me appreciate what I have. You are incredible.

James – I would like to thank you for helping make this wedding feature possible. Your photography is quite literally outstanding.  And if you didn't know it already, let me tell you know – you are going to go far my friend!  I am so very privileged to be able to share your wonderful work with my readers.

I'd also like to highlight the kindness of dress designer Linda Davey and Yorkshire Makeup Artist Jo Bilham – two wonderful, talented people whose generosity knows no bounds.

Sending huge love to you all today through this blog post. Take a moment to stop, breathe, and appreciate that, won't you? 🙂

Annabel xXx


Photographer – James Melia
Venue – Etton, Cambridgeshire
Brides dress – No. 9 Bridal Couture
Brides shoes – barefoot|
Flowers – Nicola Richards from Helpston Garden Centre
Cake – Rebecca Tivey
Makeup Artist – Jo Bilham
Catering – Lucy's Kitchen

Poppies and Epiphanies {Victoria's personal blog}
Imagine It {Victoria and Fynn's website}


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Founder of Love My Dress. Passionate Podcaster and Editor. Annabel lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, their two daughters and menagerie of furry hounds. She loves photography, meditation, walking, being outdoors and star gazing. She is fierce when it comes to championing talent within the wedding industry and when she's not working on Love My Dress, she supports her husband Philip in the running of the family's sustainable flower farm and floral design business, Moonwind Flowers. In 2013, she became a published author.

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  1. I have no difficulty leaving a comment for these two, I’ve known vicki since I was 7, and she is everything you’ve described, and more. She constantly amazes me, and I’m so happy she found Darren, and that he found her, since they are wonderful together. It waas a beautiful wedding, and James has done a brilliant job with the photos too 🙂

  2. Scroll and scan through the amazing photos and this stands out as a truly beautiful wedding celebrated with family and friends. But stop and read the text, and your heart cannot failed to be touched by the love and positive outlook of this unbelieveably inspirational couple. Thank you. xx

  3. I would like to thank you all for sharing these wonderful images and your truly inspiring story. Despite what life has thrown at Darren & Vicki, one word comes to me from seeing these images and reading Vicki’s beautiful words; joy! Our time in this world is an ‘unknown quantity’, but life is beautiful and love is eternal.

  4. I’m a bit lost for words. I’m glad that Victoria and Darren had such a beautiful, joyous celebration. Everything about this post from your introduction, Annabel, to Victoria’s writing and James’ beautiful photography, is so very touching.

  5. A very inspiring story… It’s absolutely amazing and incredible how Vicki and Darren find strength in each other. They look so happy and in love on their wedding day. I’m in awe of their attitude to life and this post definitely made me stop and think… Thank you for sharing their incredible story

  6. Goodness gosh. I don’t really know what to say except congratulations on your special day, it looks absolutely beautiful, and the best of luck and love with your battle.

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely kind comments, this has really made my day and it’s not even 8 o’clock yet! 😉
    I hope that Victoria and Darren will gain strength in your kind words too, I have no doubt they will.
    Have a beautiful day everyone 🙂

  8. Hi Annabel, Victoria and Darren. The gown was made for Victoria as a gift, however, the gift I received in return was to appreciate each day as it comes. That has been so much more!
    My love to you both. A strong and beautiful couple. x

  9. I get these attacks where I just refuse
    To pick myself up and carry on
    I stop in my tracks, I shake in my shoes
    My courage is gone, then I hear You say
    Take Me by the hand, let Me lead you up
    To a place
    Where all of your tears subside
    Take Me by the hand, let Me lead you out
    Of this valley over to the other side

  10. I’m lost for words. Vicki you look absolutely beautiful! The love between Vicki and Darren shines like an everlasting light. So beautifully captured by James to be cherished forever. Thank you Annabel for sharing this beautifully written love story. Xxx

  11. I’m truly lost for words, what a beautiful bride, a gorgeous wedding and awe inspiring courage. Thank you for sharing your day with us Victoria and Jame and Annabel too of course. And Linda never fails that dress is stunning.x

  12. What a beautiful, amazing and strong young woman. Some people can live forever and not ever find their one true love, but you can see in these lovely photo’s of this wonderful wedding day & couple, that Victoria & Darren have with one another. Victoria you are a remarkable & courageous young woman, an inspiration, and I for one would like to wish you & Darren a long & Beautiful life together…. xxx

  13. What a beautiful wedding for two courageous people. You’re right, Annabel, it certainly does put things into perspective. I wish Darren and Victoria much joy together.

  14. Ohmygosh, I’m in tears! What a moving story, told in such a beautiful way – I just admire you guys so much and am so happy that you had such a wonderful day!! You guys look so perfectly happy and in love. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! xx

  15. There are no words Annabel. I think this beautiful wedding only serves to illustrate just how crucial it is, as you say, to live for the moment.
    I wish the couple much love light and happiness. They are so brave.

  16. What a beautiful and inspiring couple, I feel a little bit taller after reading of the amazing strength of these two courageous people

  17. Congratulations to Vicki and Darren on a gorgeous wedding and a joyous celebration! Between James’ photos and Vicki’s beautifully written account of the day, I’m sure that no memory will be lost. Huge love and best wishes for what the future holds.x

  18. What an amazing love story – I thought I’d reprint that gorgeous poem here so we could share it – it’s one of my favourites. I couldn’t wish any more happiness for two clearly wonderful people. xxxx
    “Hope” is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul
    And sings the tune without the words
    And never stops—at all
    And sweetest in the Gale is heard
    And sore must be the storm
    That could abash the little Bird
    That kept so many warm
    I’ve heard it in the chillest land
    And on the strangest Sea
    Yet, never, in Extremity,
    It asked a crumb—of Me.

  19. What an awesome ( not often I use that word in it’s true sense!) couple, their inner beauty shines out like a beacon. I wish them both good luck and courage for the journey ahead. xx Rebecca of bexbrides. All the brides we meet through work make us all stop and wonder at the amazing thing that is love. Some make us stop and wonder a little longer. I would love to hae been piviledged to work with this couple, I am happy they were fortunate to find such loely talented caring people as Linda who is lovely and puts her heart and soul into her work. James and Jo I only know through reputation- but their work has done this lovely coulple full justice. I feel sorrow and joy for this couple life is so cruel and yet also full of potential. xxx

  20. Very lovely wedding, beautiful bride and handsome groom. I also appreciated the reminder by Victoria that it’s all about the marriage not about the wedding. Having said that, I am glad that they had such a wonderful day to cherish. I myself will not be having my ‘wedding day’ in the near future (at all?), but I am very glad to still have the potential bridegroom, so I think this was a wonderful post to put everything into perspective. I hope you don’t mind the religious tone, but many blessings on the happy couple.

  21. So beautiful, so intimate, so personal so inspiring; amazing photography and a Victoria & Darren are simply adorable together. Wishing them ans their family positivity for their future together. x

  22. Such a blissfully beautiful wedding. Those photos capture what true love really looks like and the post is beautifully written and draws you in. I also like that the dogs got to attend the wedding too! Congratulations to Victoria and Darren.

  23. Truly inspiring! Victoria looked beautiful and James has picked up the love in his images!! It makes you take a step back and see what’s really important! Thank you x

  24. A beautiful post – it looks like it was an incredibly special day and a true celebration of your love.
    I was feeling rather sorry for myself this morning but reading this has reminded me just how very lucky I am. Thank you!

  25. This is so moving and the couple are a true inspiration on how positivity and love will always shine through. It looks like a beautiful day which not only celebrates the amazing bond Victoria and Darren obviously have but will also serve as a beautiful memory for all their friends and family. Victoria, your positivity is remarkable, and you look radiant! Congratulations xxx

  26. Exceptional blog and despite knowing Victoria’s story well (as Darren is my cousin) it once again reminded me of how strong they both are. I feel extremely proud to have been a part of their magical day and more importantly part of their lives – a tough road ahead for sure, but with friends and family beside them every step of the way.
    Much love, Kaori xx
    Fantastic photography by James Melia, gutted that I didn’t know James 6 years ago so he could have captured our wedding day – what a talent!

  27. What a beautiful wedding, and what an inspiring couple. A wonderful reminder of what really matters in life. Thank you for sharing this, congratulations! xxx

  28. Like everyone before me, I’ve read this with emotion brimming at the surface. Such a moving wedding, so full of happiness and devoted love.
    What touched me most were Victoria’s own words “Today I am not a medical file, I am not a NHS number or in the shadow of a disease. I feel like my light is no longer hidden behind a bushel and it is shining true…” and those words made me view this wedding in that light.
    Victoria and Darren look sensational, radiating excitement and joy. Such a beautiful bride and groom.Not a medical file, nor an NHS number, just 2 people utterly devoted and blissfully happy to have found one another. Few people ever find such remarkable love in their lives and its to be cherished.
    Their story makes this day even more significant. I’m full of admiration for them both. Because love has won the day.
    I wish them both every happiness for their future together.

  29. The photos are beautiful and Victoria & Darren look so happy together but as one that doesn’t cry easily I found myself surprised to have tears streaming down my face at the three ring engravings.
    What a lovely wedding feature – you’re right Annabel, stop focusing on the small and the negative. Good message for everyone to go into a new year with!

  30. I have been out all morning and just returned to read all your comments. I cannot thank you enough, and hope they make Victoria and Darren smile 🙂
    Thank you all SO much….

  31. This is such an inspiration story and I don’t think the photographs could be any better, they portray a couple so in love – someone said above that you can spend your whole life looking for love – Victoria and Darren are so lucky to have one another, I wish them both the very very best and hope they have a wonderful Christmas together.
    Mel x

  32. I’m in floods of tears.. your writing, the images, Victoria & Darren the story is so hard to accept but it makes you stop and live for today & be thankful you found your soulmate. Thank you for sharing your big day. I wish you long & happy life together x

  33. Victoria & Darren have captured my heart in ways I cannot begin to describe.
    I will always be grateful for the chance to have been a part of their day & will continue to carry the imagine it ethos with me everywhere I go.
    Life is for living, for each moment is your moment, to live and to love. Thank you to James for asking me be a part of a journey I will never forget.
    Love to all involved and of course to V & D x

  34. Wow absolutely wow. And here was me walking around grumpy this morning because the post man is late! This has completely changed the direction of my whole day. I would go so far as to say it’s changed my outlook on much more than just my day too. What an incredible story, thank you so much or sharing.

  35. Jo-Anne Bilham – So nice to hear from you – I hear wonderful positive things about you all the time! We must meet one day 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂
    Annabel xXx

  36. Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Congratulations and thank you for making me take a breath and appreciate all the good things in life. All the best to you xxx

  37. What a wonderful story and the true, deep love shines through in every picture. I write this with tears in my eyes, and I wish the happy couple so much happiness and laughter to fill their every day in their future together. Simply inspiring and makes all of us stop, think and count our blessings. x

  38. Awe. And Inspiring. Like you Annabel, I can’t quite find the right words but this has certainly rocked my little world into perspective. To say I will never sweat the small stuff again would probably be a bit optimistic but for now I’m humbled. Victoria and Darren, I wish you all the strength and courage in the world – you already have all the love. x

  39. What a stunning wedding and what apparent love between these two beautiful people. I’m a bit stuck for something to say but thanks both to Annabel for featuring this and to the couple for being such a massive inspiration of strength and character. Massive congratulations and best wishes to the both of you x x

  40. what moving and beautiful photos , the Bride is so lovely , just perfect in her dress and lovely hairstyle, and the Groom is so handsome, well done Annabel for writing such a sensitive and lovely piece, Helena X

  41. Beautiful words and pictures for two beautiful people. Very moving. It’s so easy to take so much for granted and then you read something like this and are reminded how precious this life is. Xx

  42. Beautifully written, beautifully told by James’s photos. Sometimes certain people have the power and courage to put everything in the world into perspective, and these are such people. I hope you both have an amazing time together. You have a wonderful strength.

  43. I’ve just sat here and cried. What a life affirming story, so beautiful. And wow what a stunning, thoughtful and creative story James’s photo’s tell. Just gorgeous. Thank you for being brave and sharing. Big love and hugs to Victoria and Darren for their amazing strength and warmth and such a fantastic wedding.

  44. Such a beautiful wedding, really made me stop and consider things today. From here on I won’t be moaning about all the petty things that have been getting on my nerves of late. And I’m off to give my fiancé the biggest hug in the world ever.
    Victoria is very brave to have shared her story online and I look forward to reading her blog laterx

  45. Hi all,
    Thank you so so much for reading and I hope that we really can allow life to be looked at just a little differently and with that crucial positivity from now on!
    Love Victoria and Darren

  46. This is just too beautiful. A huge congratulations and best wishes to Victoria and Darren. Have a wonderful, perfect Christmas together. xxxxx
    And I agree completely, James Melia is an amazing talent.

  47. What an amazing story, which has had me in tears today. I think you have said it all Annabel, and said it well. But may I wish Victoria and Darren all the best and let them know that their story has inspired us all today. Two very strong and beautiful people. xxx

  48. Congratulations Vicki and Darren! Your beautiful wedding and courage are a reminder to us all to ‘Live. Laugh. Love’. Never have those simple words meant so much. I am grateful to you for sharing your day and inspiring us all to focus on what really matters. Sending you much love, Laura X

  49. I appreciate that not everyone views marriage the way I do, but I really feel that this institution was created so that two human beings can complement, love and support each other.
    When you fall, the other is there to lift you up.
    When you fail, the other is there to tell you you haven’t – you have just learn another lesson is life.
    When you are unwell, the other is there to become an extension of your own body, mind and soul so that together you can still be yourself and walk the path of life, however long that is, at the best of your abilities.
    This couple is the epitome of what marriage is to me. A commitment to be each other’s strength and companion despite adversities… so so beautiful… reminding each and everyone of us not to be afraid to live our life, to love and to give back regardless.
    Darren & Victoria, thank you.
    xx Betta

  50. There is so much hope and beauty in this post ~ you have moved me to tears today, Annabel. This is a story that needed to be shared. Too often we focus on the negative and forget just how blessed we really are.
    Congratulations Vicki and Darren! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story ~ it was so beautifully written. And thank you for reminding us all to live for the moment. Wishing you all the best for the future xx

  51. Congratulations to Darren and Victoria. A lovely wedding and very kind of you to share it (and your story) with us.
    Very best wishes.

  52. Wow, sat here typing with tears flowing..what beautiful photos, story, dress, and the most important the beaming smiles of joy…..as a BC survivor I “get” your thoughts entirely and want to thank you for leading the way with your positivity….. “Don’t wait for the storm to pass, Learn to dance in the rain!” is my quote at the moment and you certainly have done that… congrats and happy christmas claire x

  53. Both beautiful and humbling. Congratulations Darren and Victoria! Thank you for sharing your day with us and reminding us all what really matters. I’m turning my computer off right now and heading home to spend an evening with my wonderful husband! x

  54. Victoria and Darren, I think you have both made many people stop and take stock today. We all immerse ourselves in too much trivia and forget the important things in life. “Live. Love. Laugh” your personal motto is inspiration to us all. May you both enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a happy life together. x

  55. Elisabetta {Linen and Silk} – you capture so perfectly what so many of us, including myself, think about Victoria and Darren and their marriage. Thank you so much for articulating it so beautifully 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Annabel xXx

  56. Goodness me! Deep breath. Am bowled over by the beauty of this wedding and the transparent love, captured so perfectly by James Melia, of this inspiring couple. Wishing Darren and Victoria the very best of luck xxx.

  57. Just beautiful. Incredibly sad, but inspiring too. Brought clearly into focus exactly what a marriage means and what my wedding day should really be about.
    Many thanks to Victoria and Darren for sharing their story with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to them for future.
    Sarah xx

  58. Have had the internet turned off all day to catch up on the banal task of a VAT return. I am so glad I tuned back in. Thank you to Victoria and Darren for sharing their story of beautiful and courageous strength and love and to James for providing such distinctive and tender images to illustrate their story. I feel a huge sense of peace.

  59. Wow! It goes without saying how strong and remarkable you both are.
    Some people dont ever find someone who will stand by them and your love for each other is unconditional – I hope you find strength in knowing that.
    I wish you love and life in abundance your situation is a true test of the human soul!

  60. Victoria and Darren – I wish you all the happiness in the world! Your words and feelings throughout this post have reminded me what is important in life and in getting married. What a fantastic couple you make 🙂

  61. What an amazing story and such a wonderful couple. How incredible that they are showing so much love in the face of so much pain. I love how happy they both look in the photos xx

  62. I first met V under unusual circumstances and I remember her worrying that her medical problems would stop her dating let alone anything else, and then D came back into her life. This brought another dimension to an amazing women the two of them combined are completely inspiring. I remember the first time V brought D to meet me, I could tell that they were meant to be together. There was a complete sense of belonging and deepest love for each other.
    Their wedding to me is a public reinforcement of this first instinct, it was beautiful to see them both focussed on each other and being able to “just be”.
    It was a beautiful day, that I felt honoured to be part of, but and more importantly I am honoured to have these wonderful, amazing people in my life.
    Love to you both. Xx

  63. Victoria and Darren – what a beautiful day, you look happy, radiant and relaxed – congratulations on your marriage!
    I had a read of your blog and you would never know by looking at your photo’s all the pain and anguish you have been through – you are inspirational and I wish you a long and happy marriage – keep hope and keep fighting. Lisa x
    Lisa xxx

  64. Wow, just sat back and re-read all these beautiful kind comments. Such an amazing day for Victoria and Darren. I’m tired as but don’t want to go to bed yet. I keep wanting to read everybodies kind words! 😉

  65. A beautifully written piece Annabel and behind every single word and photograph, I sense the most incredible strength, love and bond Victoria and Darren share.
    The photographs are beautiful. I adore the one of Darren laughing as a very stunning Victoria whispers something in his ear! And as a pooch lover… the dog pics are so sweet 🙂
    Congratulations to you both and wishing you a long and amazing marriage; filled with all the love in the world. Thank you for being a true inspiration to so many of us. Xx

  66. This really is a beautiful piece so touching. wishing them all the very best.may good be with you both always.xxx

  67. Such a beautiful story, I’m so glad that Victoria was able to have her big day – and that she was lucky enough to find a wonderful and brave man who would stay by her side throughout it all. I lost one of my best friends to cancer and know how important these moments are, and how difficult to organise. Thanks for sharing this story and reminding us all how precious life is.

  68. Very hard to read this without tears welling up. Stories like Victoria and Darren’s really makes you stop and take stock of your life and be grateful for your health and happiness, something we can all forget when we get caught up in matching the colour of the invitations to the napkins on the day!
    Congratulations Victoria and Darren. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas together.

  69. So beautiful, touching and inspiring all rolled into one.this post definitely sprinkled some positivity and perspective onto my day. And what stunning pictures.congratulations victoria and darren xx

  70. I think everyone here has already written how I feel reading this but I wanted to add my words to it.
    Victoria & Darren – it’s an honour to have somehow shared your day with you both. I am sat here typing this with tears streaming down my face but I am also so happy that you were able to make this commitment to each other. I lost my beautiful best friend to cancer just a couple of years after being one of her bridesmaids at her wedding and your pictures and story bought back so many memories. But not sad memories, amazingly happy memories that had been slightly overshadowed by others and pushed to the back.
    Victoria – I am now subscribed to your blog – you write with such eloquence and it’s so heartfelt, I want to continue to read how you are doing. I am wishing for the very best for you, with all my heart. Have a wonderful Christmas with your new husband.
    Clair xx

  71. Sat here wondering what I can say whilst tears are rolling down my face. Thank you for allowing us to share in your precious and inspiring day. An amazing couple who make me want to stop and appreciate all the little things. Thank you for reminding us that love should always be unconditional. Beautifully written and photographed xxx

  72. What a beautiful story of love. Thoughts & prayers go out to this couple and their families. I am so happy she was able to have her beautiful wedding day!

  73. As tears are coming to my eyes I am also smiling. What a beautiful couple, a courageous story, and a gorgeous wedding. Life is hard (actually very hard lately) but reading this story mad me smile and gives me hope. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

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