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“Our very helpful and friendly customer service team is just a phone call or email away. We are proud that 98% of our clients would recommend Zankyou to their friends!”


Afternoon beautiful people 🙂 I want to highlight the work of one of my fabulous sponsors this afternoon, Zankyou. First up, my sponsors play possibly the most vital role in ensuring I can bring you inspirational content every day. Without their support, Love My Dress simply wouldn’t be here. So one huge big-up today to the whole Zankyou team for getting behind Love My Dress and being so incredibly supportive so far.  Let’s learn a little more about the team…

“We created Zankyou after having seen through our own experiences that there was no wedding list and wedding webpage service that adapted to the needs of our generation; we get married later, we’ve often lived together already and we frequently have guests coming from abroad.

Today, Zankyou offers its services in a range of European and South American countries and in the USA and in eight different languages (German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish and Dutch).

To date, more than 50,000 couples have created their wedding webpage through Zankyou and more than 400,000 gifts have been given via Zankyou gift lists. Every month more than 1.5 million users use the website, with an average of 7 million page views…”

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“Zankyou works by providing you with an online account that you log into from which you can establish your own webpage.  Through this page, your wedding guests can offer you gifts, learn useful things about the wedding, or even share pictures and comments with other guests.  It’s a truly fun and interactive kind of service.

Our robust registry service is supported by recognized global organizations such as Citibank and Société Générale and gift payments are secured with Thawte® (Verisign).

Launched in 2007, Zankyou was selected as one of the top 20 websites worldwide (number 1 in Europe) by Feedmyapp. We pride ourself on being a leader of innovative technology for weddings and changing the status quo for engaged couples around the world. We love your wedding!”

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Imagery supplied by Zankyou


The thing is, Zankyou really does offer a very competitive service in comparison to other gift list registries.  For starters, they are much cheaper than many other similar online services and you can literally list anything, from anywhere in the world. Now that’s the ticket to a stress free wedding planning experience if you ask me!

“The only fee we charge is for the handling of gift contributions (Point-of-Sale and administrative costs). This comes to 2.85% of the amount contributed. 

This fee is paid for by the happy couple but they can, however, choose to let their guests pay for the fee instead. With the latter option, the fee is added to the final amount when guests pay for their gifts. If this option is selected the couple will not actually have to pay anything for Zankyou’s services.

Zankyou’s rates are the lowest on the market, and you won’t find any asterisks or fine print. Transparency is one of our priorities.”

Take a peek at these ‘real’ Zankyou weddings if you feel you need more persuasion or a little inspiration…

Planning your Honeymoon with Zankyou…

Zankyou makes it easy to plan your honeymoon too, having recently introduced a new feature that allows couples to plan out their honeymoon giving them the chance to customise their list in several ways, for example:-

  couples can plan their honeymoon in as many phases as they desire, as well as adding these phases them to their wedding list as possible gift contributions.

  Photos and descriptions allow guests to see the stages and phases of the honeymoon trip and they can participate in making the dream trip

  All this can be done while being able to observe the map, routes and itineraries with icons showing what type of activity will be pursued in each location.

“You can order a money transfer to a bank account of your choice when you start receiving gifts. You will receive the cash equivalent of your guests’ contribution to your gift list and you can use this money as you please…”


Zankyou allows you to plan out your honeymoon in as many phases as you desire, as well as add them to your wedding list as possible gift contributions.  Photos and descriptions allow your guests to see the stages and phases of the honeymoon trip and they can participate in making the dream trip, whilst being able to observe the map, routes and itineraries with icons showing what type of activity will be pursued in each location…”

Here’s an example customised honeymoon map, typical of the kind your guests will see when visiting your website. I love the little icons showing where the couple will fly to and representing the various trips and stages in their itinerary…


It all sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I think the one thing that has impressed me about Zankyou is that they have clearly worked really hard to craft a service that makes it ‘easy’ for it’s users. Anything that makes wedding planning easier in my books is a winner.

For further information, please visit the Zankyou website.  Zankyou can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.  Zankyou have also recently launched a Wedding Magazine which is well worth dipping into.

Have any of my readers used Zankyou? I’d love to hear from you if so…

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