**DIY Makeup Video Tutorial** Applying The Flawless Face…

If you didn't see the first in our series of makeup tutorials two weeks ago, click here – it was all about one of my must-have hand-bag items {at ALL times that is]; red lipstick. Today, lovely Franky, Photographer Naomi Kenton, film maker Frances of Reellove Films and expert Makeup Artist Lucy Baker  teach you how to create that flawless makeover look. I love how these ladies have taken the concept of the regular video makeup tutoral and stepped it up the glammer ladder with a beautiful backdrop in Luton Hoo, and one heck-of-a-gorgeous model – lovely Franky!

Grab your brushes and a mirror ladies and enjoy the tutorial. Immense thanks to Luton Hoo Hotel for providing the perfect setting for our beauty tutorials

Film Production & Copyright (c) 2012, Reellove Films

My skin is far from flawless.

Blemishes are a regular occurrence. Truth be told, I’m nursing a rather delicious hormonal breakout as I type. Sorry to shatter your illusions, but it’s true. The demands of motherhood also leave me looking totally knackered a lot of the time. Surely a grey complexion and bags under the eyes is the trademark of anyone with small children?

Of course, children aren’t the only cause of tired skin. Anyone can lose their glow, especially during times of stress. Spots are pretty normal too really, as is the desire to camouflage them. That’s where makeup comes in. Thank goodness for a little powder and paint, hey?!

I’d venture every bride craves seemingly flawless, glowing skin on their wedding day. A radiant complexion, complete with delicately blushed cheeks, is the cornerstone of bridal beauty. It’s the way you’re supposed to look when you’re in love…

Flawless face makeup... 

Image credits: 1. Glowing 2. Dewy  3. Healthy 4. Natural

For the makeup wary, foundation can feel like a minefield. Picking the right shade seems impossible, and there are so many brands to choose from it’s hard to know where to begin. Then, once you’ve finally picked out your base, you’re faced with the dilemma of how to apply it. Concealer can seem equally daunting. In the wrong hands it can do more harm than good, drawing attention to all that you wish to disguise. Applying blush seems a delicate art, and just how do you get that glow without looking greasy?

Luckily, Makeup Artist Lucy Baker is on hand to show us how to fake flawless. Her first tip is to remember that, when choosing a foundation for your skin, it is essential to match the colour to your chest and neck area. Don’t test on your wrist or hand as nine times out of ten they’ll be a completely different colour to your face!

Here’s Lucy’s step-by-step guide to applying a beautiful base….

Apply a thin, even layer of primer to your skin using a clean foundation brush. I used a product by Laura Mercier , but if you don’t use or have a primer then an even layer of moisturiser all over the face can work well. Just make sure the moisturiser isn’t too greasy as foundation won’t sit well on this base.

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Coypright (c) 2012, Naomi Kenton


Using the same brush, evenly sweep foundation over the face, concentrating on the parts that need it most, such as areas with uneven skin tone or spots and blemishes. Blend, blend, blend at the jaw and hairline using clean fingers. Franky is wearing Myface Cosmetics MyMix Foundation in the shade Fair 01 



Use a hydrating, light reflecting concealer pen underneath the eye and blend really well with a clean fluffy brush. Use at the inner corners of the eyes too, and around the nose if there is any redness. I used Clinique Airbrush Concealer  in their lightest shade.


Now add a blemish concealer. MAC Select Cover Up comes in a wide variety of shades and stays put all day. Apply this to any red marks, spots or pigmentation and blend with the same fluffy brush, or a clean finger…




A radiant glow is key to great looking skin so adding highlighter is essential. I love Skin Illuminator by No. 7 . Use a small, clean soft, fluffy brush to seamlessly blend into the cheekbone area of the face. Don’t deviate from here as the face can look shiny…



Finally, add a touch of colour to your cheeks with a cream blusher. Max Factor’s Miracle Touch Cream Blush in Soft Pink worked really well on Franky’s pale skin. Use a clean finger to add a small amount of product and blend well until the right level of colour is achieved. Remember to go steady with this, as bright pink cheeks can look like you’ve just run a 10k!



Take a look at the video tutorial at the top of the page to walk you through the application process.

Lucy did an incredible job of making me look a little more flawless, don’t you think?


The base is just the beginning though ladies and gentlemen. In the next instalment of the Love My Dress Beauty Series we’ll be working on gorgeous, glamorous lashes.

So readers, are you feeling a little more skin confident after reading today’s post?

Any favourite products you’d like to share in the comments?

Feel free to run any questions you might have by us too, we’ll do our best to answer them!



Makeup Artist: Lucy Baker
Venue: Luton Hoo Hotel
Photographer: Naomi Kenton
Videographer: Reellove Films
Franky's Hair Stylist: Victoria Fraser Gadd 

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