A Reflection On The Benefits Of Having Your Wedding Filmed

This Friday lunch time, I've invited wedding photographer Jordana Marston, whose beautiful work has featured many times on Love My Dress, and whose own wedding we blogged back in May, to talk about her wedding film.  Jordana has an important message for those of you considering investing in a wedding film – something I find myself recommending to readers more and more these days.  Over to you lovely Jordanna…

'I often hear from my brides and friends that one of their biggest regrets post wedding is that they hadn’t hired a videographer. When you start planning a wedding a videographer might not be on the top of your list for priorities – it certainly wasn’t for me. I hired a film guy because I had a nightmare just two weeks before my wedding. The nightmare went something like this…I woke up and thought damn I’m married and I missed my wedding, I don’t remember a word of it because I was so nervous.'

''Then I actually did wake up (are you following me here people?!), and thought I need a video guy/girl to film my day. And you know what – I was soooo happy I did because my nightmare did come true. Unlike my usual calm and relaxed self I surprised myself by how nervous I got. STUPIDLY NERVOUS. Leg shaking. Running into McDonalds on the way to the ceremony to throw up and all sorts. I know glamorous! I wasn’t ill by the way!'

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'Anyway, photographs, of course, are absolutely essential (see a snippet of some of ours below, or our wedding in full on Love My Dress here), but actually being able to hear speeches, laughter and emotion is truly priceless. And there is something just magical about film – watching my son waddle about (he had only just been walking two months when I got married); seeing his granddad play peekaboo with him when we were meant to be having our formal family shots and the nervous/proud expression on my dad’s face…oh just all of it. I love it and I will  treasure mine forever.'

'It’s funny because although I love the camera. I love being firmly behind it. I am no natural in front of it and am a real over-smiler, often looking a bit dorky and although I will eternally have chubby chops you would have thought by my age I would have learned how to work them to avoid the old double chin! No!But does it matter? No – because it is just me. The real me. No hiding. And I love my wedding film for that and 'I’m sure my son will too when he shares it with his kids.'

'Much love to Mark at Our Wedding The Movie for being ace. So cool, relaxed, willing to try something different and being my new friend.'

Jordanna X


You can see Jordanna's wedding on Love My Dress here. Or click on the image above.

Are you having your wedding filmed, or, do you regret not having it filmed at all?




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6 thoughts on “A Reflection On The Benefits Of Having Your Wedding Filmed

  1. So, so true Jordanna! I’m in tears every time I’ve edited a film as I think about this couple watching it when they are old and grey, their kids watching it in awe when they are grown up. I would love to have this of my parents; it is timeless…priceless…precious.
    Love your film, having met you it’s really you too XX

  2. Hands down this is my biggest and probably only regret from our wedding!
    In the planning stages we discounted have the wedding videoed mainly due to budget constraints & thought that the money would be better served on food and extra fizz. In addition…. I apologise profusely in advance to all the lovely videographer’s out there for what I am about to say next; I have in the past found them ever so slightly naff. At previous weddings, the videographer appeared to be so obtrusive in the celebrations and the end product never seemed to justify the expense.
    HOWEVER. I am reformed. Due to nerves and excitement, there are so many details of the day that I cannot remember; including all of the lovely things our friends said about us during the speeches, wee treasured moments between my mum and I that I know one day I will want to relive over and over again. I have since seen some of the most beautiful wedding films, a lot like the one featured above and amazing ones on Super-8mm which have such a pretty vintage feel. Our photographs are such a treasure already, it would have been lovely to have an additional memento of film. x

  3. Maybe I’m alone in this (well, I know I’m not because we asked our friends before we got married who had been on both sides of the have/have not divide) but I don’t regret not having one at all. My favourite memories of the day are speeches but I don’t have a problem with my memories becomming fuzzy and warm. And anyway, my husband re-enacted it on our honeymoon over fish and chips, under the stars, with champagne. So if I get romantic nights like that then I don’t need it on video to remember it!
    My concern, having been to a GAZILLION weddings over my lifetime, is that I hate being shoved here, pushed there, and feeling like I’m on some kind of magazine shoot. I loved our wedding because I barely saw our photographer, she was so amazingly discreet. Its only when I’ve seen our guests photos on facebook that I’ve spotted her lurking in the background. Its for this reason we went for one amazing photographer rather than a team of two or three with assistants. I feel that the more people you have taking photos and videos, the more you are less in the moment. We asked for people to not take photos with flash in the ceremony and actually, most people put their cameras away meaning I saw their eyes as I walked down the aisle.
    I’m also a bit reluctant to admit that I would need a video to remember my wedding. We have OUR memories, we don’t want someone else’s…

  4. I have just finished watching our wedding video for the first time.
    Without doubt, the best money spent on the whole thing is that and a wonderful photographer. You get what you pay for, we were not disappointed with either!!!!
    So many happy tears!

  5. Good points made but for me – I had confidence in both my videographer and photographer to do their thing and I can honestly, hand on heart, say that neither were obtrusive AT ALL! I guess it also depends what you are like as a person. I am very laid back so altho was nervous didn’t worry about any of the details. I just let it all be…and I loved it and I love watching this wee film.

  6. Having my wedding filmed is super important to me! I have booked the wonderful Luke from Rocking Stone Weddings (check him out), his work is fantastic and I cannot wait to see what he creates for my big day later this year.
    When looking over some of his videos I found myself crying at other people’s weddings… I knew I needed a film and I look forward to being able to treasure it for many years to come!

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