London and Destination Wedding Photographer ~ Divine Day Photography by Sandra Von Riekhoff

Divine Day Photography

It’s time to introduce another of our talented sponsors. Here at Love My Dress, we’re head over heels for the romantic and nostalgic signature look of this talented, award winning photographer. Sandra Von Riekhoff of Divine Day Photography first brandished her camera in the name of fashion before branching off into wedding photography in 2007.

Destination wedding photographer, Divine Day Photography by Sandra von Riekhoff

‘Since then we’ve grown into a team who all have an easy going, very friendly and approachable way of shooting weddings. Primarily we’re just quietly snapping away in the corner, but we really excel in portraits and giving people the direction they want on the day.’

‘It’s all very natural and most importantly we like to be a bit of an addition to the day, helping wherever we can and interacting with people. We find this is the best way to get them comfortable and more easily caught in the moment. Who needs an awkward photographer hiding behind corners all night freaking your guests out?!’

Destination wedding photographer, Divine Day Photography by Sandra von Riekhoff

‘I think wedding photography is an entirely new beast now and has evolved exponentially in the past 5 years. Some serious talent has emerged and with them, completely new ideas on how weddings can be shot and treated in post production. This is of course in part because of the willingness of couples to be adventurous in their selection of photographer and give them free reign to shoot as they see.’

Destination wedding photographer, Divine Day Photography by Sandra von Riekhoff

‘It’s a huge compliment to be selected to shoot a wedding. I adore the chance to tell the story of the day in pictures in a way that highlights the individual moments which, when shown collectively, give the viewer insight into how the day looked, but also how it felt. I’m forever chasing these moments and also constantly trying to see things from a new perspective, viewing reflections, shadows, colour, space and compositions in unexpected ways.’

‘I am always looking at light and what it’s doing to its subjects. Light is the first thing that drives me, the rest is what the light is casting itself on…a hand, a couple whispering, a dancer whose the only one caught in the yellow light when everyone else is in blue lights, the shadows cast around the couple who are having a moment. Photography is Latin for light writing…writing in light…that’s it in a nutshell.’

Destination wedding photographer, Divine Day Photography by Sandra von Riekhoff

Divine Day Photography are based within the M25, but shoot weddings as far afield as the Maldives
& Seychelles, Toronto, Zurich, Venice, South America and India. Prices range from £950-£3000. You’ll find more information over on and you can also keep up-to-date via the facebook page.

Sandra would love to hear from you to discuss your wedding day and all that goes with it!

This is a sponsored post.


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