Wedding Readings ~ The Relationship Promise, by Luke Wright

I promise, my darling, to be your best friend
to settle the quarrels before the day ends
to teach you new things and learn in return
halve debts, colds and baths, and share laughs and concerns.

I promise, my love, to be silly with you
to giggle in restaurants and cinema queues
the romance and hum-drum all blended to bliss
a life battle-plan that’s sealed with a kiss.
From school runs and house work to sweet pillow talk
from mortgage repayments to long country walks
a cuppa in bed when the morning begins
and then when it’s over, I’ll pour you a gin.

I promise I’ll seek to avoid nasty schisms
I know that at times we’ll need two televisions
I love you so much that whenever we fight
I’ll learn to repeat: I was wrong, you were right.

I’ll cook for you darling, that’s what love’s about
a meal made from scratch is worth one hundred out
I’ll shield you from worries that swing overhead
I promise I’ll try to be awesome in bed.

I promise, my darling, I’ll give you your space
when you’re on the loo, dear, I’ll spare you my face
but know that I’ll be there when your spirit sinks
to match you for messiness, cuddles and drinks.

I love you, my darling, so let’s live together
stack days into decades to make our forever.

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