How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer To Match Your Style and Budget

Well, hello again and I hope that you’re having a lovely week so far. Mine is rather flying by and I could certainly do with a few more hours in the day at the moment. But, I can’t lay claim to being the only busy person ever as, let’s be honest, we’re all squeezing lots into our lives and when you’re planning a wedding, there’s always more on that ‘to do’ list. So, I’m really pleased today to be able to introduce you to Your Perfect Wedding Photographer because this is a website that might well make your life a little bit easier…

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We do so love beautiful wedding photography here at Love My Dress but we’re also aware that selecting your photographer from the very many talented professionals out there can sometimes take a lot of research and a lot of work. That’s where Your Perfect Wedding Photographer steps into the picture, like a knight in shining armour, save the day. This site showcases lots of the top wedding photographers from around the UK (and indeed the world) and there’s lots of clever functionality there too.

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer aims to make finding your wedding photographer easy and inspirational,” says founder Sam. “My light bulb moment came back in 2011 when I thought there should be a place to go for couples when they’re looking for the right photographer for their wedding.”

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The easiest, most prettiest and stylish way to find ‘Your Perfect Wedding Photographer’

“When it comes to your wedding and budget, photography should, in my view, be right at the top. It’s the one thing that you have when the day is over, the one thing that captures all those emotions and memories. It is the one thing you can look back over and show friends, family and your grand-children where other things are there for the day and then gone. Your wedding photos are for life.”

Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Knowing that, there’s no doubt that the decision of which wedding photographer to book is one that comes with a certain weight of expectation and responsibility so spending hours online researching and checking wedding photographers can often be par for the course. However, with Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, you can cut down all that work with just a few clicks – search by location, budget and style or complete a form with some details of your day and Your Perfect Wedding Photographer will suggest professionals who’ll match your criteria.

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And, if that wasn’t enough, quotes and information can be sent directly to you or you can click on through to each photographer’s website directly to find out more about them there or connect on social media. Each photographer’s listing on Your Perfect Wedding Photographer includes links to their website, blog and more as well as a select portfolio of images, an availability checker and a little personal interview so you can find out plenty on one page.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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If the fantastic practicality of the site isn’t enough, there’s a lot more there to inspire you too. Over the last few years, Your Perfect Wedding Photographer has grown to feature real weddings, engagement shoots and articles full of tips and advice. It’s a little corner of the web that is completely dedicated to beautiful, long-lasting wedding photography.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Last year, Your Perfect Wedding Photographer held their ‘Wedding Photo of 2014’ awards where a judging panel of professional wedding photographers shortlisted and selected the winners of three categories. You can find out more and see all the winning images on the website and also connect with the team on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

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