A Wedding Cake Q&A With Marks & Spencer

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Welcome to the weekend and I do hope you’ve got lots of lovely things planned. My weekends seem to be getting busier and busier at the moment but there’s always one thing I’ll make time for and that’s cake! Whether I’m making it or eating it, I do love all things cake related and wedding cake absolutely tops that list. Over the past few weeks, along with our friends at Marks & Spencer, we’ve taken a look at their fab range of traditional, vintage and contemporary wedding cakes and delved into the history and traditions that surround wedding cakes. Today, the team at Marks & Spencer answer your questions about their wedding cakes and give you a rundown on all of the mouthwatering options that are available to you…

Firstly, let’s take a look at the cakes themselves (hurrah!):

Delicous and affordable Marks & Spencer Wedding Cakes

White Chocolate Ribbons Cake
£249.00 (£3.33 per 100g)

If readers aren’t fans of the traditional fruitcake, choices do they have?

As well as our traditional fruit cakes, we also offer all butter sponge cake, lemon sponge, chocolate sponge, chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache and, if you fancy a touch of celebratory alcohol, there’s also a chocolate sponge with a marc de champagne ganache.

If you’d prefer something savoury, there’s a cheese celebration cake made from five English cheeses or a tiered celebration pork pie cake!

We can also work with any special dietary requirements that you might have as we offer a gluten free fruit cake and most of our cakes are vegetarian too.

Obviously, the taste of the cake is super important as is ordering in plenty of time – no one wants a disappointing cake or worse, no cake at all – so here’s some very important information:

Can readers sample the cakes before they order?

Of course! We completely understand that your wedding cake has to be perfect so we offer taster cakes to allow you to sample our flavours before your choose which of our cakes will be served up on your big day. The taster cakes are available in each of our flavours and start at £4.

Delicous and affordable Marks & Spencer Wedding Cakes

Birdcage Wedding Cake
£349.00 (£3.88 per 100g)

How far in advance do readers need to order their wedding cakes? How long do they take to deliver?

Most of our cakes are delivered seven days after ordering if you place your order before 5pm. This applies to all of our traditional wedding cakes and cupcakes. However, some of our other cakes may take up to 21 days to be delivered so do check our website as there’s delivery information online for each cake design.

We do recommend that you order your cake to arrive at least one day before your wedding or event and you can place your order online, at a food information desk at any participating M&S store or by calling us on 0333 014 8222 and we’ll be happy to help.

Now let’s take a look at the practicalities…

Lots of our readers like to serve their cakes as dessert. What’s the best way to go about this?

Firstly, talk to your venue to discuss timings and be sure to let them know your plans in advance. If you want to serve your cake as dessert, you might need to cut your cake earlier during your wedding breakfast or, if you want to avoid cutting into your masterpiece, Marks & Spencer also offer cutting bars. In all of the same sponge flavours as our traditional cakes, these bars can be plainly iced or finished with a chocolate ganache and easily cut into portions to serve to your guests.


Readers will need to transport their cakes to their venue once they’ve collected them from their local M&S store. What should they do to protect the cake on the journey?

Don’t panic! All our cakes come carefully packaged to protect them during delivery to our stores to keep them in this packaging to transport the cake on to your wedding venue. We’ve also created an online video showing you how to unpack your cake in the safest way possible.

If, surprisingly, there is any cake left over at the end of the night, what’s the best way to store it because wasted cake would be a terribly sad thing indeed!

We agree! Happily, all our wedding cakes avoid using any fresh cream so they can be stored in airtight containers and enjoyed in the days after the wedding.

Delicous and affordable Marks & Spencer Wedding Cakes

Shimmering Hoop Chocolate Wedding Cake
£249.00 (£3.36 per 100g)

Finally, let’s talk about the pretty and making your M&S wedding cake look as fab as it will taste.

Do you have any advice for styling your cakes?

All of our cakes are beautifully decorated but you can of course personalise them to make them even more special. You’ll find inspirational ideas in our brochure using simple decorations such as fresh flowers and fruit and for added ‘wow’; we also have step-by-step videos online where food stylist Alice Hart shows you how to perfectly decorate your M&S wedding cake.

Well, I don’t know about your but that’s made my stomach rumble so if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for cake.

Traditional, vintage and contemporary Wedding cakes from Marks & Spencer can be ordered online or in store and you can find your nearest store on their website. Cakes range in price but even the most expensive is currently less than £350 with cutting cakes available for under £20.

marks and spencer cupcakes

Assorted cupcakes

To find out more about the available designs, simply take a look at mouthwatering wedding cake section on the Marks & Spencer website.

Love Tamryn x

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