Introducing Fine Art Wedding Photographer Zosia Zacharia + £500 Saving On Wedding Photography

Well hello and welcome to another week! I do hope you had a blissful weekend. Mine was spent with some fantastic wedding industry professionals and I have to say this weekend, more than ever before, I noticed that so many of us have carved careers in the wedding world after leaving jobs because we wanted something more creative and more fulfilling. That’s certainly true of the lady I’m thrilled to introduce you to today so let’s say hello to fine art wedding photographer Zosia Zacharia.

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£500 saving on wedding photography (details further on)

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Zosia (pronounced Zos-ha) was born and raised in London and after graduating in fashion design, she moved to Italy and spent many years working in the fashion industry. However, despite the perceived glamour of the fashion world, Zosia wanted a job that was more meaningful:

“Working in the commercial ‘throw away’ world of fashion left me feeling empty. I took to spending a lot of time with my camera and soon fell in love with creating and capturing images of people and places and putting them together in the same way I used to design collections that told a story or theme. Seven years ago, a close friend urged me to photograph her wedding and I’ve never looked back.”

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Now, Zosia travels all over the UK and into Europe photographing weddings in her trademark timeless, elegant style with her film cameras. She shoots in both colour and black and white using the same size of cameras that are used for editorial and advertising shoots so her photographs have a gorgeous ‘big picture’ look.

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“Many people ask me why I use film and I simply say it makes my heart sing when I see the end result,” says Zosia. “Colour film flatters all skin tones and makes pastels soft and bright colours pop. Black and white film has a slightly grainy, old movie star quality which is perfect for weddings.”

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But it’s not just Zosia’s fine art style or her film cameras that make her wedding photography so special – it’s her connection with her clients and her desire to produce images that will be loved and displayed for years to come:

“When clients book me to be their wedding photographer, they get a hopeless romantic! I always feel that I see the world through rose tinted glasses, as I want everything to look beautiful! I work with my clients in so many ways before and during their wedding day or their portrait or engagement session. I never just turn up and snap – I prepare with my clients.”

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“I love to meet couples and get to know them. We work closely together discussing not only all the wedding day logistics but also the emotions that come into play. I want them to think about how they want their special day to be remembered and what is important to them to be captured.”

“After all the build up and all the planning, your wedding photographs are the one thing that you have left and I want my clients to look at their images over and over and love them a little bit more every time.”

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Wedding photography from Zosia Zacharia starts at £2,500 for seven hours of photography coverage and your images supplied to you on a USB stick and in a private, password protected gallery. Packages including wedding albums start at £3,500 and engagement shoots cost from £795. You’ll receive your photographs within 4-6 weeks of your wedding and Zosia is passionate about her clients printing their photographs so gives you the choice of ordering professionally printed images from her or arranging prints yourself.

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Zosia Zacharia is offering Love My Dress readers a saving of £500 on all wedding photography services booked before 5th December 2015 so to find out more about Zosia and her fine art wedding photography, do take a look at her website. Here you’ll find her wedding and portrait portfolios and more information about her photography services. If you’d like to check her availability or request a brochure, just get in touch via the website or [email protected].

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Zosia Zacharia can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so do say hello!

Love Tamryn x


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