The Best Wedding Gifts Under £40 With Prezola

The Best Wedding Gifts Under £40 With Prezola

Hello lovelies and it’s great to be back with you, especially as I’m here to talk about wedding gifts! Today, the wonderful Ali Beaven, founder of the multi-award winning wedding gift list company Prezola, is with us to share her pick of the best wedding gifts under £40 and ideas around creating the perfect list to suit all budgets and styles.

Including a variety of affordable wedding gifts on your registry is not just about making it easier on your guests’ wallets, it’s also about spreading the love without breaking the bank! Your wedding is a celebration of love, and your gift list should reflect that by being inclusive of all budgets. With budget-friendly options, you ensure that your friends and family can join in on the gift-giving fun without any financial stress. Plus, who knows, those low cost wedding presents might just surprise you with their thoughtfulness and practicality 😉 We say, let’s make room for those charming, budget-friendly finds and celebrate the joy of giving and receiving graciously.

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Ali, is it important to have gifts across a wide price range on your list?

Definitely. It’s important not to make your guests feel like they have to spend more than they want to, and each guest has their own budget in mind when it comes to gifts.

Not only that, but you want to make sure there are gifts that everyone is able to buy, so you’ll end up with more after the wedding!

What price range are gifts on Prezola? Is there really something for everyone?

We honestly have every price range you can think of from a £3 coaster, all the way to a £1599.99 coffee machine and everything in between.

We also have a variety of price ranges for each product so if you’re looking for something specific, we’re sure to have something you’ll love.

Is there a ‘typical’ spend per gift or per list?

On average, guests will spend around £75 on a gift, but it completely depends on your relationship with the guest.

An old school friend will spend a different amount to your cousin, who will spend a different amount to your grandparents.

Some guests also like to buy more than one gift, while others may group together to buy something big you’ve been dreaming of.

How would you suggest making up your list? Should you have say 50% gifts under £40 with a certain amount of more expensive items?

We’d suggest to simply forget about prices when you start creating your list. Add anything and everything you desire and work back from that. Once you’re happy you have all the items on your list that you’d like, take a look at the prices and see if there are any obvious gaps.

Don’t be shy about adding those big-ticket items either as guests love to celebrate your marriage with gifts that you’ve always wanted.

You can keep topping up your list by adding gifts whenever you like also – so if all of the lower-budget items have been bought, you can always add more at a later date.

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Are there sets or collections of items where guests can buy a few pieces to build up a set? I’m thinking about things like mugs, crockery, even kitchen knives or bedding!

Rather than having one guest splurge on a big, fancy dinnerware set, it’s a good idea to add the items separately so it’s more affordable for various guests to buy.

Whether it’s plates and bowls for your table setting or different knives to form a complete knife set, it makes it easier to buy in chunks, and any missing pieces can be bought by yourself after the wedding.

So if any items are left on the list, can the couple buy them themselves after the wedding?

We give you 10% off all gifts on Prezola you buy yourself – perfect for snapping up any unbought items on your list or buying any extras you may have forgotten.

What would be your pick of the best 10 gifts under £40?

Gifts that provide memories of the big day are definitely a must. A print like this one from Old English Company would have pride of place in the home alongside photo frames like this one from Biggie Best that holds your wedding photo, or even these glass hanging frames from Nkuku that can hold photos or even a memento of the day such as dried flowers, napkin or invitations. You could even add something like this Jo Malone Red Roses candle that takes your senses back to your special day.

Dinnerware items are also essential and we love this heart-shaped plate from The White Company, which is perfect for a feast. This stockpot from Soho Home looks great in the oven or on the table to hold a big casserole, and can even be taken on trips or to festivals for a treat.

To help you along, a cookbook such as the iconic Delia’s Complete How To Cook book is great for any beginners and brands such as Le Creuset are great for newlywed homes.

Don’t forget to use your wedding gift list as a treat too. There are plenty of Red Letter Days experiences to choose from, and this vineyard tour for two is only £30.

Upgrade your glassware with some Kelly Hoppen wine glasses for nights in with a bottle of wine and add a special bottle of champagne to open on your first anniversary or at your first-born’s christening. It’s always a good idea to add gifts that give you something to look forward to.

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What would be the best gift under £40 for foodies, couples setting up home, travel fans and music lovers?

For foodies: If you’re serious about food, it’s important to have a kitchen stocked up with gadgets to suit your needs. This Robert Welch magnetic knife rack will hold all your new knives and makes you look like a pro to all your friends and family.

For couples setting up home: We suggest going back to basics and making sure you get the best start to a newlywed home. Most of us need a refresh when it comes to bedding and luxury pillows like these from Essential Collection ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

For travel fans: We have lots of map prints on site to remind you of your honeymoon destination, a favourite holiday or heritage. We love this World Map corkboard from PT Living to pin any wanderlust inspirations, or use as a dartboard to choose your next adventure!

For music lovers: A vinyl record that reminds you of a concert you went to or favourite song you share. All our vinyl ranges from £15 – £40 and includes all genres from Justin Bieber and Amy Winehouse to David Bowie and AC/DC.


Wow Ali! That’s an amazing selection of gifts and absolutely fantastic advice too. Thank you so much for joining us for and giving us another big dose of Prezola brilliance!

To find out more about wedding gifts from Prezola, the brands and items available as well as all the details about setting up your list, just take a look at the website.


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