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Happy Saturday you guys, it’s the weekend at last. Such a weird week so far, all these beautiful warm days seem to be blending into one long, crazy summer. After such a ghastly cold start to the year, I don’t think we’ll be forgetting summer 2018 in a rush.

We’re not going abroad this year, not that we know of yet anyway, there is so much we want to do to our house, developing our home studio and flower farm and time and funds are limited as always. I’ve been dreaming though, dreaming about flying off to far-flung lands with my husband and children – places where the sun is always shining and the waters are crystal clear and the pace of life slowed right down to that heavenly kind of relaxation point we start to feel we need at this time of year.

Thinking of travelling, we had a very brief honeymoon back in 2009 and it’s something I’ve regretted ever since. I think we felt under pressure to just ‘do something’ as soon as we were married, rather than wait until we were truly ready.  If I had the opportunity again, I would, without any doubt, visit Tahiti and Fiji – two places that have been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I got chatting with our Little Book Wedding Directory members, Buy Our Honeymoon this week, and we got talking about how fun and easy it is, through their brilliant online service, to enable your guests to help fund the kind of honeymoon you might be dreaming of.

Never heard of Buy Our Honeymoon? Then please allow me an opportunity to introduce you. There are details at the very end of this feature on how you can save 20% after your free 7 day trial period using a unique LMD code.

Buy Our Honeymoon HammockBuy Our Honeymoon was set up by founders Shelley and Andrew Green, who got married back in 2005.

“We initially built Buy Our Honeymoon for our own wedding. We were amazed at the generosity of our family and friends, and we can honestly say that they all helped us to kick-start our marriage with the most amazing honeymoon, a 3,000 mile road trip around the USA, that we could possibly have dreamed of. Our honeymoon fund meant that we could thank our family and friends for the experiences and the memories they’d given us, not just for the amount of money they’d sent.”

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“It had all started a few months previously when we were going to build a list at our local department store. Our hearts weren’t in it. We’d been together for so long we already had everything we wanted. Whatever we put on our list felt forced and perfunctory. We then heard about travel companies that allowed you to have your list at their store. But this just didn’t inspire us. I know our family and friends, and knew they wouldn’t want to just contribute to a pot: they’d want to give us something special that we’d always remember. Given that my husband Andrew runs a web development company, it wasn’t a massive leap to think of putting together our own list so that everyone could buy us a unique part of our travels: Buy Our Honeymoon was born.

We were a bit nervous at first — what if my grandmother thought we were breaking some terrible taboo? Her response? ‘That’s the young people’s way now’. Bless her! We also made sure to fill our list with exciting and personal experiences. Our guests loved it, because they knew how much every item on that list meant to us. Many of them they chose something dear to their own hearts: our friend Lisa loves Dolly Parton too so she just had to get that, another friend Claire snapped up Graceland because she’s a fan of The King. Somehow they became a part of our dream.”

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“We didn’t quite expect people to be so enthusiastic about it, or to receive so much encouragement — but everyone told us that we had to make the site available for other people too. So when our beloved daughter Zoë was born on 16th September 2006 and I took maternity leave, we knew the time was right to introduce our other baby to the world.”

What a fabulous story, I’m always drawn to businesses whose background’s have a lovely, personal and authentic story like this. You know you’re dealing with people who really care, from the heart, and it makes such an enormous difference to the quality of service you receive.

So, how does it all work?

Buy Our Honeymoon has been the UK’s top dedicated honeymoon fund service for more than 11 years now – it’s a uniquely flexible way to build an exciting wedding gift list to help fund the honeymoon of your dreams. You get the funds to help make your honeymoon happen, while your guests get to choose a gift that can mean something to them.

Buy Our Honeymoon Boat

Perhaps the most useful gift you can think of would be some cash towards your honeymoon, but you’d like to make the experience more attractive and romantic for your guests, so they know exactly what they’re contributing to? Buy Our Honeymoon offers a truly ideal solution in this case – letting you compile a wedding gift list where your guests can give you a night of your ocean villa accommodation, or 100 miles of your flight, or tickets to a Broadway show. Buy Our Honeymoon’s dedicated honeymoon fund is different from a traditional registry in a few important ways.

It’s all about telling the story of your honeymoon and the focus is firmly on you as a couple. It’s creative, engaging and romantic.

The service is super flexible. You can mix individual gift ideas and open contributions, you can make things as detailed or as simple as you choose, and you’re in control of your funds at all times. You can also include anything you can think of and fund it through your gifts. You get the money to make it happen, and your guests get to choose something memorable and special.

Buy Our Honeymoon

A 100% flexible service

Buy Our Honeymoon’s service is uniquely flexible, and is perfect for both the simplest honeymoon fund and the most detailed itinerary. You can mix one-off gifts and open contributions on the same list, divide your list up into any number of custom sections and display your gift items in any order you like. There’s plenty of room for you to provide a full description of each item, and you can even include simple formatting and links.

You don’t have to have made all your plans in advance, and you can book your honeymoon with any travel agent you want. Buy Our Honeymoon even makes it easy to set up a super-simple honeymoon fund where your guests can make suggestions to you on how they’d like you to spend the value of their gift!

The service makes online payments from your guests easy and secure, with funds going directly to your bank account as soon as the payment clears. Buy Our Honeymoon don’t hold onto your funds until after your wedding, and they don’t take their service fee out of the gifts you’re given. You can choose from a variety of payment systems to best suit your needs.

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Easy to set up

I love the whole concept behind Buy Our Honeymoon – it’s all about telling the story of your honeymoon, and makes the process of gifting toward the costs a really fun and engaging one for your guests. It’s easy to set up and there’s personal help for both you and your guests every step of the way. I know because I set up an account myself! Yes, OK, we’ve been married for a beautiful long 9 years now but that doesn’t stop me dreaming with my very own ‘Buy Our Honeymoon’ list 🙂 Beside I really wanted to test these services for myself and it was great fun!

beeforth honeymoon

View my own honeymoon list by clicking on the image above

I was really impressed to discover how well the whole resource has been thought out – there’s support for a wide variety of currencies, both for displaying your gift items and for collecting your funds — and you can also provide your registry in more than one language.  You can even target different gift payment options based on where your guests are located.

The memories you’ll take home from your honeymoon will last you forever. Buy Our Honeymoon is the perfect gift list to let your guests give you the world.

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Like the sound of it all? Wonderful! I was hoping you would 🙂

You can try out all Buy Our Honeymoon’s unique features by signing up for a free 7-day trial, with absolutely no obligation.

And, if you start your free trial using promo code LMDRESS, they’ll give you a massive 20% discount should you decide to go ahead and create your dream honeymoon experience.

You are most welcome folks!

Annabel x


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