Raimon Bundo Elegance For a Rustic + Homespun Barn Wedding in the Scottish Countryside


The truly lovely images for today’s wedding have pretty much stopped me in my tracks this morning. There are the most wonderful feelings of heartfelt happiness and delight radiating from them, and it’s a real joy to be able to catch a little glimpse of a couple clearly having the best time, and surrounded by loved ones.

Meet Corrie and Gwilym, who celebrated their marriage on the 18 July 2018 at Dalduff Barn in Ayrshire, Scotland. Theirs was a relaxed and rustic barn wedding with a soft, natural colour palette and lots of handmade touches, from decor to flowers to the cake, with family members involved and lending their varied talents to many aspects of the day. I also salute our couple’s wish for a less wasteful celebration, and to use as many recycled, reclaimed and pre-loved elements as they possibly could.

Images by Photomagician

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 15

“This venue is just absolutely stunning and was perfect for creating the rustic and relaxed wedding that we hoped for. What I particularly love about Dalduff is that it comes as a blank canvas, which enables you to put your own personal stamp on it.”

“The barns are so beautiful in their own right which means that you can do as little or as much decoration as you desire and they will always be stunning! As soon as we viewed it, it was love at first sight and we didn’t need to look anywhere else! We just knew it was the place for us!”

“We didn’t hire an events planner but the owners at Dalduff were great at sharing ideas and we had a huge support from all of our family and friends – particularly my mum who was like our ‘unofficial’ wedding planner! We looked for inspiration on the internet, magazines and from previous Dalduff brides!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 1

On her feet Corrie wore a pair of Rainbow Club sandals (from John Lewis) with pretty pearl and tulle accents. These paired perfectly with crystal and pearl earrings and a bracelet from Debenhams.

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 2Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 6

Corrie looked beautiful in a gorgeous sheath dress from Raimon Bundo, which she chose at Galloway Bridal in Stranraer. It was a fantastic choice, with its sleek silhouette and delicate lace, and the flowers and tulle draping softly from the back.


“I went dress shopping with my mum and my gran to Galloway Bridal in Stranraer. I tried on lots of different styles of dresses but had a fair idea of what I wanted. When I tried this dress on it just felt right! I loved the delicate lace at the top and the ‘boho’ flowers and tulle at the back! It was simple, yet elegant and I just knew Gwilym would love it! My mum and my gran also loved it, and tears were shed –so I knew instantly that it had to be mine!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 8

Corrie’s cousin Lucie McDowall created a lovely make-up look for the bride – a great smoky eye with a peachy lip, and Maddison Scott was on hand to style her hair, adding a veil from Galloway Bridal and some fresh flowers to complete Corrie’s look.

“For me, it was all about the flowers! I always knew I wanted fresh flowers in my hair and was so lucky that our florist and hairdresser both worked hand in hand to create my perfect style! I just loved my hair on the day!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 9

Gwilym proposed to Corrie in February 2018, and they were able to plan their wedding day in 5 months.

“We were excited to get married and didn’t want to have to wait years! As soon as we got engaged we checked Dalduff’s availability and to our amazement they had the 18 July free, so we just went for it!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 3

“In some ways I feel that doing it so quickly made it less stressful – we didn’t have time to be picky and we were able to just focus on organising the things that were important to us. Once we booked the venue we got onto finding and booking the rest of our suppliers and luckily for us we managed to get our first choice for everything!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 4Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 5Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 10Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 11

The bridesmaids wore pretty halterneck dresses in a fresh peachy colour from Samsoe & Samsoe, with bracelets and earrings from Etsy, fresh gypsophila in their hair, and sandals from New Look.

“One of my bridesmaids was pregnant so comfort definitely came first! We picked these shoes because they looked great with the girls’ dresses and they weren’t too high meaning they both managed to boogie with their shoes on all night, so it was a win-win situation!”

“We…asked Catherine from Red Red Rose to make us our bridal bouquets and what a wonderful job she did! She was very approachable and listened carefully to what was important to me. I absolutely loved our bouquets and wouldn’t have changed a single thing about them – the colours, the style – everything was perfect!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 23

Dalduff’s wonderful barn, with its weathered wood and corrugated iron looked brilliant set up for the ceremony, with colourful bunting and gypsophila pew ends. Corrie and her party took the short walk over to begin the ceremony, and she was accompanied down the aisle by her dad.

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 12

“Some friends of ours, Hamish and Harry played the music for us during our ceremony. As I walked down the aisle they played the introduction to the traditional Scottish tune ‘The Gael’ on the whistle and double bass.”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 13

Promises were exchanged, and Corrie, Gwilym and their families drank together from a loving cup – an ancient Celtic wedding tradition. The couple also gave rings to one another, which they chose at Wallace Allan in Ayr, where Gwilym had also chosen Corrie’s engagement ring.

“The staff were incredibly helpful from beginning to end and I couldn’t recommend them enough – they listened to the small details and made us feel special every time we walked in the door!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 14

It’s great to be able to feature the work of a talented photographer for the first time on Love My Dress, and these beautiful and atmospheric images come to us courtesy of Radek Makar at Photomagician.

“The photographs for me were one of the most important things to get right as they allow you to see things through the eyes of the lens and create an everlasting memory for you to look back on! When we discovered Radek I just fell in love with his style –slightly vintage and a little bit quirky!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 16

“He is fantastic at what he does and has an amazing way of capturing the beautiful ‘candid’ moments! On the day Radek was great to work with, full of energy and enthusiasm and his style went hand in hand with ours!”

“He was forthcoming with ideas and wasn’t afraid to take risks in order to get the perfect photograph!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 17

“Gwilym and I had so much fun and couldn’t stop laughing as we ran through the fields in our wedding outfits and welly boots! It was exactly as we wanted it to be! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Radek to anyone looking for a photographer –a true gem!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 18Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 19Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 20Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 21Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 22Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 24Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 25Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 26Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 27Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 28

There’s a wonderful ethos behind Corrie and Gwilym’s handmade approach to decor and styling, and this is demonstrated perfectly in the venue flowers.

“We wanted to try to use as many of our own flowers from our gardens, and those of our friends and families to decorate the venue as much as possible! It was definitely a team effort and lots of people donated trimmings of greenery, flowers and even potted plants they had–our local community garden even got involved! The venue lends itself to floral décor and with a lot of hard work and help from all we managed to decorate the barns beautifully!”

“We used little glass bud vases filled with small flower arrangements and greenery for the tables and we filled buckets and bottles with flowers and used these to decorate any bare surfaces! Using flowers that had been homegrown and looked after by our guests gave the venue a real personal touch which was exactly what we were hoping for.”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 29

Other decorative elements were items the couple already had, or were sourced from second-hand shops, all combined together to create a natural, rustic and relaxed style.

“For us, it was about trying to keep it as simple as possible, whilst still creating our dream day! We wanted a relaxing atmosphere which could be enjoyed by all of our guests and most importantly we wanted everyone to have fun! I’ve always loved the more ‘rustic’ style as for me it feels a bit less formal and you can get away with things not being perfect, which definitely took a lot of pressure off us! Something that was really important for us was that we really didn’t want waste! We tried to recycle where possible and tried not to use many disposable goods.”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 30Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 31

After dinner it was time for speeches and cake – a classic fruit cake in three tiers by Corrie’s talented aunty, decorated with fresh flowers by Catherine at Red Red Rose. For their first dance together they chose Best Friend by Jason Mraz, a song which holds a lot of meaning for them both.

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 32

Corrie and Gwilym also hired some harder to source items, including apple crates and a light-up ‘Love’ sign from Just Vintage Hire., along with other props. For favours they also sought to give gifts that could be used, choosing wildflower seeds and packets of bird seed.

“We believe that you should always try to give back to nature where possible and felt this was a lovely way of doing so!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 33

“The music was definitely a highlight for us! We come from a fairly musical background and all of our entertainment was provided by either family members or family friends, including my dad’s band ‘The Barrstools’! We had everything from ‘Gypsy Jazz’(Café Orchestra)  in the afternoon, to ‘Traditional Scottish/Ceilidh’ (The Barrstools) and ‘Cajun Punk’ (Junkman’s Choir) in the evening – it was a wonderful variety and the dancefloor was never empty!”

“Our day turned out exactly how we wished – lots of fun, laughter and dancing! The best part for us was having so many of our wonderful family and friends there to share in our special day and if we could go back and do it all over again we really wouldn’t change a thing!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 36

“We didn’t want to go crazy and spend a fortune on our day – for us it was about creating a lovely day without putting ourselves into too much debt! We made a budget and stuck to it as much as possible! We tried to keep costs down by making and doing as much as we could ourselves and turning to our talented friends and family for help when it came to the flowers, make up, the music and the cake!”

“Everyone rallied round to help decorate the barns the day before the wedding and it really was a joint effort from all to create our perfect wedding! We are lucky to have so many talented and helpful people around us!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 35

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“Do things from the heart! It is your wedding day so try to make it as personal to you as possible! We all have our own ideas and it’s important you do what is right for you! Also, try not to sweat the small stuff.”

“At the end of the day you are marrying your best friend and that is wonderful in itself, so your day is already perfect! Everything else is just simply a bonus!”

Raimon Bundon ress Dalduff Farm Wedding 34

Corrie and Gwilym, huge thanks and congratulations! What a beautiful, personal day, and what am amazingly talented and creative bunch you all are! Many thanks to Radek at Photomagician, too, for these fantastic images.

With love,


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