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I’ll be honest, there are some wedding suppliers that really stand out and make a difference for the wonderful service with a smile and unbelievably happy attitude that they project – and the wonderful Le Colonel Moutarde is absolutely one of those.

I love this small French company and their brilliant neck attire and menswear accessories. They possess a style full of, to borrow a French phrase, ‘joie-de-vivre’ for grooms and groomsmen. These delightful accessories will brighten every wedding and inject colour and personality into your big day. And on top of that, they’ll make your wedding photographs look cool AF.

Le Colonel Moutarde has been totally dedicated to creating exquisite neck attire for stylish gentlemen since 2011. The company’s founders, Rémi Duboquet and Clémence Yon set out on a bold quest to inject French ingenuity and joy into the classic bow tie design. They’re both passionate advocates of craftsmanship and have an insatiable appetite for the unconventional. The young couple have completely reimagined the bow tie’s old and ornamental formality as a modern, ready-to-wear accessory that’s absolutely perfect for weddings.

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“Le Colonel Moutarde was born from frustration,” says Rémi. “The idea first came about when I was looking for the perfect bow tie for a wedding. I couldn’t find anything that suited my taste and, for all my searching, nothing offered that signature quality or flair that I wanted.”

“Out of stubbornness, I decided to create my own bow tie! I loved it so I made more and when Clémence suggested I sell my creations, Le Colonel came to life. To this day, I still create what I want to wear.”

And that flair is just superb. Le Colonel Moutarde is completely in love with Liberty of London fabrics.

3 Le Colonel Moutarde groom accessories colourful bow ties

From those timeless flowery prints to tiger and bird motifs, their studio just can’t get enough of quintessential Brit kitsch. There are also a large number of Japanese fabrics too plus polka dots and plain coloured styles in various shades and textures from cotton and linen to luxury silk. You could even opt for a bespoke option if you want an exclusive piece for your wedding sending your own fabric to their workshop.

“We try to be as versatile as possible to please each of our clients. When they ask for more neutral and classical items, we design a full cocktail collection with delicate Italian silk for a James Bond vibe. When they do ask for crazy patterns and textures, we put up a full selection of Liberty of London textiles with parrots and elephants or some golden sparkly fabrics to add a touch of disco. We also enjoy to experience love at first sight with a fabric that’s why sometimes we have limited editions of accessories made of African fabric or Tartan imprinted wool.”

I also love the fact that Le Colonel Moutarde offers exemplary customer service. They totally understand that lots of guys will never have worn a bow tie, a flowery neck tie or a bold pair of braces before. The team will always help you to find exactly the right piece for your outfit.

So visit their shop in the lovely Cheshire Street near Shoreditch High Street (or in Paris, Lille or Lyon if you’re in France!) with your suit and you can try on your entire ensemble. Failing that, if you purchase online, you’ll also receive fantastic advice, even if you contact the team late at night.

Le Colonel Moutarde’s designs are also really well priced. Bow ties are all around £30 (silk versions are priced at £55), all neckties are £59, whilst braces range from £30 to £59. They also offer pocket squares, cufflinks, boxer shorts, and socks.

15 Le Colonel Moutarde groom accessories

And that’s not all, they have also brought French style to matching accessories for women and children. I love the floral bracelets and the headbands that are available in fabulous matching fabrics. When it comes to kids, there are lots to choose from including mini braces, tiny bow ties, super pretty sashes for little bridesmaids and even adjustable bow ties for your favourite pet!

So, all I can say is that Le Colonel Moutarde should be your new best friend for brilliantly stylish accessories for grooms and groomsmen. Colonel, I salute you!

To find out more, shop the collection and get in touch with the team, just click on over to Le Colonel Moutarde’s website. Do take a look at their styling tips too – you’ll love these ideas.

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