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clean original ethical diamond rings

Hello dear readers and how are you today? I hope that you’re super well, feeling perky and happy with your place in the world.

I’m here today with a feature that our US readers are going to absolutely go wild for as this article is all about diamonds, and the sparkliest diamonds at that. Ladies and gentlemen, put aside whatever you’re doing for a little while as I introduce you to Clean Origin and their spectacular lab-grown diamonds.

I know exactly what you’re thinking right now – what are lab-grown, or cultured, diamonds? Well, they are exactly that, they are diamonds that have been created in a laboratory. They are absolutely still ‘proper’ diamonds and they have the huge benefit of being both an eco-friendly and an ethical alternative to mined diamonds.

Clean Origin uses nothing but lab-grown diamonds so you can be completely sure that absolutely no mined diamonds will be used in your jewellery.

8 Clean Origin ethical wedding diamonds

So, let me tell you a little bit more about Clean Origin because I have no doubt that you’re already cooing over the stunning images in this feature. Clean Origin was founded by Alexander Weindling, a third-generation jeweller who knows a thing or two about gorgeous diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds.

Alexander wanted to be on the right side of history. He wanted to create beautiful, heirloom-quality jewellery that didn’t hurt our earth or those residing on it and so lab-grown diamonds seemed like the natural choice.

And, when you see Clean Origin’s wonderful designs, you can totally see why Alexander decided to work with lab-grown diamonds. I absolutely love the engagement rings and these fall into four main collections – solitaires, halo, classic and vintage.

7 Clean Origin ethical wedding diamonds

Now, I might be biased as I have a halo ring myself but Alexander says that halos are a great setting because they actually tend to make the centre stone appear larger than it is, so it’s no surprise that Clean Origin’s Petite Delicate halo and Petite Floating Gem rings are two of the company’s best-selling rings.

I also love the fact that Clean Origin offers fantastic bridal sets – engagement rings and wedding rings that work perfectly together. The Cazrina bridal set is a really breath-taking combination although I have to say that the Duchess bridal set would definitely make my shortlist.

Clean Origin also offers you the chance to select a diamond only, without the setting. This is a great option if you have an heirloom setting that you want to repurpose with a new stone and breathe new life into a family antique.

10 Clean Origin ethical wedding diamonds

We all know that buying an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a diamond is a very important decision and stones differ greatly in price based on ‘The Four Cs’ namely cut, clarity, carat and colour. However, Clean Origin says that lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds. So, if you originally had a budget for a mined diamond, you could get exactly the same diamond from Clean Origin and save 20-40% or upgrade your diamond to receive better clarity, cut, colour or even a larger carat.

As I’ve already mentioned, Clean Origin is a US based digital company and their customer service is top notch. Every advisor really understands diamonds and will go out of their way to help you find the best ring or the best stone for the best price. They also offer a super generous 100-day return policy, free shipping, one free resizing and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Please note, shipping is currently only available to the US only only.

9 Clean Origin ethical wedding diamonds

So, if you’d like to find out more about lab-grown diamonds from Clean Origin or if you’d like to browse the engagement, wedding and diamond collections, do take a look at their website.


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