Wedding Stationery Ideas For The Budget-Conscious Couple

Wedding stationery for the budget conscious 8

Well hello again! The leaves have turned amber and pumpkin spiced latte season is well and truly upon us.

I can barely approach my local supermarket without having to dodge huge baskets of carving pumpkins! Still, warm beverages and orange obstacles aside, today’s post is an important one. Each and every couple comes to us with their own style, their own inspiration and most importantly in this instance, their own budget.

It’s something no one likes to talk about, however everyone has a financial zone that they are not comfortable straying from.

It’s a tricky task, when you supply a luxury product that takes an extraordinary amount of time to create, however we absolutely love to create pieces for every budget, especially when the couple truly values stationery as a centrepiece for their day.

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As a starting point, think about the pieces you will need, and how you wish your guests to react upon receiving or seeing your stationery. Are there pieces that are absolute must haves? Do you, for example, live for the luxe aspect of foil, but are happy for your guests to reply via email, thus removing the need for an RSVP card? Is a golden acrylic welcome sign an absolute must, but table menus not so high on the priority list?

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As a general rule, we always have a sure fire way to reduce costs to our couples, and yet retain the minimal and uber luxe aesthetic to our creations. Three words: Use. Foil. Wisely. For us, it seems like a no-brainer, however the cost of individually hand foiling invitations, rather than say digitally printing them, is considerably higher.

Don’t be afraid or hesitant to discuss your budget; this will ensure everyone is on the same page and will make your planning so much smoother in the long run.

We often suggest to couples that using their invitations as their wow-factor piece in fabulous foil, with items such as information cards or RSVPs coordinating in digital print is a fantastic way to stick to their budget whilst keeping the aesthetic they crave.

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We are so pleased to be able to offer our clients some seriously stunning luxury extras to make their stationery suites truly bespoke and unique. Again, with budget-conscious couples, we always suggest prioritising to get the best out of their budget.

Elements such as a bespoke venue drawing to be used on the stationery suite may appear costly at the time, however these can be used across day stationery and beyond, with many of our clients opting to have their venue drawing used in prints for their home, or perhaps on thank you cards. Gilding the edges of the invitations, rather than the entire stationery suite adds impact, and wax seals on invitation envelopes, rather than using them for multiple pieces can truly create the wow factor, whilst sticking to a budget.

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I suppose the most crucial piece of advice we can give to all couples, not just those worried about budgetary constraints, is to speak to your suppliers. I know we’ve definitely mentioned it in previous posts, but talking our process through with clients and understanding their requirements whilst finding solutions they are comfortable with is a key element to the service we provide, and one which we enjoy immensely.

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Don’t be afraid or hesitant to discuss your budget; this will ensure everyone is on the same page and will make your planning so much smoother in the long run. Suppliers know their trade, they understand the needs and pressures couples face, and if you’ve picked well (which I’m sure you have, you lot have great taste!) then they will get you, your vibe and your vision for your day.

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