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We’re partnering with some incredible wedding industry brands this year, all with the goal of helping inspire you to have a really special, magical, memorable time, not just on your wedding day, but in the weeks and months you spend planning it too. And one of these brands I’m most thrilled to be working with, is The Wedding Present Company.

The Wedding Present Company is run by a lovely, friendly, down to earth and incredibly knowledgeable team of professional wedding gift advisors and earlier this month, I caught up with their Brand Manager, Georgie Evans, to talk all things gifting.

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Below Georgie introduces The Wedding Present Company and talks through how she and her team are working to support small and independent businesses as well as championing larger, more established brands well regarded for their sought after, high end products.

The Wedding Present Company is a conscious company that considers sustainability at every step of the way. Their bespoke and personal service for couples means they can help you create a wonderfully honest and authentic wedding gift list, that is completely and exclusively you. Go luxurious, sophisticated and heirloom worthy. Go discreet and tailored. Go unexpected, stylish and indulgent or go essential, necessary and helpful. Whatever you have in mind. Georgie and her team are excited to assist.

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Who are The Wedding Present Company?

The Wedding Present Company was established 29 years ago, based on the foundations of good old-fashioned customer service, and offering our couples a truly bespoke and tailored service. These foundations are still at the core of our business today.

Our dedicated service and expertise are what sets us apart from other gift list providers. We are the trusted expert for a boutique wedding list experience. We help you find wedding presents that you will love, and use, forever. Your wedding list should reflect your personality as a couple and last you a lifetime.

We are also renowned for our flexibility – something we are really proud of.

What are the benefits of having a traditional wedding gift list? Why should a modern couple consider one?

For us, we feel there is such huge value in setting up your home together with your wedding list. There’s something undeniably romantic about having a home that you love – that your nearest and dearest family and friends have helped you achieve.

Having a traditional gift list of presents you love and have really considered is a wonderful way of cementing memories from your wedding into your everyday life. I think of my bridesmaids every-day when using our dinner plates; they clubbed together to buy them for us.

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We know that many modern couples may have been living together for some time by the time they get married, and therefore may not feel they need the more traditional type of wedding list. However, don’t underestimate the joy of this opportunity to perhaps upgrade items to ones that are better quality, or perhaps add to existing collections. Or even use it as the perfect opportunity to add those items that you have longed for, but perhaps couldn’t justify at the time. Our group gift option is great for those extra-special, higher-priced items as it means your guests can individually contribute to the overall price of a gift.

There’s also something really special about creating a gift list of presents. It’s the one part of wedding planning where you’re really focusing on your future together, rather than just planning for one specific day. It’s also a wonderful, and fun, part of wedding planning that you can do together as a couple, imagining the life you are going to live together as a married couple! The excitement!

In our experience, couples that chose to have honeymoon or cash funds over a more traditional wedding list found that, whilst they loved their honeymoon, they wished they had used the opportunity to build or add to their home with their gift list.

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Remember that not all guests like to contribute cash. We often find that most guests would far prefer to give a tangible present that they know you would love and use. Guests LOVE a gift list; you are making their lives so much easier by having one! Georgie Evans

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Le Creuset

We want to work with an environmentally conscious wedding gift list provider – can you help?

We absolutely can. We have been plastic-free since 2019, meaning you won’t find a single bit of plastic in our branded packaging. However, the biggest effort we make to be a conscious wedding service is offering our expertise and guidance to help couples create a wedding list they will love, and use, for a lifetime.

We are firm believers of buy once, buy well. Our expert wedding list advisors get to know every single couple and get a thorough understanding of their wants and needs, introducing them to brands and presents that they know our couples will love. We know each and every brand story inside out, and the strengths and weaknesses of each brand.

We pass this expert knowledge onto our couples so that they can make informed decisions for their wedding list and be assured that the items they choose will serve them for a lifetime.

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Can guests buy wedding gifts from small and independent businesses?

Absolutely! This is one of our biggest USPs. We LOVE finding brilliant small independent brands and welcoming them into The Wedding Present Company family.

We love to champion their crafts and tell their stories to our couples. Of course, the big-name must-haves are also all available and we love these too. We find that a hybrid list of these sought-after brands combined with small independents you may not have heard of before make for the most interesting and lovely wedding lists.

Your gift list should be unique to you as a couple, and this is a brilliant way to achieve that.

How do we set up our wedding gift list with The Wedding Present Company?

Our couples can register their gift list online, via our website, in just a few minutes! From here they can start browsing our Online Showroom of over 18,000 listed wedding presents and start adding to their gift list right away.

Most of our couples like to register online and then book a complimentary private appointment in our London Showroom with one of our Wedding List Advisors.

See how it works

Our showroom is laid out like the rooms of a house and is an inspiring, welcoming, and cosy space to browse presents in person and imagine how they might look in your own home. We find it’s particularly helpful to see certain presents in person, such as glassware, china and cutlery as these are often difficult to get a good feel of online.

Our showroom experience is really special, and many of our couples cite it as one of their favourite parts of wedding planning. Alongside the expert guidance of your wedding list advisor, you can enjoy browsing presents whilst sipping on free-flowing Nyetimber or freshly brewed coffees.

Browse the Online Showroom

We’re open every day, including weekday evenings and at the weekend, meaning you can fit in an appointment around your busy lives.

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Do we have to pay to set up a wedding gift list?

Our service always has, and always will be free of charge. We don’t charge for our showroom or virtual appointments and our dedicated service is complimentary. The only possible charge you may incur is a small delivery fee if the value of presents bought from your list is under £2000.

There is a small 2% handling fee, paid by guests who decide to pledge towards any fund or honeymoon contribution.

What if we can’t visit your London showroom?

We understand that life is busy and not all our couples will be able to come and visit our showroom, so we also offer virtual appointments. Via Zoom, our couples will receive the same reassuringly personal and expert advice from our Wedding List Advisors.

Ahead of a virtual appointment, we ask couples to complete a short questionnaire, designed to give us a sense of your style and what you need from your wedding gift list. From here, our advisors will create a personalised mood board of wedding present choices which they will present to couples in their virtual appointment. It’s a great starting point, from which you can then continue to add presents from our online showroom at your leisure.

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Do you provide alternatives to traditional gifts, say, for example, an opportunity for guests to contribute towards a honeymoon fund?

Absolutely. We offer some amazing alternatives to traditional gifts, including subscriptions (think deliciously healthy food boxes or sustainable flowers), cash funds towards things like your honeymoon, a piece of artwork, a wine cellar or a piece of furniture and vouchers for the likes of Mr & Mrs Smith.

We also offer all couples the option to add up to 10 ‘custom’ products. These are presents from UK based brands we don’t work with, meaning your wedding list really is unlimited with The Wedding Present Company.

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Can couples add items to their gift list after it has been set up?

Of course. You can add presents to your wedding list right up until the day of your wedding, and even after that if you would like! You can even swap presents around after they have been bought by a guest, with our Flexible gift list option.

We’re thinking affordability for our guests. Do you offer a range of price points for gifts on the list?

Absolutely, this is crucial to any gift list. We have dedicated Inspiration lists, organised by price points, on our website ready for couples to explore. Our Wedding List Advisors are also experts when it comes to ensuring that couples have a well-rounded gift list that caters to all guest budgets.

Can you provide examples of luxury gifts that have been popular with your clients?

Luxury means something different to every couple. We tend to think luxury means expensive, but that’s not the case.
Whilst one couple might love adding a Big Green Egg BBQ, or Ooni Pizza Oven to their list, others might find adding beautiful crystal glassware the ultimate luxury.

The real luxury here is that our dedicated Wedding List Advisors will be available every step of the way to help you establish what is important to you and ensure that you are armed with their expert knowledge to make informed decisions about every present on your gift list. And they’ll make sure you have the very best experience along the way.

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Can guests include personalised messages with their gifts?

Yes, guests have the option of leaving a personalised message when they purchase a present. These messages are available for couples to see in their online dashboard, and we also send a keep-sake booklet of all the messages to every couple once their list has been finalised.

Do you offer any additional services, such as gift wrapping or gift delivery to guests?

We are the only gift list company to offer couples the choice of two types of wedding list: a Fixed list and a Flexible list.

A Flexible list is what most of our couples choose. This option allows you complete flexibility as we will not order any presents for you until you tell us to, normally after your wedding. This means you can swap things around and exchange presents for others if you desire.

It’s particularly useful if you have part of a set bought (for example, half of your dinnerware set) – you can take the contribution from another present and put it towards completing this set. It’s also great if you get duplicate presents bought off-list, of which you cannot return.

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It’s also great if you simply have a change of heart about a present you originally listed. The important thing to know here is that we will never tell a guest if you decide to swap their present! And you will always have a record of exactly who bought you what, regardless of whether you decide to swap it or not. Once you have finalised your list, we’ll place your order in one go for you.

A Fixed list is a good option for couples that know exactly what they want, and want their presents delivered as quickly as possible. As your guests purchase your presents, we will order them. The only time we wouldn’t do this is if something was part of a set not yet complete.

You’re presents will arrive at our warehouse one-by-one as they are pledged, and you can take delivery at a time to suit you. It does mean that once a gift has been purchased by a guest you cannot change your mind about it.

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We purposefully don’t gift wrap presents. There is already a plentiful amount of packaging with your gifts, and part of our commitment to sustainability is to reduce additional superfluous packaging wherever we can. Georgie Evans

The Wedding Present Company - Modern elegant country house living inspiration.

How do you handle delivery of the gifts to the couple?

We handle every aspect of your delivery. Most items come into our warehouse, are checked by our team, and then packaged up in our recyclable boxes and delivered to you, either by our in-house drivers or by our trusted couriers. Some larger items, such as garden furniture, is delivered directly to you by the supplier – but we will organise all of this for you.

Do you have any tools or resources available to help couples decide what to include on their gift list?

The biggest and best resource we have are our amazing Wedding List Advisors. Every couple is assigned their own dedicated advisor, who is at their beck and call every step of the way. This is something that is unique to The Wedding Present Company, no other gift list offers this level of personal service. Think of us as your dedicated personal shoppers for your wedding list!

We also have plenty of other tools available to you, from our extensive wedding gift list checklist to our many inspiration lists on our website designed to cater to all tastes and styles. Our Instagram is also a brilliant source of daily inspiration and advice.

We also have some amazing events in our Showroom, exclusively for our couples, such as our annual Wedding Showcase, our Bridesmaids Bash, Wedding Wine Tastings to name but a few. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to be the first to hear about upcoming events.

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