Coronavirus & Weddings: What to do if you run/own a wedding venue

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We’ve already shared lots of advice for couples worrying about the impact on their wedding, specifically their venue, because of coronavirus COVID-19.

Through this article, we are sharing advice for the venues themselves. This advice has been shared by Kelly Mortimer, The Wedding Venue Expert, who we are extremely grateful to for her time.

Over to you Kelly…

You be the calm one

Our couples are panicking, and this is one of those times when we need to be the safe place for them to go. Lots of my venue clients have said to me “We don’t know what to say” or “we don’t have the answers”. None of us do. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t support our couples through this and come out even stronger on the other side.

Don’t bury your head in the sand

I recently recommended in my Wedding Venue Facebook Group, that all venues should be proactively in touch with their couples. Because they felt they didn’t ‘have the answers’ they were scared to take action. This is the worst thing we can do.

Our couples need to hear from us. Reach out to ALL your couples (do a group email blind copy everyone) and explain what’s the situation TODAY. We don’t know past that.

Tell them you’re following guidelines, you’re keeping on top of the new advice as it comes, give them that reassurance you aren’t burying your head in the sand.

Give updates on your website

Have an area specifically for wedding couples where they can find updates on your website. And update it regularly! Information is  changing daily so even a few sentences each day will be a place for your couples to see the latest information.

Be flexible where possible

These are very strange times, which most of us have not experienced before. Where we can be flexible wither with dates or indeed minimum numbers please do your best to accommodate these changes

Future business

Consider offering a temporary flexibility in your contacts and be vocal about it. For example, any booking made in the next 6 months would be eligible for one change of date within 12 months. This gives new bookings the safety net they need to continue with their bookings.


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