Modern Sensuous Bridal Editorial Featuring Nikeen Asar Gowns at Garthyml Hall

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Prior to our latest national lockdown, wedding suppliers up and down the country have been collaborating on editorial shoots in order to nurture their creative vision, as well as tend to their needs to feel part of a supportive and creative community.

These images are a product of one such effort to bring suppliers who would otherwise have been busy shooting and working on weddings, together, to flex their creativity and support one another through this difficult time.

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4 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

I’m really delighted to be able to support our talented Little Book Member Emmylou of Vanitas Life in sharing these images. Emmylou hosted a workshop for creatives during the summer, under her photography guise ‘Emmy Shoots‘, and the results are sensuous and super sexy. Emmylou’s words follow…

“The idea behind an inspiration shoot, for me, is to create a day so realistic, that no one will realise it’s not a real wedding. This became such an important ideal during lockdown as we all quickly ran out of weddings, that I felt the need to design a shoot that was aligned with my photography style and also inspired my future couples.”

Having lost out on the opportunity to also travel for my weddings, an aspect of my design was to create a shoot that transcended the current lockdown policies of geographical movement.”

165 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“MILES workshops was born out of the desire to share my knowledge and experience of designing shoots with photographers struggling with content and not being able to photograph weddings, as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.”

“I was also craving a corporeal wedding community and this seems to quench my thirst. Working from home is great, however sometimes we just need to be around real people for a change. It’s the whole reason why I work in the wedding industry, being submerged in the joy, the crowds, the emotions and the high.”

204 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

Garthmyl Hall is such an ideal location for a destination style shoot. The Georgian House oozes French vibes with it’s grand architecture and interior styling.”

“The 5 acres of gardens, secret doorways, herbaceous borders and Cedar of Lebanon trees give an ideal backdrop for ceremonies and wedding reception. Lush green lawns and colourful palettes allow all styles of weddings to shine.”

159 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“With travel in mind, I designed a shoot with a touch of Australia. So many innovative designs are coming out of Australia at the moment, it’s a constant source of inspiration for me.”

“Lots of whites to compliment the garden colours, and tonal theme. With this in mind, we chose to incorporate minimalism, with a touch a bohemian and monochrome. Chic Luxe I call it.”

135 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“Amy from Attabara Studio worked with me to design the shoot. Her attention to detail and perfect planning precision makes the whole process such an ease.”

“From choosing the fabrics to align with the stationary and picking the best candles for the floral installations, Amy’s vision and imagination has been invaluable. She also assists to coordinate the whole shoot and the team of photographers.”

185 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“I’d been such a huge admirer of Liberty Lane Flowers‘ work for such a long time. I was ecstatic when Jennie wanted to join the team and was able to create the dream installation piece I’d been excited to shoot. The ceremony backdrop was the main feature of the shoot, creating an adorned frame for our couple. Flowing with gypsophila and white roses, Jennie’s masterpiece was everything I had imagined it to be.”

“Her work carried through to the tablescape and created a river of florals through the day, depicting the natural characterics of flowers. Her flowers fashioned that luxury aesthetic we designed the shoot around.”

106 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“Working with a dress designer directly on a shoot has always been a privilege but extremely important for me. Having the designer with me on the day allows the models look to be absolute perfection as the designer will always want to see his/ her dresses in the best light.”

Nikeen Asar‘s innovative designs of modern lines, and sleek materials made him the ideal designer for the shoot.”

141 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“A flash of skin here and there added a touch of sensuality to the shoot and we really got to play as photographers, shooting the dresses with different couples in mind. I’m so grateful for Nikeen travelling to be with us on the day.”

218 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“Our whole team of suppliers were incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of supportive and energetic community.”

“We were kindly fed pizza’s from Amber’s Woodfire Kitchen and hosted by the darling girls at Garthmyl who I have lots of love for.”

238 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“The hair and makeup artist, Daniella, worked tirelessly throughout the day being on call for any makeup or hair appliance that needed to be done…keeping energy levels high and always putting a smile on peoples faces.”

167 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“The On The day coordinators, Lianne and Kate, and of course Amy, who kept the whole day running smoothly with a team of 15 photographers, without their skills, the whole day would have just fallen apart.”

“And of course to the photographers who put their trust in me to deliver a shoot worthy of their instagram feeds and websites. I am so utterly grateful. You guys keep me going, mentally and physically.”

237 Nikeen Asar Garthmyl Hall weddings

“MILES workshop has been such hard work but a dream come true. We have one more workshop with tickets available in December and we’re currently planning 2021 with lots of new exciting projects. We would love for you to join the MILEs community. See you there.”

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