Lauren in a Floral Sassi Holford Dress and her Winter Scottish Elopement

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Rain and mist add so much atmosphere to wedding photographs, and I absolutely adore seeing couples embrace their wedding day, in all elements; whether sun, rain, mist, snow or anything in between. We’re in Scotland today for the romantic, moody wedding of Lauren and Sam, and her delicately-embroidered Sassi Holford gown.

Accountant Lauren and physio Sam eloped to The Lodge on Loch Goil, Argyll, Scotland on 11 December 2021 for an intimate, relaxed wedding on the banks of Loch Goil. The couple, who love being in the great outdoors, wanted an incredible location to be central to their marriage, choosing the festive season to make Christmas even more special.

Photography Meggy Mac Photography

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The bride fell in love with Sassi Holford‘s ‘Iris’ gown, its romantic, open-backed silhouette showing perfectly the delicate floral embroidery. You can find out more about Sassi Holford’s exceptional gowns on her Wedding Directory listing here.

“I wanted something a bit more unique and fell in love with Sassi Holford’s Iris dress on the website. I knew it would be perfect for an outdoor wedding in Scotland and I felt so special in it.”

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“The Sassi Holford team were absolutely amazing; they made the whole dress journey so wonderful and special and made me feel like I was their only customer.”

“I went to try the dress on by myself most of the time as I was in Taunton for a client, but it didn’t matter as they got so excited and made me feel so happy and special.”

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“We were very keen on getting married outside. The marriage being about us has always been the theme of every conversation we’ve ever had about marriage.”

“We didn’t particularly want to spend lots of money to show everyone else how much we love each other.”

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“We wanted to get married in an outside place, with a beautiful backdrop to enhance the moment we share our vows and commit ourselves to each other.”

“Christmas is a very special time for both of us and now each year it will be all that more special.”

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“We thought The Lodge on Loch Goil looked so beautiful and would be the perfect place to start our married life.”

“If getting married outside is an option we would 100% recommend it. If you want a smaller wedding or to elope, it can be just as special and more intimate.”

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The groom wore a dapper Armani suit with a Turnbull & Asser shirt, a Rampley & Co tie and shoes from Loake. His fragrance was Le Labo Thé Noir 29.

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Sam and Lauren met on a dating app at the beginning of 2021, in the middle of the nationwide lockdown.

“As soon as Sam said he had two dogs and they were called Mozart and Newton (my dogs are called Einstein and Sherlock), I had a really good feeling that this was going to work.”

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“Our first date was at a local park with all four dogs on 24 January 2021. It had snowed that morning so felt really magical and special.”

Sam: “We got engaged nine months later, on 3 October 2021. Lauren and I spent a weekend down in Appledore, Devon.”

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“It was a wet and cold Saturday and I had spent so long waiting for this day to come that I had to go through with it, whatever the weather.”

“We drove to Crows Point with the dogs and embarked upon a late afternoon walk on the beach. As soon as we started walking along the beach, the rain stopped and the clouds began to separate.”

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“Though miles and miles of sand stretched behind us and in front of us, we didn’t share this beach with a single person.”

“As the clouds parted, we could see the sunset and I knew this was the right moment to ask the most important question I’ll ever have to ask.”

Lauren says “It was so magical. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than to be on a deserted beach, with our four boys running around us and just Sam and me – it was so perfect!”

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After getting ready at The Lodge, the couple walked to the loch shore together and approached the registrar to ‘I Giorni’ by Ludovico Einaudi.

“We walked down to where we got married together, which was lovely as we were both so excited to get married.”

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Walking there together is one of the groom’s favourite memories.

Sam: “A favourite moment of mine was seeing Lauren for the first time in her dress.”

“It was a moment I had waited a long time for and I’ll never forget how incredible she looked. Walking down together to the loch shores knowing we were about to get married was also a very special, intimate moment.”

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“Argyll & Bute Registrars were amazing. They sent us a questionnaire before the wedding so the ceremony felt really personal, which was especially lovely when it was only the two of us.”

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Lauren and Sam exchanged rings from Carter & Follows.

“The rings were amazing; we got them made in Brighton by Carter & Follows. They were incredible and made us amazing rings, exactly how we wanted in such a short time. My engagement ring is from Kataoka.”

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After the ceremony, the newly-weds and their photographer spent time outside in the moody, atmospheric December weather getting some incredible photographs.

They then headed back inside to warm up with food and drink provided by The Lodge on Loch Goil.

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The day’s photographer was Meggy Mac Photography, whose epic, sweeping shots of the loch and the newly-weds are simply breath-taking.

“As soon as we found Megan on Google we fell in love with her style of photography.”

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“We found it to be very atmospheric and could compare it to film stills which captured the story perfectly. On the day, she was amazing.”

“She was so easy to get along with and never felt like the photos were an effort and made them enjoyable.”

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“She even went and spent her spare time scoping out the area before the wedding to find places for additional photos.”

“The photos that we got are just amazing. We love them all and really feel like they tell the story of our day. We 100% recommend Megan.”

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Lauren wore Dr Martens boots and her fragrance was Le Labo Rose 31. She wore her hair down in soft waves with a side-swept fringe and slipped in a delicate hairvine from Halo & Co.

“Sam bought me this as a surprise for the day – it was gorgeous. I borrowed my necklace and bracelet from my mum so I would have something of hers with me on the day.”

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The couple had a sweet, romantic first dance outside to ‘Lucky Sometimes’ by Pokey La Farge.

“We did our first dance by ourselves on the decking outside the summerhouse, overlooking the loch, under the stars.”

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Words of Wedded Wisdom

“Our main piece of advice is to plan your wedding exactly how you both would like it and try not to consider anyone else.”

“So many decisions are made to please family and guests but in doing so you may lose sight of what is important to you and your day.”

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Lovelies, if you’ve been inspired by this magical elopement, you can get more ideas for your own right here on Love My Dress. Sam and Lauren, congratulations and thanks to you both, and thank you Meggy Mac Photography for your exquisite work.

Ele xx

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