Thought for a Sunday: Disposable Fashion…

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"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." Coco Chanel


I was researching yesterday (lots of creative projects going on this year) when I found myself drawn back to a blog feature I first discovered over a year ago now that ponders the notion of disposable fashion, and consideres an era when women were more likely to be found wearing beautifully structured and well made items of clothing and accessories on a day-to-day basis.  That is, as opposed to cheaply manufactured high street fashion (the dubious manufacturing policies of which should cast shame on us all as consumers).

Re-reading through the blog feature yesterday evening inspired me once again, and re-affirmed my desire to avoid disposable fashion as much as I can from here on, even if it means investing in a much fewer number of more expensive items of clothing.  Clothing that is timeless in style, and that will look as good on my Daughters when I pass on my 'vintage frocks' in 30 years time, as it does on me now.

Maybe its something that has come with my age, as I try to work my way somewhat stylishly through my thirties, and become ever more turned off by high street fashion and its attempts to clone us…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Source, dovima_is_devine_II's photostream on Flickr

1950s Vogue ....

And why is it, that just because I'm working from home today, I went to find the most dull wardrobe choice I could find because, well, I'm not going anywhere in particular and assumed I needed a 'slobbing out' kind of outfit?

Today, I will be wearing the nicest possible frock I can get away with to float around the house on a Sunday whilst I catch up on blogging and spend time with my family.  And I shall accessorise with something pretty from my little box of sparkle and pearls.

Perhaps not quite as beautiful as the dress below, but then, dusting down the shelves in the study would be a whole lot more fun dressed like this 🙂

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Source, Vicki, Nostalgic Collections on Flickr


Much love,

Annabel xXx


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19 thoughts on “Thought for a Sunday: Disposable Fashion…

  1. Really interesting article, A. I’m having a lazy day today and have dressed acccordingly, but I know I’d feel more motivated, more beautiful if I dressed in a pretty dress when just doing nothing.
    I think your 30s are a real time for wardrobe reflection – they have been for me anyway – and I know I’m starting to really find my own style rather than one thrown at me by the high street. For me, for my shape and style, I find the 50s structured tops and full skirts most flattering (think Kirsty Allsop skirts, dresses and coats) and I’m finding myself drawn more and more to well-made, timeless clothing.

  2. So glad there are others out there who believe in the same as myself. I have friends that shop religiously in these cheap disposible fashion shops but I hate them. I’d rather pay more for something that will last years and look better on than pay less for something that will last five minutes. You can’t beat something that is well made but I think I take after my mother and grandma who have always been well dressed. I have a beautiful black velvet dress that I wore when I was a little girl I will be handing it down to my daughter (when and if I have one!) and hopefully the family tradition of dressing like you mean business will be carried on.

  3. Great blog feature – I am sick to death of sodding Primark and it’s tat! Don’t want to look like a topshop, next, miss selfridge clone either. tired of buying the latest thing only to look at it 6 months later and it seem ‘out of fashion’. costs me a fortune.

  4. What a fabulous idea – inspired me to get out of my sweatpants and put on my favourite leopard print maxi dress! I’m not going out today but I look great anyway!

  5. Totally agree, I think I would be much more productive if I was dressed to kill! Its such a boost to your confidence to dress in something glamorous and classic. Must get to the shops….!

  6. I love vintage and ‘style’- however sometimes I DO like to wear comfort-clothes at home as I’m also a fan of the ‘PJ day’ when it’s cold and rainy- something I wonder about is why ‘comfort’ clothing (and let’s face it, we do sometimes need loose and comfy outfits) cannot be as luxuriously constructed as ‘going out’ clothing. When slobbing out as it were, where are beautiful satin pyjamas (like 40s starlets wore), soft cashmere and angora cardies, embroidered smocks or kaftans, feathered mules? Why is it assumed by many brands (even designers- Juicy for example) that relaxed means a fleece hoodie? I’m not a 14 year old urban kid, I’m a woman, and I wish we were back in the day when a lady relaxing looked like a lady!

  7. Cath, I’m sure there’s a company now that specialises in well made (made to last) comfort clothing, luxurious and soft and comfortable… Toast, perhaps? That rings a bell…

  8. Im the same – as soon as I get home Im straight in to the tracksuit bottoms and hoody and the hair is scraped back – the poor boyfriend only sees me dressed up when we are going out or going to work. I have so many friends who say the same thing of their home life.
    I would love to have the elegance and style of the ladies in the 40s and 50s dressing to impress and not having ‘down days’ as it were but I guess its just comfier to get into loose clothing and not to make an effort.
    One thing can be said of the ‘dress down days’ at least when you do make the effort it is very well received by all – making me feel extra special!
    Great blog!

  9. A woman after my own heart Annabel! Everyday is an excuse to dress u, and I’m a stickler for quality! I just can’t do Primark and the like.
    Although, I do like the odd PJ day so I invest in beautiful things to chill out in. Most recently I bought a lovely pair of monochrome satin pjs that make me feel like Katherine Hepburn. I was also given a very sweet set of aubergine silk pjs for xmas, they’re very vintage inspired with gorgeous cami shorts. I only ever wear a black robe too as it somehow feels more glamorous. I have a lightweight one for summer that is very slinky and a warmer, fluffier one for winter.
    And red lipstick with everything 😉

  10. I completely agree. I already take that attitude to handbags and accessories – half a dozen quality items rather than infinite stashes of cheap bits and pieces from the high street but I need to take a lead from your book and translate that to clothes!!
    Jem xXx

  11. I’ll be wearing my black dress tomorrow I think – and a bit of bling and lippy too – and it’s definitely a “not going anywhere” day. What a lovely idea!
    As for cheapie shopping – I couldn’t agree more. I avoid Primark and Peacocks for that principle but I would love to know which other shops’ cheap ranges are less than ethical in origin. I suspect most of the high street starts off in a factory I wouldn’t be happy working in myself…
    A beautiful new context for the term “Love My Dress” – thanks for making me think.

  12. Hi Everyone,
    What wonderful comments you have left!
    I have to blog through into the early hours this evening! And so to inspire and keep me motivated, I’ve just applied a layer of fine red lipstick and yes, I still have my dress on 😉
    Much love to you all, you stylish ladies you 🙂
    Annabel xXx

  13. I saw this quote this morning and I thought of you and this post …
    ‘Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.’

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