Love My Dress Wedding Blog ~ The Video Debut… {ARR!!!}

Morning Everyone!

Yesterday turned out to be an unplanned day off blogging as I focused my attention towards other things.  One of them was preparing to be guest at the beautiful Emma Case's surprise wedding yesterday evening, go check my Twitter feed for a quick photo I took from my iPhone but oh my good gosh, WHAT a beautiful blessing and experience for Emma, her Husband Pete and all the lucky guests who were there. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!  🙂

One of the things I plan on doing in the near future is 'video blogging', and I kind of had this crazy idea that sharing a video of me talking a little bit about Love My Dress might be a nice way of introducing my readers to video blogs.  Today I thought I'd share that video of me, with you.  Of course, my video blogs in the future won't be all about me!! They'll be all about the talented people working in the wedding industry that I'm lucky enough to get to spend time with – and it will be a way for me to share with you the brilliant work that they do.

Anyway, I can't quite believe I'm doing this today, but something tells me I should just be brave…….!?!?

This video was filmed last Monday at the By Appointment Only Design boutique in London, when I went to spend a day learning how to make beautiful wedding bouquets (blog post coming up soon!) and find out more about the talented duo of wedding and event stylists.  It was fun being filmed but please believe me when I say I was utterly, utterly unrehearsed for being interviewed in front of the camera – a first for me, and so if I ramble a little, or speak too fast, or come across as nervous, it's because I was!!! I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY NERVOUS!!!

I could ramble on some more about how I hadn't brushed my hair, or checked my makeup or that this isn't my best angle, and the lighting isn't kind, but, who cares?   I'm just going to go for it and share this with you as it is. 

And so, here it is – my little film debut 🙂

I'd love your feedback.   Please, please, please be kind…..

*takes deep breaths!!*

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Video Copyright (c) 2011, The Dreamcatchers


Huge thanks to Javier Salvador of By Appointment Only Design boutique in London for this opportunity 🙂

Much love,

Annabel xXx

ps – It's my Wedding Anniversary today!! Happy Anniversary to my darling Husband 🙂 xXxXx

pps – I cannot believe I just posted a video of me.  I need to go and calm down now…..

ppps – I know I'm rambling, sorry!!!


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