My Exhibition Stand at The Wedding Channel Couture Show, New York Bridal Market…

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So I guess most of you know now that I've been in New York since last Tuesday, and that from Saturday, I've been exhibiting here during Bridal Market Week.

Bridal Market Week happens twice annually in New York, and is spread out across the whole of the city.  High end designers hire out hotel penthouse suites to showcase their gowns (or have live models showcasing their latest bridal designs in their shop windows, as did Matthew Williamson) and two major trade shows take place that bring together many talented designers under one roof, the first is 'New York International Bridal Fashion Week' and the second is the Wedding Channel Couture Show.

The latter, held at the Barclay Intercontinental Hotel, is where I have been exhibiting since Saturday (it's the final day of the show today). Exhibiting with me, is Propose PR.  Infact, the reason I am here in the first place is because of Propose PR – who reached out to the event organisers and as a result we were invited to inject an element of Britishness to the event, and be on hand to respond to questions about the UK market and how to engage with wedding blogs.

It has been a fabulous experience so far. I have met with several US wedding bloggers who are keen to work on collaborative projects and I have also been introduced to some amazing brands that I will be profiling on Love My Dress very soon, covering everything from designer bridal wear {OH, the bridal wear…….swooooooooon!!!}, wedding day accessories and stationery.

In the meantime, I thought you'd like to see a few photographs from my exhibition stand in the Astor Ballroom Suite at the Barclay Intercontinental Hotel, which has gone down a storm!

Excuse the poor colouring on the images below – I'm no professional photographer!

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Love My Dress Wedding Blog

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I am *SO* proud of my stand!  The following people helped make my stand possible-

♥   Stationery and union jack flag bunting – kindly loaned by Nat from 'I Am Nat'

   Vintage tins kindly loaned by Sarah from Leafy Couture

   Artwork for my postcards and promotional material – produced by my wonderful Illustrator, Charlotte Thomson

  Canvass print, frame and union jack table throw – all kindly loaned/printed thanks to Abbey at Sugalily

  My Mother and Father in Law (who helped prepare promotional material) and amazing Husband {who helped me set up my stand and is here supporting me}


The hospitality at the Wedding Channel Couture Show has been wonderful and the organisers and our fellow exhibitors have been incredibly friendly and welcoming. 

This is a trade show, so on the whole, exhibitors don't sell directly to the Bride and products can only be purchased via established stockists/vendors, however, many of the brands exhibiting here are keen to break into the UK market and establish exclusive stockists deals. I've tweeted about them, but if you are a stockist, contact me for information/my recommendations, as some of those designers I spoke to are completely AMAZING – you WILL want to stock them, I assure you!  Act quick and don't miss out is my advice!

I'll be writing about all those brands that have made a real impact with me very soon – there is one gown I simply cannot get out of my head that had a cashmere knit upper. It was Carrie Bradshaw chic personified!!!!


So far, this has been an excellent opportunity for me to chat with retailers about what I perceive to be the established, and new emerging talent over in the UK Wedding industry and about the brilliant things currently taking place back in Britain when it comes to bridal.  I'll not deny I've felt dead proud of my little blog and it's influence and how more and more brands are engaging with wedding blogs as an effective new way to target potential buyers.

Last night, the event organisers put on some drinks on the 14th Floor (The Presidential Suite) of the Barclay Intercontinental Hotel, where I took this image.  Can you name that building? 🙂


Anyway, I simply wanted to share some of what I've been up to 🙂 This city is the most incredible place. I have been before but it was a long time ago when I was a child and on a holiday with my parents.  This time, I have made the most of every second I've had here, soaking up the sights, sounds, smells and general sensations that assault all your senses as soon as you step out into the Big Apple.


Much love,

Annabel xXx


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  1. Your stand looks brilliant-quintessentially British and quirky! I also love New York as its where we got married last year. Absolutely the most amazing city in the world!

  2. Well done, the stand looks fab, truly flying the flag for Britain…can’t wait to read all about the great suppliers you’ve met.

  3. Looks fab Annabel, but am beginning to get panic attacks that NYC will love you too much & you’ll stay there forever…don’t forget about poor old Blighty! 😉

  4. Of all the rotten luck – here I am, leaving for New York in less than a week! I so wish I could have been there during the show! The stand looks gorgeous and the yellow cab postcard looks so very you! Enjoy the remainder of your stay!

  5. HI CTF – are you kidding me? They are going CRAZY for it over here!!!! They are all having ‘tea and cake’ parties and staying up to watch it on the TV :))

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