Matthew Williamson’s Debut Wedding Dress Collection at The White Gallery…

On Sunday and Monday this week, I was at one of the UK's top trade fairs for designer bridal wear, The White Gallery.  I had been asked to attend and report for Wedding Magazine on the trends appearing on the catwalk. I'll be writing about my experiences and thoughts on the show more fully soon and the designs that you Brides to be can expect to see in the stores over the next 6-12 months, but for this afternoon, I wanted to give you a little insight into one of the designers whose debut collection was making its formal launch at the show, Matthew Williamson.

Matthew Williamson, famous for high-fashion, celebrity adorning, red-carpet gracing ladies wear designs, launched his debut bridal wear collection at The White Gallery.  The collection has been inspired by the iconic occasion wear gowns that have come to represent Williamson's signature style over the past twelve year; feminine, floaty, beautifully embellished with high attention to detail; luxury and opulence are the focus words in this collection…

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Matthew Williamson Bridal Matthew Williamson Bridal





008_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0319 010_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0323

I feel I HAVE to say this, so I will.  I am always a teeeny bit dubious about high fashion designers who venture into new lines in bridal wear, or, price accessible department store collections.  It always makes me a little bit suspicious.  And if I may say so too, I really feel Matthew should have been present at the White Gallery, if only backstage for the catwalk show and to show his face to the amassed press and buyers from across the UK and Europe.  It is disappointing that he wasn't – his reception would have been a good one.

Matthew Williamson's saving grace comes in the guise of Fong, his utterly delightful Account Executive and PR Extraordinaire. She oozes charm and lovliness all over and has helped open my tiny-bit-pessemistic heart to this really, rather beautiful and feminine 14 piece debut collection.  Infact, the more I view it, the more, and more I like it….

024_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0346 018_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0336

Matthew Williamson Wedding Dresses
Matthew Williamson Wedding Dresses

014_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0332 015_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0333


028_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0352 026_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0349


Getting an opportunity to view the craftsmanship up close and personal yesterday, I could see these gowns do indeed represent something of the luxurious;  the beading and embellishment is incredibly delicate, the fabric is so light and soft and drapes beautifully.  These gowns are perfect for the destination/beach Bride…

084_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0536 089_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0545

Hand sewn ivory feathres strewn across this tulle skirt creates and enchanting effect…


Some runway images from yesterday…


058_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0435 069_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0480

I loved the sleeve detail on this particular dress, the beading and detail were really beautiful….


See what I mean? …


062_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0450 050_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0398


053_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0413 077_Eddie_Judd_photography_mattew_williamson_0687

Conclusion? I like. A lot. And I'm looking forward to seeing more from this designer in due course.

My fave? Why the floor length design with sheer, floaty sleeves at the top of course.  I love those sleeves and the way the fabric drapes so gorgeously.  Though if I had the legs, I'd rather be liking the short feathered number 😉

If you are interested in finding out more about Matthew Williamson bridal, please contact the Bruton Street store in London on 020 7629 6200, or visit

I'll be covering the designers who really stood out to me at this show in a later blog post 🙂

Huge thanks to Fong of Matthew Williamson, and to Surrey Wedding Photographer Eddie Judd for supplying these images.

Much love all,

Annabel xXx


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